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Hey, guys.

This is probably a silly thing to post about, but bear with me or feel free to scroll on by or just IGNORE ALL THE THINGS, but I need to spew a few thoughts before I get back to your regularly scheduled fluffy porn with no substance whatsoever. And maybe a haircut.

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My family was never big on religion, but we used to go meet up with my grandmother at hers every year for Easter. We were one of those families, and personally, I was only there for the swag. This church had a famously competitive Easter egg hunt and I always ran myself ragged trying to snatch up the most goodies. When I was going through the three or four years of my formative years during which I would only wear skirts or dresses, there was this kid who would win every year.

He was a Big Kid, which probably means he was all of nine, and I remember being annoyed that he had family members who helped him because that seemed like cheating. Baby Jesus wouldn't have approved.

I just remembered that kid's name was Tom Hardy.

So I'm going to try not to let this breed any resentment for the real Tom Hardy, though I suspect I might end up looking at him and thinking "you egg-stealing bastard" every now and then.

Speaking of, TOM, WHY SO ADORABLE. The grinning. The finger-fluttering. The getting semi-shirtless and dozing on a weight bench. The TEETH.

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L to the O to the L. What in the world did I just watch?

Why is Eames's accent so horrific? Why is Freddy Krueger playing a tuba? Why is Saito melting? Why is Arthur's subconscious overcompensating?

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This is appalling.

Three-year-olds are not easy to deal with.

Special education is not a field for the weak.

Neither of these things mean it is anywhere near appropriate to drag, kick, hit, or scream at the children that you, as an educator, are meant to be protecting, supporting, and assisting. The fact that this student is being castigated for reporting abuse, and that her report is being dismissed because she herself is on the autism spectrum, has me sitting here stunned. No wonder special ed is such a high-need area.

And this is happening in Baltimore, through Towson University, a place that should be dedicated to producing the most qualified teachers they can instead of stepping on people trying to do the right thing.
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Yo, haterade-sipping fuckwit who sent me that scintillating message about how my writing is loosing a perverted plage [sic] on the world: do you even know what a recrudescence is?

Your resentment is delicious. :D

Time to finish some more of the WIPs I've had sitting around forever.

Brb, turnin' my swag on.

(And just to clarify, I have no problem whatsoever with concrit. As long as it's, y'know, concrit. As opposed to, say, vitriol.)
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Things giving me lulz, part two:

Simply put, what in the world is going on here?

Why is Leo caressing his chest with one finger?

Why is there a Groinal Appreciation Society meeting going on in broad daylight?

Why are Ken Watanabe and Tom Hardy so oblivious?

Why are Dileep's shoes the most hideous things ever cobbled?

Why is that techie in the background so fierce?

Why did "Hips Don't Lie" just come up on my iTunes? IS IT A CLUE?

Speculations, let's go! Deerstalkers on.

(Omfg, the pharmacy gave me something amazing again and I'm sorry for taking it out on y'all.)
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So in response to a comment on my last Gleefic, I said "I'm not sure how to outsquick myself next, to be honest. I'd probably have to write Mr. Schue having a threesome with Puck's little sister and a basset hound. Um."

Lo and behold, one of the newest prompts on the Glee kink meme is indeed Mr. Schue/Puck's little sister/basset hound.

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This just made my night. It's a comedian ranting about Pachelbel's Canon in D. The former orchestra geek in me rejoices.

Also, I've been writing Criminal Minds RPF! Very, very haphazardly, since I don't know jack about what these folks are actually like! Everyone's attractive and Matthew Gray Gubler's socks never match, right?

That's the thing about RPF. If you flesh it out with true-to-life details painstakingly gleaned from various online sources, you risk looking like a creeper. And if you don't, you risk looking like you're half-assing the entire thing because there's always someone out there who actually has done all that gleaning and isn't afraid to say so. Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on yaoi.

Title: Untitled First-Venture-Into-CM-RPS-Thing
Fandom: Criminal Minds RPS
Pairing: Matthew/Shemar
Rating: Pretty wholesome
Summary: Prompt was Shemar's response to this picture.
Word Count: 508
Link: Voila!

Title: Bending
Fandom: Criminal Minds RPS
Pairing: Matthew/Shemar
Rating: Pretty wholesome
Summary: Prompt was Shemar's response to the question, "Both you and Matthew used to be models. Do you guys face off about who's hotter?"
Word Count: 698
Link: Bending
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So, in need of another TV series to work my way through, and having been able to stand NCIS for all of one episode, I've moved onto Supernatural.

It's pretty cool--mildly incestuous brothers who kick paranormal ass and always manage to save some hot girl from a terrible fate at the last minute--but OMFG BLOODY MARY JUST CRAWLED OUT OF THE MIRROR IS SHE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT OMGGGGGGGGGG.

God, this brings back sleepover memories. Also brings to mind the list of Things That Make Me Jittery Even Though I'm Technically Old Enough To Know Better. I think it has to do with the fact that chicks with glasses always die early on in horror films and if anything horrible ever were to happen to me in the dead of the night, I'd be too busy groping for my glasses to fight back. So I'm going to be so, so pissed if BM slithers out of my mirror tonight a la Samara in The Ring because I've got a really busy day ahead of me. Probably a busy fucking month.

See, Elly pulled a runner.

This is what it's called when you break your contract and flee the country. I'm trying to be sympathetic, but I'm really kind of pissed, since she only informed Iphy and me yesterday and hasn't informed anyone else at all. She says she left notes on her desk for some people. Which means they'll be discovered less than an hour before the first class, and someone is going to have to teach all her classes until we can hire a replacement.

Just. If you're gonna leave a job, you don't make other people clean up the mess for you. She didn't even have a good reason to split like that--yeah, she'd been considering going home for a while, and yeah she just found out that her grandmother died a few weeks ago, but she ain't gettin' any deader (and I'm allowed to say that because I also had a grandmother pass away while I was here and yes, I considered taking time to go home, BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE SO UNANNOUNCED) and it honestly just feels like she was grateful for any excuse to go home.

I am not looking forward to the upcoming mess.

And now, back to watching the Winchesters kick more ass.
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Last night I dreamed I was in a bookstore and came across a YA novel titled What Will Happen When the Zombies Come? The cover looked so familiar and I was really excited because I was sure I'd encountered some heretofore-forgotten book I'd read back in the day.

So I Googled it when I got up and apparently it doesn't exist yet, BUT MAYBE IT SHOULD.

I think I might have to write a novel.

The night before that, I dreamed I was drawing all over my sheets (not that I have sheets, since Korea doesn't roll that way) while half-asleep and actually managed to turn out some pretty impressive artwork. Then I dreamed I woke up, but my conscious mind knew I wasn't really awake, so that made me try to actually wake up, only I got the good ol' sleep paralysis smackdown.

And hallucinated Iphy standing by my bed. Since sleep paralysis never fails to freak me out (I don't care if it's an awesome springboard for astral projection and some people try to deliberately induce the state OMFGWHYYYY?), I tried to scream at her to help me wake up, but she just sort of stood there in a vaguely not-corporeal way.

I think tonight instead of sleeping I'll write about zombies. Not even kidding.

Um, I also haven't been posting much because I went on the fritz in Itaewon last weekend and can't think of much else to write except what a dunce I am. So, just to get it out of my system, I'm a dunce.

...but a dunce who has been to a Korean reggae concert.


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