October 18th, 2017
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My paperback edition of Stephen King's It is 1,153 pages long. I am on page 541. So it's taking a while. :D

We have been watching the baseball playoffs. We were pulling for the Cleveland Indians because Mister Nightdog_barks grew up in northeastern Ohio, but ... oh well. Now we're not really wedded to any one team. I mean, I suppose we should be rooting for the Houston Astros, because Texas, and Mister N wants them to win, but that may just be because they are playing the Hated Yankees and the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend. As they say.
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October 16th, 2017
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October 15th, 2017
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Still haven't finished updating my Yuletide letter, but I did finally finish watching one more episode of Brooklyn 99. Sometimes I really dislike the cringe reflex in my brain that makes watching new episodes of things difficult--it took me something like a week to watch one episode (episode 3 of season 1, I am not exactly moving at a fair clip.)

Went shopping today and finally have new bras, YES. Also I have finished putting away a bunch of socks and tights, woohoo! Eventually I will actually have all my clothes in my dresser instead of in various laundry baskets, but that seems like a distant dream right now. Hahahaa. Also one of these days I'll hopefully have enough closet space and shelving. I have small dreams at the moment, okay?
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I love sports movies. Absolutely love them. I know the tropes inside and out, and I will watch some absolute dreck to get my fix--don't ask me about 23 Blast, tis a sad tale told by an idiot. But it involved training montages and an underdog who won in the end, so can you really judge me? I posit that you cannot.

Tonight I'm watching Dangal based on meme's recommendation and I am just sobbing buckets for about the last twenty minutes straight. After the credits roll I go to [personal profile] bell for a hug because I am a weepy mess. She asks me what's wrong (like she doesn't know) and I say, "The main character was an underdog, but then she tried really hard, and she won, and then her dad was--" *voice breaking* "--proud of her!" (These are not spoilers, my friends. This is a sports movie.) So [personal profile] bell patted me on the back and said "there, there" and comforting things of that nature, and I sniffled and said, "It was a really good sports movie," and she was kind enough to only laugh at me a little.
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It's not that I didn't think there were any photos of me on Facebook so much that - okay, I need to back up a bit. Last week - no, more than that. This is a big thing that only tangentially relates to me, so let me just start off with the biggest piece of news.

My younger brother's going to be on television.

Starting on Wednesday, on Fusion TV at 8 PM, Car vs. America is going live with my younger brother as one of the co-hosts. He's the taller one. This has been in production for months now, with a backstory that reads like a classic British sitcom, what with the website where he works getting sold and bought with the new owners wanting to recruit TV talent from outside the company and then looking within the existing employment pool and a whole roundabout of their TV show pitch working its way to be pitched right back to them almost exactly the same. He's given me behind the scenes stories of fights with producers I don't care to recount and every so often he stumbles back to New York City for a few days before heading back out to Pennsylvania for a story on a 25-year wait on imports or a drive from LA to Seattle following the most amusing route possible.

And this Wednesday, it goes on TV.

Last Tuesday, I saw the first episode. I saw it at the premiere party at the downtown office where he goes on the days he goes into an office. It was a fun half-hour of TV, lots of laughs, and yes, it's basically my younger brother up there. The party was definitely a party, with people hanging around and chatting and having fun with drinks and snacks and toys, and I was the first person there to figure out how to make the RC cars - "analog drones," I joked - go backwards. Someone was going around taking pictures, from informal snaps to serious smiles.

I'm in three of them. Six, seven, and nine, the one in the striped high-low dress. Front and center, even, in seven. In the ninth one I'm way on the upper left corner, but that's me up there. I deactivated my account years ago and didn't know until I found out almost by accident, when I heard my father tell someone else about the dress I wore. So I could've gone on for ages not knowing instead of just being taken by surprise a few days after the fact.

(It's dark rum and pineapple juice on the rocks, if you're wondering, and it wasn't the only reason I was smiling.)

It was a deeply enjoyable party, even if twice someone first gave my older brother a handshake - he's in a few, most clearly in the second-to-last where he's holding up a promotional T-shirt - and then moved to give me a hug. People I'd never met or even heard of, moving in for a hug. I didn't hug back, just stayed standing still, and then put out my hand for a shake. If they'd hugged my brother first, I'd have hugged back, since that would've been a sign of how things were done. But, as they didn't, I myself didn't reciprocate.

Still, even for that happening twice, I had fun. I got a t-shirt and some banana pudding and a couple of drinks, and it turns out, there's new pictures of me on Facebook.

And my younger brother's going to be on TV in a few days. Which is, I gotta say, pretty darn cool of him.

