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Ugh, I'm not sure how to begin explaining this since it's really just navel-gazing at the core, but the short of it is this: I like order, I like making mixes, I've titled some of my Inception fics based on songs, and I wanted to see how those songs might fit together.

As of today, I've got forty-six Inception fics up on the AO3 (the fuuuuuuck), fifteen of which are titled based on songs.

And verily, a mix--with a teaspoon of meta and a walk down memory lane--was born!

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Remix is here!

I swear, every year I do this I'm blown away by how creative and talented the participants are. My remixer this time around chose to take on the only Arthur/Eames/Ariadne fic I've ever written, a PG-rated one-off about Ariadne coping with the aftereffects of dreaming, and turned it into a sweet, poignant story about Arthur and Eames looking out for each other and Arthur needing a sound machine to sleep and both of them wanting to keep Ariadne from heading down the same path as Cobb. It hits so many buttons of mine, particularly the concept of coming to trust someone in an untrustworthy environment, and it has bed-sharing and banter and little snippets of both the guys' backstories.

Please, if you have the time, go check it out and give the author a little love:

Infinity Spirals Out Creation (the Leave No Man Behind remix)

There are times when Arthur will turn the room upside-down, tear curtains off their rails and almost disembowel soft furnishings looking for a totem he's convinced he's lost and which Eames can't help him look for because the terror of having someone else touch your totem would probably lead asleep-Arthur to claw his eyes out.

There are times when Arthur will keep his light on and read bits and pieces of inane trivia out loud until Eames dozes off, or when he'll put a pot of tea on at four am even though he doesn't drink it, and the faint smell will send a restless Eames back to sleep.

They've never talked about it. They just get on with it. And more often than anything else, there are times they sit up together all night working, drinking coffee and tea and whiskey and whatever else they can get their hands on, and talking, and those times are worth a lot more than any sleep Eames has ever had on his own.
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(originally posted on LJ the other day--I'm really not used to posting straight to LJ instead of crossposting)

Phew. Hi! I've been kind of lax about updating, haven't I? Me and the rest of the LJ world, it seems like.

For the record, I'm yviwashere on Twitter and I update that far more regularly. If I don't add you right away, it's because I don't know who you are, so please feel free to PM me with an intro and that should do it.

I've started writing proper posts a couple times over the past several weeks, but they've always petered out. Here's the beginning of one I started over a month ago:

Hello, I exist and I am writing, but sometimes I assume I give everyone around me secondhand embarrassment and then I fall off the face of the earth until gravity catches up. It's so much easier to just not feel guilty about things that aren't your fault, so I hear! What is this sorcery?

And that is...more or less an accurate summation of my life. I've been working a lot, trying to plot out my future a lot, and dabbling a bit in both Spartacus and Grimm. But mostly just trying to rein myself in and not have a very preemptive midlife crisis while contemplating fleeing the country again. Only not really because ADVANCED DEGREE.

I've also been writing, because if I don't make myself write then I worry I'll fall out of the habit or at the very least become too saturated with self-doubt to even try anymore, which has happened in the past. I've had less time for fandom lately since I've been swamped with academic-related things, but I still like to try and stay active when I can. Fandom is my go-to hobby when real life gets too ridiculous and I can't waste my time on it properly if I'm not even writing anything for it.

That said, if you read my last fic, I appreciate it. If you didn't care for it, I understand completely. I don't mind concrit at all and I've read several very valid points about why this one fell short. I admit I wrote it quickly, on a whim, while trying to do a handful of other things at once, with the ever-so-lofty goal of seeing if I could write knotting with a straight face. So I have no illusions about it being more than what it is (and I'd like to think the title alone tipped most people off to the fact that it's not exactly high art). I have, however, written about forty other fics for this fandom and I hope at least one of them has been something other than a pinwheel-wielding disappointment.

Thanks a heap to the kind anonymous souls who dropped links in the comments on both my LJ and AO3. Please PM me with the cock and asshole of your choice and I'll be sure to whip up something special for you.
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Hello, strangers!

I've been MIA around these parts lately thanks to an overabundance of school, work, writing assignments, and holiday runarounds, but now that I actually have some downtime it's harder than ever to get reacquainted with the intricacies of actually posting here. What I have been doing is keeping up with my flist (for the most part), even though I haven't been commenting as much, and my Twitter feed when possible.

So, that said, I'm going to pimp some things now.

For those of you who enjoy podfic, [personal profile] sophinisba has taken on the unholy trilogy of the Sickness and Shame verse and, to the best of my knowledge, still has a voice. You can find all three here, and please leave her feedback if you have the time!

Yuletide is in full swing and the reveal is just around the corner, but I can't wait to gush about the fics I've gotten. Growing Together is a Last Unicorn fic about Molly Grue and Schmendrick making their way in the world after the events in canon. I asked specifically for anything to do with Molly and the author gave her a well-deserved happy ending wrapped up in a narrative that could have come straight out of a coda to the novel. Also, Schmendrick fails at growing a proper wizard's beard.

