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So in response to a comment on my last Gleefic, I said "I'm not sure how to outsquick myself next, to be honest. I'd probably have to write Mr. Schue having a threesome with Puck's little sister and a basset hound. Um."

Lo and behold, one of the newest prompts on the Glee kink meme is indeed Mr. Schue/Puck's little sister/basset hound.

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I have one class that consists of two whip-smart third graders who have taken to emailing me. They had their monthly test last week and very politely asked for permission to pray before I gave it to them.

In fifth grade, my computer crashed and I had no way to go over the grammar review, which would only have taken ten minutes anyway, so we played bingo and I gave them leftover candy canes. They're one of my best classes, so I figured they deserved a break.

Other!Teacher, New!Teacher, and I have been tearing our way through the YA lit in the library. The other day, Other!Teacher and I got into a debate over whether Johnny Tremain could kick Maniac Magee's ass or vice versa.

I'm doing a wait-and-see with my grandmother, who's started chemo and swears up and down she'll still be around when my contract is up, BUT STILL. If I do go home, I figure I can tell my director there's been a family emergency and have my visa canceled, hopefully stick it out long enough for them to find a replacement teacher.

Went to Daegu and had a fabulous time with [ profile] bluerosefairy. Ate a ton of great food, visited an English bookstore (almost bought The Name of the Rose, but got Perfume instead since I haven't read it), witnessed [ profile] bluerosefairy's first soju and norebang (Korean karaoke) experiences, damn near froze to death, drank a wormwood latte that tasted suspiciously like a green tea latte, and got introduced to Life on Mars. PRODUCTIVE SQUEEING IS THE BEST KIND.

There is a Korean production of Notre Dame de Paris and I kind of want to see it.

Lunar New Year tomorrow! Have a good one, all.
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Holy sweet jumpin' jellyfish, why do I miss everything? I leave fandom alone for, like, three days, and what do I come home to? Honestly, can't y'all take care of yourselves?

And hey, Gradual made [ profile] crack_van, which I totally did not know. This is the loop and this is me out of it. That has been the theme of my last couple weeks.
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Oh, crap. Pictures from that one Halloween party I went to have been tagged on Facebook.

Nothing scandalous, unless you count the one where I'm wearing a tricornered hat, holding a hookah, and making a horrible face. Or the one where I'm grinning stupidly and brandishing my cell phone while standing along with a few dozen other people behind the dude who came dressed as the Verizon guy. Seriously, it's The Network.

Yeah, that was a fun night.

However, point is, people from my professional life have started friending me. Until recently, my profile picture was a contestant from America's Next Top Model (shut. up.) who looks nothing like me. It was amusing for a little while, then I switched to an actual picture of myself. Unfortunately, my common-as-muck name wasn't common enough to keep me from getting tracked down. And I don't know what to do.

I joined Facebook to keep in touch with friends from school, not for a business networking tool. All the suits are late on the bandwagon, having only recently realized that HAY, social networking isn't just for middle-schoolers. In theory, I s'pose I could add businesspeople back and keep them on a filter that doesn't let them see my pictures, my status, what level of pirate I am, etc. Only, that can't be done on an individual basis--I would have to keep everyone I'm friends with through that network on the same filter. So the people I know through school would be unaffected, but people I know through my city, friends and business contacts alike, would be blocked off.

Not a horribly big deal, but it kind of irks me.
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So I'm working on stuff and can't finish anything. Por ejemplo: I started shaking off the pegging fic almost two months ago, then pretty much scrapped it all to start from scratch, then put it back on the shelf, then saw it poking out behind the preserves and decided to check and see if it was still good, and,'s not.

Same thing goes for the threesome fic, only that's been on the shelf waaaay longer (I blame that on the writers for making Cameron a whiny hussy just as she was starting to get more interesting). The Cuddy femslash I finally started the other day, but wound up wrinkling my nose at it almost immediately. The massage fic is roughly sketched out and currently contains some satisfactory UST and a handful of bad puns no one but me will find amusing. I actually drafted some Honey/Whitner and don't hate it, but doubt I'll finish it. The Foreman fics are nebulous, which is my fine upstanding way of saying THEY DON'T EXIST LULZ!

Aaaaand I'm still kickin' the uber-long smut-tastic RPs of doom with [ profile] nakeno. I still find it funny that I was too squeamish to write smut till I was twenty-one and now I'm a painted Jezebel of iniquity.

Which is my fine upstanding way of saying I AM A ONE-NOTE PERV. Working on that, too, really; most of the time, I do go into things with the intention of including a vestige of a plot. The sex just kind of...overshadows it. The way I look at it, I'm a late bloomer newly emerged from baby fat who's still in the "dude, sex is awesome!" stage and can't stop exploring it from every possible angle. I thought I was asexual till I was nineteen, so it's only natural, right?

'm gonna go interrogate some text now. Peace.


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