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Update on my hard drive: I've decided not to pursue data recovery. BUT THERE WILL STILL BE FIC, SO FEAR NOT. OR THROW TOMATOES. WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

I made a list of Reasons I Should Shell Out For This ( vs. Things I Should Shell Out For Instead (oil change, tetanus shot, that awesome Norse mythology book at the used book store) and then ate some chocolate.

It's my own fault for not backing up my data over the last few months, and all the important stuff I can reacquire by other means. I've already pulled the most recent version of my resume/references/writing samples out of my sent mail, and I had a bunch of my current favorite songs on my mp3 player anyway. Photos are the one thing I'm religious about backing up, and I still have older drafts of some WIPs, but some of the most recent projects are gone for good.

Fortunately, I don't write in a linear manner anyway and I have a decent memory when it comes to words. So we'll see how this turns out.

You know what's great to listen to when you need a pick-me-up?

~K-POP~ )

If not one of these makes you bounce, I'm sorry. I tried.

If you're more in the mood to dissect music instead of listen to it, check out The Sexual Politics of K-Pop. That entire website has some interesting reads, actually.
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Sometimes I really miss Korea, okay?

Can someone please slap me and tell me to stop sniveling and WRITE SHIT ALREADY?
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i've always wanted to tell you

Bring it.

Today I learned a new Korean swear word, and also that there's a new restaurant thirty seconds away from my apartment that proudly serves dog meat.
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In my listening class's book, there was a picture of some people at a concert. I had to explain the "rock and roll" sign because one girl asked what it was. Fun times.

I think I'm getting sick. Sneezy, sinus pain, slightly sore throat. Seriously, next teaching position I have will be in a country that doesn't guilt-trip you for taking a sick day.

Not that I need one. But if I did, I'd want to take it without any hemming and hawing from my boss. Or just flat-out being told I can't, even when I'm too vertiginous to walk ('sup, Pohang director?).

Oh, and while I'm kvetching, one of the Korean teachers and I went to the bakery below the school today and I was asking the cashier if a certain open-faced sandwich had ham on it. He looked at me like he couldn't understand a word I was saying, and then I mentally freaked out because I thought I'd accidentally said something wrong (zomg, what if I somehow said kokkiri instead of kogi and he thinks I want an elephant?!?).

Then the KT was all, "Yeah, he's just messing with you."

Grr. Come on, now. Was that really necessary? A shy foreign person tries to speak your language, so you ignore them because it's funny? Really?

And the sandwich, of course, had ham on it.

(Positive note! This fandomsecret made me grin like nobody's business. Lady Gaga meets Firefly. How is that not epic?)
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Step one: bring back red and black Twizzlers bits from America

Step two: feed to students

Step three: watch reactions and lament not having a video camera on you

Also! Thanks very much to [ profile] daasgrrl and my future spouse [ profile] hannahrorlove for the card and goodies, respectively. Such nice stuff for my jet-lagged self to come back to at work. *noms more organic dark chocolate*
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Is it totally ridiculous to be an English teacher and watch Dangerous Minds (not to be confused with Criminal Minds)?

I found it on YouTube and kind of got sucked in by the 90's overload. Coolio, anyone? I remember how my friends and I were so excited when the previews came out. All the kids in my neighborhood were amazing at singing "Gangster's Paradise" for a while there and not one of them stopped to remind me I was white. My middle school was a melting pot, mkay? College was culture shock because everyone looked like a J. Crew ad.

Then there's Michelle Pfeiffer's character and her hobo-chic clothing, all those blousey belted dresses and enormous blazers, and her "what these people need is a honky" self with that sharp-enough-to-plow-a-very-sexy-field chin, and me sitting there nodding along and wondering what the hell she would do if her kids were hellions who didn't speak English to begin with. Lulz.

On that note, the name-changing epidemic continues.

Harry changed his name to Jerry because he was switched into a class containing a Tom, but Tom doesn't like Harry-now-Jerry, so he changed his name to Kyle. Betty, a shy girl with glasses, was getting tired of being called Ugly Betty, so she changed her name to Lexi. Now everyone's calling her Taxi and she's having second thoughts.

