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OMG. So I got into Carnivale and finished up the very last ep a few days ago.

I've also been watching Castle because [ profile] nakeno watches it and sometimes we write Nathan Fillion RPS (yeah, what?). And on the most recent episode, the guy who played Lodz the clairvoyant blind dude from Carnivale turned up as a jewel thief. And I realized I knew I'd seen him in something else, so I checked IMDB.

He was Rowan Chase. As in, Chase's dad. On House. That just cracks me up. I hope Chase's stepmother was a bearded lady.

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Lol whoops.

Turns out [ profile] nakeno watched eleven episodes of House back to back so she'd be caught up for Simple Explanation, and I just IMed her with The Spoiler.

Of all times for us both to start looking Houseward again.
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Are you kidding me? There's actually an episode called Lucky Thirteen?

*laughs forever*

On that note, I've gotta see how I can top last year's contribution to [ profile] karaokegal's Come As You're Not party. Genderfuck is so 2007.
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I am pretty much failing to give a fuck about missing the House premiere. I'll catch it eventually, 'cause those are my people, but I just haven't felt much interest towards this season.

Lately, I've just been trying to make time to write and then posting whatever I happen to finish--belated giftfic, random freewriting, madcap adventures with [ profile] nakeno, whatever. I haven't felt particularly compelled to try much Housefic at all.

Maybe when I see the ep, that'll change my mind. Also, it's only right for me to be up on the stuff my flist is going to be talking about. I need to be at least marginally in the loop.

So happy watching, all y'all in the right time zones. Hope it's not disappointing!
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Writers are striking, but imaginations are running wild.

Stop us before we do futurefic. )

The vampfic is already in the making. And the one where they do it in the car. And the one where House owns a vibrator. And the one where they meet as teenagers and Jimmy gets drafted into showing the new kid around. And the one where they're so busy rimming and angsting in Atlantic City that Vegetative State Dude is probably way too dead to have a heart worth salvaging anyway. And the...yeah, anyway.
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Two nights ago, I dreamed my own crackbaby episode of House. PotW was a twelve-year-old girl who turned out to be dying because of chemicals in the makeup some Malificent-like woman had been brushing on her. I don't know if the woman was a scam artist or a slave trader, but she had a dozen or so preteen girls she used as models for runway shows and theatrical performances. Her gimmick was painting and making them up to look like dolls. They would totter out swathed in lace and burlap with trains ten feet long, faces done up to look like cracked china, and do things like freeze in contorted positions and raise their arms desperately towards the light as if they were terrified of being in darkness.

It was actually a really gorgeous effect, albeit insanely creepy. Maybe I should steer clear of Project Runway.

Then last night, I couldn't sleep yet again, because my brain is smart like that and wants none of what my subconscious has been smokin', kthx.

I ended up looking at Wikipedia pages for Sesame Street characters.

It's always fun to reassess childhood things with an adult eye. I totally never realized Count von Count was such a playa, but he totally is. Wiki's right, he's the only character to have an acknowledged love life, and has apparently been through at least two or three different Countesses. Scandalous!

And, having scrapped a thousand words and replaced them with considerably less than that, I think I might actually be done with my Cuddy-and-Amber-do-it-in-a-gazebo fic.

Shut up, it's an awesome idea. Seriously. Seriously.
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Holy sweet jumpin' jellyfish, why do I miss everything? I leave fandom alone for, like, three days, and what do I come home to? Honestly, can't y'all take care of yourselves?

And hey, Gradual made [ profile] crack_van, which I totally did not know. This is the loop and this is me out of it. That has been the theme of my last couple weeks.
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I want a cap of that split-second where the crew is filming and Thirteen leans in behind Amber.

And wow, Cameron looks pretty in black and white.

I'm pretty sure that most young, hot, insanely smart chicks wouldn't fall for a misanthropic cripple who's pushing fifty, but that's just me. Sometimes this show just makes me want to LOL and cry at the same time. Possibly while choking on my anthro degree.

I also kind of want to write about House coming to terms with a few things and sullenly informing Wilson he needs Viagra, not-that-he-needs-it-just-for-an-experiment-thanks-so-much.

Seriously, with one thing and another? Dude might very well be popping the blue pills. And impotence is so sexy. *throws in plot bunny folder*
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At this evening's seminar, I spilled soda on the carpet at the Ritz. Rock on!

However, my new blazer is amazing and I met a bunch of cool people, as well as some I already know. I'm at the point now where I've been to so many networking opportunities, I tend to know at least a couple other people there. And if I don't, I don't freak out for not having a clue who anybody is. Not bad progress for someone on the socially inept side.

In fannish news, House is on in five minutes and [ profile] nakeno is back!
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I have to miss House tonight. That's okay, since it looks kind of dippy and I'll catch the rerun or the download later.

Also, I finished a fic that isn't genderfucked bad!porn, but it occurs to me that posting right before an episode is not the brightest idea, is it?

The fic itself came out a little differently than I expected, but I think I'm okay with that. Never tried a Chase POV before, either, but as long as he doesn't sound like a weepy wee emo wombat, I'm okay with that too.

Bigbang fic is hurting my soul. I have research coming out my ears and less than a thousand words. And they aren't even linear words. A snippet about omelets, then another one about skiiing, then something about Stacy's mother... I think I'm worried about my ability to pull this off without looking like a hack. I waffled for a while just over whether House's leg should get chopped off at the hip or above the knee, before the research phase. Amputation = srs biz.


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