I also got a treat from another Ghostwriter fan (seriously, that was my show growing up, in all its uber-'90s glory): Eventually We Find Our Way gives us a very plausible look at Rob several years down the road--I always felt like he got the short end of the stick, since not only was he shy to begin with, he had to go and move to Australia--and some of the decisions he faces when he comes back to New York.

Inception fandom's festivus this time around was [ profile] dream_holiday and just today I got an excellent fic from [profile] iri_descent. In The Great Game, Arthur and Eames gradually learn each other very well despite being apart for months at a time. I adore the Arthur characterization in this, and the way both of them are drawn to each other but not at all defined by each other. They're both very much professionals here and the author fleshes out their world so deftly that everything seems perfectly natural. I really enjoy it when there are little references to the world of dreaming, or to things that will later come up canonically, and the really beautiful thing is that I didn't mention this at all in my request and just so happened to land a writer with wonderful attention to detail anyway. There also just so happens to be a kitten and a bit of awesome Yusuf/Eames friendship.

And tomorrow, I am going to bake banana bread and party it up! Happy New Year in advance, guys, and thank you for making 2011 a lot more fun.
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Today's agenda includes working on a presentation for class, helping my brother get his apartment together, picking away at fic I should have finished ages ago, and possibly Girl Talk with [ profile] chibi_lurrel if I can wangle it.

But first! Not so long ago, I posted Subjacent, an admittedly odd fic in which there is Arthur/James and second person and people with dubious morals making even more dubious choices. Sidebar: this is why I sometimes really, really suck at writing things in a timely manner. I'm too easily distracted by new prompts.

It's come to my attention (thanks to multiple individuals who are quicker on the uptake than I am, and also my Twitter feed) that this fic now has a sequel. It is 30,000 words long. The original fic was posted on August 24. It is currently September 4.


Now, this sequel does not indicate my personal headcanon of what happens after the events in the original, but the author is upfront about acknowledging as much and indicating that, though they used Subjacent as the basis for their writing, all events in the sequel are their own conjectures. And considering we're part of a fan community where participants thrive on taking canon and treating it like Silly Putty, it looks to me like the author has covered all bases that need to be covered. Fandom is by definition built on metatextuality and that's what we love about it.

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Hey, guys.

This is probably a silly thing to post about, but bear with me or feel free to scroll on by or just IGNORE ALL THE THINGS, but I need to spew a few thoughts before I get back to your regularly scheduled fluffy porn with no substance whatsoever. And maybe a haircut.

PSA or something )
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I've gotten to know so many lovely people, read so much quality fic, see some staggeringly beautiful artwork, alternately flail and facepalm over JGL and his vaguely endearing pretentiousness and THard and his improbably endearing camwhoring, and discover that a fandom full of reliably awesome individuals is enough to make me give just about anything a chance no matter how bizarre the premise is.

Happy one-year anniversary, y'all. Call me! ♥ ♥ ♥

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I know everyone's seen it, but the first shot of Tom Hardy as Bane is out:


I just showed this to my littlest brother, a huge RocknRolla fan, and his response was, "Wow, he really hunked up! He's a hunk."

I don't think he realized at first that he just unironically called another guy a hunk. I may or may not have laughed like a loon. THARD, WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS?

And despite not knowing or caring about the Batman comics, universe, or franchise, I'm ready to watch the hell out of this film. I'm a-okay with being one of Those Fans who knows next to nothing about canon and only turns up for the ogling.

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I've decided I want a place to stash stuff I like with minimal commentary, too.

If any of y'all are on Tumblr, I'm thisrecrudescence and I'm brand spanking new.

I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing over there yet, but feel free to make your presences known! Tom Hardy's rakishly aristocratic profile compels you:

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Yes, I know it's getting old, but fuck it, I like this gif. Arthur looks so devious, like he actually has a mental flowchart of seat-taking strategies or something.

Unrelated: I would greatly appreciate it if students would stop calling me "shawty." It happened again today and, once again, I was a little poleaxed by it. Seriously, what even? (OH. AND I'M GETTING SICK OF FLASHING MY BADGE EVERY TIME SOME OTHER TEACHER STOPS ME IN THE HALL TO ASK WHERE MY PASS IS. ARGH. I AM NOT ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL, NOR WILL I EVER BE AGAIN.)

On the other hand, I've managed to prank a couple classes today by solemnly announcing they have a pop quiz (in reality, all they're doing is making posters for Foreign Language Week). They get so aghast before they remember it's April Fools Day. I love it.

Yesterday, I actually did run into the student I mentioned in my last post and we talked for a few minutes to get things sorted. Huge thanks to everyone who commented on that post, by the way; I'm a little behind on responding properly, but I'll get there!
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