Oh, and I'm finally going to hit up the DMZ tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me it's because North Korea does not approve of my existence.
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Thanks to Bill Clinton popping up and saving the day, North Korea has freed the two journalists they'd been holding. Rock on.

There was a cricket in class during fourth grade and instead of catching it and chucking it out the window, I squeaked like a mouse and dropped an upside-down basket on it. Such a badass teacher, that's me. I have cricket issues stemming back to this incident after a Girl Scout meeting when I got one in my hair. I had a lot of hair at the time.

I fly home on the 27th. Oh, my.
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I've postponed my temple adventuring for now since I had a horrible time sleeping last night and woke up completely bone-tired. I did have a pretty productive day, though, once I was conscious enough to get a lot of errands done.

Now I'm watching S3 of So You Think You Can Dance while trying to tie off a fic I've had on the back burner for ages. I watched S2 with my mother and the S4 auditions earlier in the week, but that's pretty much been my only exposure. Every now and then I pause it to hop up and try and do fouettes or something, but it's good fun.

And why is Twitter so addictive? Have our attention spans really become truncated to the extent that we're honestly enthralled by rapid-fire quotidian one-liners? Do I care? OHTHEHUMANITY.
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Rocking out to old-school No Doubt while hopped up on a fine Korean cocktail of drugs. Yes.

I'm sick. Again. Started coughing a few days ago, then it elevated into aches, sore throat, hot and cold flashes, and some pretty major dizziness. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I wash my hands, take my vitamins, don't do anything unsanitary other than coming into contact with several dozen little germ-incubators a day.

At work yesterday, I was teaching and staying upright through sheer force of will and even that was getting pretty tenuous. With three classes left, I asked if I could leave and go to a doctor, but the director asked if I could stay and just be in the room for my last three classes even if I wasn't teaching.

That's one thing I hate about this country: the mentality that doing your job is more important than whether or not you're in a state to do it.

Anyway, I stayed. Gave workbook assignments, felt like a horrible teacher for half-assing it, and then in my very last class I had one kid being oppositional so I tried to send him to the director. He wouldn't go, so I went to get her. She was on the phone, and I just broke down. I literally had no energy left.

So that got people's attention. The Korean teachers fussed over me. The male director talked to the kid, then brought him down to the teachers' room in tears, and Iphy taught the rest of my class while the director drove me home. I went to bed and had fever dreams about my room being filled with sentient amorphous shapes, then eventually dragged myself to the doctor.

Feeling a little less crappy now, but still in dire need of a vacation. At least I get Tuesday off for Children's Day.
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So, in need of another TV series to work my way through, and having been able to stand NCIS for all of one episode, I've moved onto Supernatural.

It's pretty cool--mildly incestuous brothers who kick paranormal ass and always manage to save some hot girl from a terrible fate at the last minute--but OMFG BLOODY MARY JUST CRAWLED OUT OF THE MIRROR IS SHE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT OMGGGGGGGGGG.

God, this brings back sleepover memories. Also brings to mind the list of Things That Make Me Jittery Even Though I'm Technically Old Enough To Know Better. I think it has to do with the fact that chicks with glasses always die early on in horror films and if anything horrible ever were to happen to me in the dead of the night, I'd be too busy groping for my glasses to fight back. So I'm going to be so, so pissed if BM slithers out of my mirror tonight a la Samara in The Ring because I've got a really busy day ahead of me. Probably a busy fucking month.

See, Elly pulled a runner.

This is what it's called when you break your contract and flee the country. I'm trying to be sympathetic, but I'm really kind of pissed, since she only informed Iphy and me yesterday and hasn't informed anyone else at all. She says she left notes on her desk for some people. Which means they'll be discovered less than an hour before the first class, and someone is going to have to teach all her classes until we can hire a replacement.

Just. If you're gonna leave a job, you don't make other people clean up the mess for you. She didn't even have a good reason to split like that--yeah, she'd been considering going home for a while, and yeah she just found out that her grandmother died a few weeks ago, but she ain't gettin' any deader (and I'm allowed to say that because I also had a grandmother pass away while I was here and yes, I considered taking time to go home, BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE SO UNANNOUNCED) and it honestly just feels like she was grateful for any excuse to go home.

I am not looking forward to the upcoming mess.

And now, back to watching the Winchesters kick more ass.


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