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Yes, I know it's getting old, but fuck it, I like this gif. Arthur looks so devious, like he actually has a mental flowchart of seat-taking strategies or something.

Unrelated: I would greatly appreciate it if students would stop calling me "shawty." It happened again today and, once again, I was a little poleaxed by it. Seriously, what even? (OH. AND I'M GETTING SICK OF FLASHING MY BADGE EVERY TIME SOME OTHER TEACHER STOPS ME IN THE HALL TO ASK WHERE MY PASS IS. ARGH. I AM NOT ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL, NOR WILL I EVER BE AGAIN.)

On the other hand, I've managed to prank a couple classes today by solemnly announcing they have a pop quiz (in reality, all they're doing is making posters for Foreign Language Week). They get so aghast before they remember it's April Fools Day. I love it.

Yesterday, I actually did run into the student I mentioned in my last post and we talked for a few minutes to get things sorted. Huge thanks to everyone who commented on that post, by the way; I'm a little behind on responding properly, but I'll get there!
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Middle school was fabulous today. This is, in fact, possible. We got to read a story about a selchie, which was bonus fun and freaked out about half the class. If you're Scottish, you will, at some point in your life, run into a seal who can change into a person. Trufax.

So, uh, I feel a little guilty for making a post solely in order to link to ONTD, but I need to do homework and you all need to enjoy the sight of Tom Hardy wearing a Batman t-shirt and having an oral fixation.

Also arms. We like arms.

(And I dreamed I was hanging out in a coffee shop with JGL, only he was Asian and had impeccably painted nails and confessed to filling prompts on the kink meme in order to distract himself from his receding hairline, so I guess it wasn't really JGL but maybe my subconscious wishes it was. WHAT.)
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Today, I was a librarian! It was dope. Tomorrow, I'll be at my old middle school (mindfuuuuck), and next week I'm doing kindergarten.

For now, I'm trying to crank out some more [ profile] fandom_stocking fills and distracting myself by flailing over female vocalists. Indulge me, flist.

The Sound of Girls Breaking

songs, links, and babble here )
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This is appalling.

Three-year-olds are not easy to deal with.

Special education is not a field for the weak.

Neither of these things mean it is anywhere near appropriate to drag, kick, hit, or scream at the children that you, as an educator, are meant to be protecting, supporting, and assisting. The fact that this student is being castigated for reporting abuse, and that her report is being dismissed because she herself is on the autism spectrum, has me sitting here stunned. No wonder special ed is such a high-need area.

And this is happening in Baltimore, through Towson University, a place that should be dedicated to producing the most qualified teachers they can instead of stepping on people trying to do the right thing.
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In my listening class's book, there was a picture of some people at a concert. I had to explain the "rock and roll" sign because one girl asked what it was. Fun times.

I think I'm getting sick. Sneezy, sinus pain, slightly sore throat. Seriously, next teaching position I have will be in a country that doesn't guilt-trip you for taking a sick day.

Not that I need one. But if I did, I'd want to take it without any hemming and hawing from my boss. Or just flat-out being told I can't, even when I'm too vertiginous to walk ('sup, Pohang director?).

Oh, and while I'm kvetching, one of the Korean teachers and I went to the bakery below the school today and I was asking the cashier if a certain open-faced sandwich had ham on it. He looked at me like he couldn't understand a word I was saying, and then I mentally freaked out because I thought I'd accidentally said something wrong (zomg, what if I somehow said kokkiri instead of kogi and he thinks I want an elephant?!?).

Then the KT was all, "Yeah, he's just messing with you."

Grr. Come on, now. Was that really necessary? A shy foreign person tries to speak your language, so you ignore them because it's funny? Really?

And the sandwich, of course, had ham on it.

(Positive note! This fandomsecret made me grin like nobody's business. Lady Gaga meets Firefly. How is that not epic?)
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I just peeked out the window and had a Jack Skellington moment.

There's white things everywhere. And how.

If I were back home, this would be a snow day. No question. I'm harboring some trepidations about stepping out the door, since I'm still sporting a bruise over my entire left patella from last week when I practically danced the opening number of West Side Story trying not to faceplant outside my car.

But, in lieu of a snow day, I get to begin winter intensives! This entails teaching an extra hour-long class through the rest of the month. So...only twenty days, and it means overtime pay, and I'm teaching two different fairy tales. Time to let loose my beef with The Princess and the Pea on unsuspecting second-graders.

...for real, why does being an insanely light sleeper = ZOMGROYALTY?
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Step one: bring back red and black Twizzlers bits from America

Step two: feed to students

Step three: watch reactions and lament not having a video camera on you

Also! Thanks very much to [ profile] daasgrrl and my future spouse [ profile] hannahrorlove for the card and goodies, respectively. Such nice stuff for my jet-lagged self to come back to at work. *noms more organic dark chocolate*
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Just sent Elly the following Facebook message and am now feeling a little horrible about it:

Okay, I have to ask: do you even remotely comprehend how selfish you seem? Leaving without any notice like that was both unnecessary and inconsiderate. There was no reason you couldn’t have told anyone in advance.

