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Wow, how about that DDOS attack, eh?

I have to say, considering how long LJ's been around (which is pretty impressive in terms of blogging sites) and considering how many folks use it, they do a decent job at getting shit done. Yeah, it was kind of a pain being unable to feed my LJ addiction whenever the mood was on me, but in the grand scheme of things that isn't even a drop in the bucket. I've been crossposting everything from DW for...God, like a year now? And I love having that extra security, but I'm still attached to LJ since I've been there much longer and it really is where all the action happens.

I do, however, wish LJ had been a little more upfront about what in the world was going on.

So! Remember how I had a couple interviews for actualfax teaching positions? Yeah, the county says that's not gonna fly because they can't hire me until I'm completely done with classes and eligible for student teaching. And since that won't happen until I knock out my last three classes this fall, I'm back to subbing at least for fall semester--however, there's a chance I'll score a long-term gig or that I'll get hired anyway in the spring.

And, additional silver lining, if two schools are keen on hiring me even thought I'm technically not eligible yet, that seems favorable enough to me. So I'm not exactly pleased with things, but I'm familiar with nothing if not bureaucracy. Also, there's a nifty tutoring place hiring part-time tutors to do remote work, so if I can bring in some spare cash working a few extra hours from home, fine by me.

Finally, and most importantly, remember 50/50? That movie where JGL plays a cancer patient? The one that doesn't come out for another two months? Thanks to Tumblr, I won tickets to an advance screening and got to see it last Thursday with the lovely [ profile] chibi_lurrel. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT. JUST LOOK AT HIS WEE LITTLE HEAD AND DORKY LITTLE EARS.

This entry doesn't give away the end, but I make no promises about the comments, just for the record.

this is my slightly flaily post-50/50 response thing )
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I have seen the new X-Men and I have thoughts.

Spoiler-ridden thoughts. Thoughts of a person who has never owned a single comic book and therefore knows nothing of any canon outside of the movies. Thoughts that are probably ridiculously inconsequential now that my biggest question has been answered (namely that there is indeed a kink meme and I do not actually need to have any life this summer outside of school and fandom and occasionally getting wasted in addition to one or the other).

But whatever! THOUGHTS. )

And this is where the kink meme comes in. Good day and feel free to share any thoughts of your own, ficcish or otherwise. :)
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Okay, so: trailer for 50/50 is out.

Aka that movie where JGL plays a guy who gets cancer, has Seth Rogen for a BFF, Bryce Dallas Howard for a girlfriend, Anna Kendrick for a doctor, and Anjelica Huston for a mother.

And he shaves his head and has enormous dorky ears, then wears a hat and looks about sixteen.

He also recycles. While rocking dimples, plaid, and floppy hair. Let's discuss this!

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I know everyone's seen it, but the first shot of Tom Hardy as Bane is out:


I just showed this to my littlest brother, a huge RocknRolla fan, and his response was, "Wow, he really hunked up! He's a hunk."

I don't think he realized at first that he just unironically called another guy a hunk. I may or may not have laughed like a loon. THARD, WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS?

And despite not knowing or caring about the Batman comics, universe, or franchise, I'm ready to watch the hell out of this film. I'm a-okay with being one of Those Fans who knows next to nothing about canon and only turns up for the ogling.

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