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Today's agenda includes working on a presentation for class, helping my brother get his apartment together, picking away at fic I should have finished ages ago, and possibly Girl Talk with [ profile] chibi_lurrel if I can wangle it.

But first! Not so long ago, I posted Subjacent, an admittedly odd fic in which there is Arthur/James and second person and people with dubious morals making even more dubious choices. Sidebar: this is why I sometimes really, really suck at writing things in a timely manner. I'm too easily distracted by new prompts.

It's come to my attention (thanks to multiple individuals who are quicker on the uptake than I am, and also my Twitter feed) that this fic now has a sequel. It is 30,000 words long. The original fic was posted on August 24. It is currently September 4.


Now, this sequel does not indicate my personal headcanon of what happens after the events in the original, but the author is upfront about acknowledging as much and indicating that, though they used Subjacent as the basis for their writing, all events in the sequel are their own conjectures. And considering we're part of a fan community where participants thrive on taking canon and treating it like Silly Putty, it looks to me like the author has covered all bases that need to be covered. Fandom is by definition built on metatextuality and that's what we love about it.

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Why do I always forget that dyeing my hair always makes me feel awesome?

...God, my hair looks awesome.

Okay, I'm not actually writing right now, but I'm done with one reversebang and nearly done with the other and I just need a break before I decide to scrap every single word and start from scratch.


Think I might do some musicspam soon. Angry female artists sounds good.

Whatever. Hair!

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I have no idea who or what the Chatty Man is (Alan Carr, apparently?), but this interview with THard is cute and fluffy and campy and I think I like it.

I love interviews where nothing seems forced. They're just hanging out and having a good time and it shows. Alan teases him at one point about being Leo's plus-one for the Oscars and Tom's all, "I'd love to go with him," and, "He's my friend. He really looks after me." And I'm kind of jonesing for some Tom/Leo now, even though it's been confirmed that Tom is actually still engaged and WTF IT'S LEO. Whatever, Charlotte can come too.

Also of note: this man continues to rock hairstyles previously only rocked by Fraggles. TOM, YOUR HEAD, WHAT IS ON IT?

I am weirdly enamored with his fidgeting. And his wacky laugh. And the way he claims he's a big softie and that's why he's covered in tattoos and the way he goes, "I'm actually quite scared of everything," and the way he talks about his ~process~ and isn't pretentious at all.

Bless you, Tom Hardy, you egg-stealing bastard. &hearts

On that note, I'm super excited about [ profile] i_reversebang. I'm thrilled with the art and I hope I can do it justice. I haven't decided yet whether to go in for a second claim once they reopen for that. Is anyone doing that?
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Oh my word, I just caught an episode of House for the first time in ages. That particular ship sailed long ago for me, but Panthalassa's a fan and as of today she's no longer in the country, so I sat it out and reminisced.

I didn't expect to be treated to the fabulousity that was House, Chase, and Foreman kicking karaoke ass together. "Midnight Train to Georgia," to be exact. I lol'd. And I liked it. And if I were still in the fandom, I'd write drunken threesome fic or something, but I'm not so instead I'm going to post snippets from responses to various Inception prompts I should work on actually finishing.

Arthur/Cobb/Eames: Arthur dominates both of them. At the same time.  )


Spanking! Scenario: student/teacher (either in a dream, roleplaying, AU - I don't care, MAKE IT SO). )


That gradually-getting-more-massive crossover thing with Mysterious Skin )

I have more, but they're mostly in jumbled gobs of stream-of-consciousness, since I don't really write in a linear manner. MAYBE I SHOULD GO DO THAT.

Oops, it's almost dawn and I haven't slept yet. Weekends are so wonderful.
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I'm on an Academyfic kick, I think, River-wise. I've got this massive timeline mentally mapped out and I'm not sure whether it'll take over my soul if I try and write it down.

Also, I'm participating in [ profile] dvd_commentary, which is...kind of exciting. There are a couple fics I really want to try and write commentaries for, though I'm not sure I'll be able to do them justice.

It's a strange sort of step for me, since I've never done a commentary for any of my own fic, let alone someone else's. I feel like I would just end up jabbering about daisies and tadpoles and weather vanes and how they relate to my interpretation of Character A's psyche, because sometimes it can be hard to put my thought processes into words instead of just...thoughts.

There's also the part where I don't know if it'd be worth the effort and, crikey, I know reading some of my stuff can be like wading through molasses in a full suit of armor, so why bog it down with even more words?

Still. Exciting!
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You wait, my girl
You'll rue this night
I'll make you scream
You'll scream, all right!

Thenardier/Eponine incest, y/n? Anyone other than [ profile] shutterbug_12 know what I'm talking about?

I think I contemplated Eponine/Azelma back in the day, but never wrote any. I did, however, have this brilliant-at-the-time idea that Claquesous was really Grantaire and also sleeping with Montparnasse. Mind you, this was all ages ago, when I got my very first blog at Diaryland.

Um, I haven't been around much lately because we just got two new teachers and I lost my camera and the latter has caused me severe bouts of self-flagellation because I just don't do things like that. Also, I have fics to finish off, a couple of which are already overdue, and I'm trying to buckle down on that. Will catch up on ye olde flist ASAP.
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Dear God, it's good to be writing porn again. [ profile] nakeno and I are on another Firefly binge, some more cracky than others.

I especially hope to finish the one where Jayne gets turned into a woman and wins the Miss Persephone pageant.
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I've found that my problem with writing is that I don't do it in a formulaic manner.

Instead, I'll spew a bunch of words on a blank page and then go "okay, that's kinda cool, but how do I make it make sense?"

And afterward I'll reverse paragraphs, force certain phrases to fit just because I like them, dump a bucket of literary/mythological/architectural/whatever undertones I'm going for over the whole damn thing, then stand back and survey it and wonder what went wrong. I throw in things because I like the sound of them and shoehorn them into place, then worry about the cohesive whole later.

Like. Just now I was writing and started thinking about herbs for whatever reason. Brain went "ohh, neat, work that in somehow" and I did. Even though there was no damn reason to do it.

But I think it works. Even though you wouldn't think incestuous public sex called for it. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'll edit it all out anyway. Maybe I should work more on writing stuff that I have a chance at getting paid for and stop scrutinizing fanworks.

Oh my God, I need to be in Korea already.
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Visited the grandmother this weekend, managed to go the whole time without any major incidents with my mother. I finally read A Thousand Splendid fucking Suns to see what the hype was about and actually liked it more than I expected.

On a more frivolous note, I reread A Separate Peace on the drive back home and am jonesing for schoolboy slash. I should bug [ profile] nakeno, when she's free, about working on jailbait!Wilson stuff. Or maybe try my hand at another Dead Poets Society fic. Way more interesting than cleaning my room.
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Wilsoncest, job applications, and event planning. All at once. See how I work.

I feel like sometimes I just float through life and latch onto whatever catches my eye and seems interesting. Resolution for year twenty-four (holyshitwhaaaat, in a mere five days I'll have been alive this long; whaaaa?) is to Take More Initiative. But I think I'm afraid of turning into one of those people with nothing beyond their work and no time left for themselves. If I don't get a little time each day to read or write, I get cabin fever.

One thing at a time. Economy's down, but my resume's good and it's not like I have my heart set on one job in particular, right? Egypt first, and if all else fails I can go teach in Asia. Most people I've told think this sounds great, but a few don't seem to understand that I want to get certified abroad--it seems like a fun reason to travel, not to mention more sensible than taking a course locally and then accepting a teaching job abroad only to discover I hate it. Testing the waters and seeing the Pyramids in one fell swoop.


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