Update for anyone who missed it: Elly's the teacher who pulled a runner last weekend.

I really don't think it's out of line. She could have at least pretended to be a little apologetic about leaving. Her grandmother died and her mother didn't have the heart to tell her until three weeks later, which Elly claimed was the last straw but which was clearly just the excuse she needed to pack up and run. Grandma's not getting any deader, honey. You can give your thirty days' notice before hightailing it home.

She also didn't have a job lined up for when she got back to New York. Brilliant.

Also, she was a pretty crappy teacher who, when she wasn't letting her Korean teacher delegate everything, would give book work and then dick around online, and she flat-out admitted she wasn't interested in teaching so much as she was in making money to pay off the bills she racked up by buying too much stupid shit back home. I'd be a lot less stressed if I didn't give a crap whether my students were actually learning, but unfortunately my brain just isn't wired that way.

I'm trying to remember all of her good points, since we were pretty close, but it's really hard right now.

ETA: And she responds!

Whoa where is all this comming from? I already explained why I didnt tell you in advance. In fact there were multiple reasons I couldnt give anyone advance notice. I think youre just stressed out from having double the amount of morning students.


Since she left, I'm now teaching both kindergarten classes so Jack can teach Elly's preschool class. A little annoying, but nothing I can't handle (nothing I haven't done before, even, since I taught both classes for a week while Jack was doing his visa run). What really irks me is how flat-out oblivious this girl seems.
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Rocking out to old-school No Doubt while hopped up on a fine Korean cocktail of drugs. Yes.

I'm sick. Again. Started coughing a few days ago, then it elevated into aches, sore throat, hot and cold flashes, and some pretty major dizziness. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I wash my hands, take my vitamins, don't do anything unsanitary other than coming into contact with several dozen little germ-incubators a day.

At work yesterday, I was teaching and staying upright through sheer force of will and even that was getting pretty tenuous. With three classes left, I asked if I could leave and go to a doctor, but the director asked if I could stay and just be in the room for my last three classes even if I wasn't teaching.

That's one thing I hate about this country: the mentality that doing your job is more important than whether or not you're in a state to do it.

Anyway, I stayed. Gave workbook assignments, felt like a horrible teacher for half-assing it, and then in my very last class I had one kid being oppositional so I tried to send him to the director. He wouldn't go, so I went to get her. She was on the phone, and I just broke down. I literally had no energy left.

So that got people's attention. The Korean teachers fussed over me. The male director talked to the kid, then brought him down to the teachers' room in tears, and Iphy taught the rest of my class while the director drove me home. I went to bed and had fever dreams about my room being filled with sentient amorphous shapes, then eventually dragged myself to the doctor.

Feeling a little less crappy now, but still in dire need of a vacation. At least I get Tuesday off for Children's Day.
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So, in need of another TV series to work my way through, and having been able to stand NCIS for all of one episode, I've moved onto Supernatural.

It's pretty cool--mildly incestuous brothers who kick paranormal ass and always manage to save some hot girl from a terrible fate at the last minute--but OMFG BLOODY MARY JUST CRAWLED OUT OF THE MIRROR IS SHE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT OMGGGGGGGGGG.

God, this brings back sleepover memories. Also brings to mind the list of Things That Make Me Jittery Even Though I'm Technically Old Enough To Know Better. I think it has to do with the fact that chicks with glasses always die early on in horror films and if anything horrible ever were to happen to me in the dead of the night, I'd be too busy groping for my glasses to fight back. So I'm going to be so, so pissed if BM slithers out of my mirror tonight a la Samara in The Ring because I've got a really busy day ahead of me. Probably a busy fucking month.

See, Elly pulled a runner.

This is what it's called when you break your contract and flee the country. I'm trying to be sympathetic, but I'm really kind of pissed, since she only informed Iphy and me yesterday and hasn't informed anyone else at all. She says she left notes on her desk for some people. Which means they'll be discovered less than an hour before the first class, and someone is going to have to teach all her classes until we can hire a replacement.

Just. If you're gonna leave a job, you don't make other people clean up the mess for you. She didn't even have a good reason to split like that--yeah, she'd been considering going home for a while, and yeah she just found out that her grandmother died a few weeks ago, but she ain't gettin' any deader (and I'm allowed to say that because I also had a grandmother pass away while I was here and yes, I considered taking time to go home, BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE SO UNANNOUNCED) and it honestly just feels like she was grateful for any excuse to go home.

I am not looking forward to the upcoming mess.

And now, back to watching the Winchesters kick more ass.


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