And I think, in that one picture, that's a pretty good smile.
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I am still sick! *hands* I'm getting less congested, but I'm still coughing and drippy and gross. Just... ugh. I stayed home on Wednesday being sick and cleaning my room a bit, which felt good. I laundered sheets and towels too, so I can take showers with clean towels which is super nice. And I handwashed all the tights I own which fit and threw out a bunch of old ones, which is great.

I also looked up a bunch of videos on tight repair because I would really like to repair some of my stockings, not just throw them out, especially the expensive imported silk ones. I've saved a couple nylon ones with runs to practice on, and I have a pair of fishnets with one hole that I'd REALLY like to save--they're Spanx brand which is ridiculous, but they're really sturdy and have a great pattern on the backs. Except for the hole at the top of one they're terrific.

I need to go out bra shopping and grocery shopping this weekend, but I was so tired today, I slept in and ordered pizza. I do not want to be out around humans at all. Hopefully tomorrow those things will occur!

Also finishing my Yuletide letter because eeeeesh.
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To make things really exciting, spoilers for Star Trek )

Catching up on B99 S3 has been fun. I am a very critical viewer of the show but they've fixed a lot of their Jake Problem, even if a lot of their writing for Boyle is still irredeemable garbage.

garbage fire aka ouat s7 )
October 12th, 2017
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Although today it doesn't feel like it. We're on the temperature roller coaster (again) and today it is going up. By Sunday it is supposed to be down again.

Here are a couple of links I liked today --

Flying the deceased in Alaska, which made me think of the sequel working I have to Northern Light, in which House is an Alaska bush pilot. The sequel is one of those WIPs that is SO CLOSE to being finished, and yet. I don't know why this has happened more and more often the older I get. :-P

All the things that are womens' fault, by Rebecca Solnit. I laughed out loud at some of this, but. Yeah.

Finished Lev Grossman's The Magician's Land and loved it, although I did think at least one plot point got wrapped up a little too neatly, and I definitely considered the possibility that the author had actually truly forgotten about it until the last minute and then realized he needed to say something. I do recommend the entire trilogy -- it was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed each book.

Read Michael Wallis' David Crockett: The Lion of the West, which was a pretty interesting biography of ... Davy Crockett. For those who might be interested, it also serves as a good introduction to the history of Scots-Irish settlement in Tennessee and the Eastern Seaboard. I must say that none of the "founding fathers" of Texas come off very well in this book. Which is something I already basically knew, but ... ouch.

Now reading Stephen King's It, which I read when it came out. I don't remember very much of it, and I wanted to read something spooky during October, so here we are.
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If it all goes well, I'll have next Tuesday and Thursday completely free of any professional obligations. Anyone want to go out to lunch or take in a long museum afternoon?

As it is, unless I talk myself out of it, tomorrow I may well go shoe shopping. It's not that I need anything so much as I saw these were on sale at an almost affordable price. I've wanted new work shoes for a while now, even though I don't need any - these or these and even these have all caught my eye recently - but it's getting into boot weather, and those look ridiculously fun. So. Tomorrow I'll see if the Manhattan Fluevog store has them, and if not, check what size I need to buy online. Provided I don't talk myself out of it beforehand.
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October 10th, 2017
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Eep, so, I haven't finished my letter yet. OH NO. But! I linked you to my Dear Author tag for a reason, because I'm reusing a few prompts from previous years, and for most of those fandoms you can probably find tons of squee about what I love no matter what. (ETA: I have added some clarification to the A Series of Unfortunate Events prompt, which was confusing!)(ETA2: The mods have fixed my signup, so hopefully that, at least, is officially less confusing.)

In the meantime, here are my prompts under a cut:Prompts! )

If you can't find a fandom on my tag list you can try looking under "Yuletide Fandoms", which includes reviews I've written of media that was (at least at the time) fannishly small enough to include in Yuletide or that I otherwise didn't classify.

Thank you so much, Yuletide author, happy Yuletide!
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October 9th, 2017
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Why is my fiction so full of rhetorical questions?
October 8th, 2017
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October 7th, 2017
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Signup is accomplished!

I'll have something to say about my requests on my letter tag in a minute, but for now, signup is done and I am going to bed.
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So I still haven't signed up for Yuletide. Eeeek. I need to get on that tonight or first thing tomorrow. Probably tonight, knowing me.

This weekend I need to study for a cumulative exam on Thursday (last one, if I do well) and read some papers for my lab. And get over my cold.

Ugh, can I get another day added to the week? Scratch that, can I get another day added to the weekend?
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