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Update on my hard drive: I've decided not to pursue data recovery. BUT THERE WILL STILL BE FIC, SO FEAR NOT. OR THROW TOMATOES. WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

I made a list of Reasons I Should Shell Out For This ( vs. Things I Should Shell Out For Instead (oil change, tetanus shot, that awesome Norse mythology book at the used book store) and then ate some chocolate.

It's my own fault for not backing up my data over the last few months, and all the important stuff I can reacquire by other means. I've already pulled the most recent version of my resume/references/writing samples out of my sent mail, and I had a bunch of my current favorite songs on my mp3 player anyway. Photos are the one thing I'm religious about backing up, and I still have older drafts of some WIPs, but some of the most recent projects are gone for good.

Fortunately, I don't write in a linear manner anyway and I have a decent memory when it comes to words. So we'll see how this turns out.

You know what's great to listen to when you need a pick-me-up?

~K-POP~ )

If not one of these makes you bounce, I'm sorry. I tried.

If you're more in the mood to dissect music instead of listen to it, check out The Sexual Politics of K-Pop. That entire website has some interesting reads, actually.
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Words I love that should be used more often:

- donnybrook
- lambitive
- guttersnipe
- phthisic
- aggerose
- chummy
- meretricious

Everyone has words like these, right? What are yours?
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Yo, haterade-sipping fuckwit who sent me that scintillating message about how my writing is loosing a perverted plage [sic] on the world: do you even know what a recrudescence is?

Your resentment is delicious. :D

Time to finish some more of the WIPs I've had sitting around forever.

Brb, turnin' my swag on.

(And just to clarify, I have no problem whatsoever with concrit. As long as it's, y'know, concrit. As opposed to, say, vitriol.)
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So in response to a comment on my last Gleefic, I said "I'm not sure how to outsquick myself next, to be honest. I'd probably have to write Mr. Schue having a threesome with Puck's little sister and a basset hound. Um."

Lo and behold, one of the newest prompts on the Glee kink meme is indeed Mr. Schue/Puck's little sister/basset hound.

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Icons? Icons!

1-19: Firefly (Ariel)
20-23: Girls' Generation (Sunny)
24-28: Ghostwriter (yeah, the 90's TV show)

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I was going to post something mundane and whiny about work, but this takes priority.

[ profile] help_haiti is inviting LJers to auction off whatever they're able to offer. I've volunteered to write up to 12K of fic. Please, please, at least check out the comm and give what you can. There are a lot of interesting things to bid on and it's for a very important cause.

My thread is here. If there's anything you've ever really wanted me to write, now's your chance.
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Happy 2010! I rang in the new year with absinthe and gay bars and my decadently comfortable boots. Not a bad tone to set, right?

Speaking of putting things behind me, and since I haven't been doing monthly updates, I've decided to just jump straight to the end and lump together all the fic I've posted this year.

2009 posted fics: 37
2009 wordcount: 58,998

Compared to 101,653 words and 56 fics in 2008. Erk. Guess this means I've had less creativity and/or more of a life?

writing rundown )

Not included: wordcounts for as-of-now undisclosed [ profile] fandom_stocking, [ profile] cm_exchange, and [ profile] prettylightsfic contributions.
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I need thoughts!

More than one person on my flist has expressed some frustration over writing these days. Namely, the fact that it's hard to be original.

Fair enough. We can only put our own spin on the same tired tropes so many times. Sometimes that's a fact it's hard to work past. Add onto that the seasons changing, the holidays approaching, school really getting underway, and any other stressful things that might be rearing their heads this time of year, and it can make for a lot or teeth-gnashing.

Which is lame, since writing shouldn't be a teeth-gnashing enterprise all the time and there are a lot of nifty ideas floating around out there that haven't been combined yet.

I'm wondering about the possibility of doing a ficathon, of sorts. Nonspecific to any fandom, just open to anyone who's interested in trying to write something a little off the beaten path.

Essentially, prompts would be collected from anyone and everyone, provided they consist of the following:

Something that's on the cliche side and something that isn't. The idea is for writers to do a mash-up of old safe ideas and things that are completely unexpected, however out of the blue they may seem. For example:

Supernatural: Sam and Dean are given a single-bed hotel room after being mistaken for a gay couple...and there's a buffalo stampede.

Criminal Minds: At long last, Morgan and Reid make sweet love for the first time...but there's a power outage and toothpaste gets mistaken for lube.

House, MD: House treats a beautiful, mysterious woman suffering from a terrible disease...only it all takes place in the land of Oz.

Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard and McKay have hot kinky sex...only it's all in a fic rated no higher than PG.

Yes, well, those were the first ones I thought of. Um.

Since creativity is paramount, there would be no limit on how many fics an individual could write. Authors could work the two elements together however they liked, turn out anything from hardcore crack to dead serious drama. And there would be lulz and plumbing of authorial depths and stuff.

I dunno. I'm trying to orchestrate a pick-me-up, and I'd love to succeed, but maybe I'm going about it all wrong. Thoughts?
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I'm on an Academyfic kick, I think, River-wise. I've got this massive timeline mentally mapped out and I'm not sure whether it'll take over my soul if I try and write it down.

Also, I'm participating in [ profile] dvd_commentary, which is...kind of exciting. There are a couple fics I really want to try and write commentaries for, though I'm not sure I'll be able to do them justice.

It's a strange sort of step for me, since I've never done a commentary for any of my own fic, let alone someone else's. I feel like I would just end up jabbering about daisies and tadpoles and weather vanes and how they relate to my interpretation of Character A's psyche, because sometimes it can be hard to put my thought processes into words instead of just...thoughts.

There's also the part where I don't know if it'd be worth the effort and, crikey, I know reading some of my stuff can be like wading through molasses in a full suit of armor, so why bog it down with even more words?

Still. Exciting!
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Team Celia. I dun care that she's older than dirt in the modeling world and that only about two and a half people on my flist will get what I'm talking about. Bitch is smart and styling and I would totally hang out with her.

...okay, Allison's super-cute, too.

Also, I've been getting into Criminal Minds since it, along with CSI, is on most evenings. Been delving into the fandom, but if anyone's got recs (for fic or eps), feel free to hit me with 'em.


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