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Well, I think Victor Hugo can rest easy now.

I'm currently rereading both the brick itself and the entire Animorphs series, so obviously there should be a crossover.
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I'm almost done with grad school. Less than three months to go!

Trying to go a little easy on fandom in the meantime, since I've also moved and am working full time. The only thing I'm signing up for is Yuletide, unless I magically end up with enough free time and enough delusions of capability to decide I can crank out something else on any kind of schedule. That Teen Wolf cosmetology AU ain't gonna appear out of nowhere.

In lieu of actually posting fic, I guess I'll just tap dance or try and fool everyone into thinking I'm actually doing cool things. OH HEY, LOOK! It's this thing from Bina's kink fest that I never actually finished!

(It's the one where Eames forges a centaur. I couldn't go through with actually making Arthur fuck a horse. And some of the places my research took me were pretty weird. The things I do for fandom. If I were a Lannister, I would shove it out a window.)

Um, I also miss everyone and I'm sorry for not being more interesting. I've been more active on Twitter and Tumblr, since they take less energy and the future of this world is one of instant gratification and I am totally, unabashedly part of the problem. Call me maybe.

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Things I have done over the past month and a half:

-- interviewed at a zillion different schools
-- taught summer school (today was the last day!)
-- signed up for the last two classes I need in order to get my master's
-- landed a job for fall
-- started looking around for housing closer to said job
-- written stuff

Speaking of written stuff, a wild reversebang appears!

Title: A Fake Handshake Don't Make No Man
Fandom: Inception
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, making no profit off 'em, etc. 
Word Count: 26,000
Summary: Spaghetti's straight until you heat it up. Or, how Arthur learned not to use pasta as a pickup line and Eames learned to enjoy long walks on the Kinsey scale.

Notes:: Written for [ profile] i_reversebang as a companion piece to this lovely artwork by [ profile] heavenly_rain.

Link: A Fake Handshake Don't Make No Man
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Better late than never, so here's the rest of my Con.txt weekend.

Con.txt, Day 2

So I got there too late for the Avengers panel, which was just as well because it sounds like it consisted of a ton of squeeing and flailing and I just don't think I could have handled that for an hour. I'll be honest, I saw the film and enjoyed it, but I wouldn't have considered delving into the fandom if the enthusiasm wasn't as contagious and overwhelming as it is.

This probably qualifies as a classic case of Migratory Slash Fandom, but I don't see any issue with going where the enthusiasm is. I've learned a lot about the Avengers I never would have cared to learn about otherwise and it's been pretty enlightening, though I don't see it becoming my one and only fandom love by any means. Comics fandoms unnerve me a little since I've never had any interest in comics, but messing around with movieverse alone seems off somehow, like I'm not a real fan or something (uh, this applies to me only, because I'm awesome at holding double standards like that; I judge no one who writes exclusively movieverse fic, and actually prefer it for reading material since I don't feel like I'm missing tons of convoluted canon backstory)

And now I want modern-day hijinks and Steve taking Thor to Brooks Brothers because he knows that store, damn it and together they make the entire menswear floor swoon.

My dreams are very small. ♥

The first panel I went to was Subtext: Not the Only Text )

One more to go!
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Con.txt, Day 1

I really, really want to say I rolled up to a house about seven or eight, but I actually tottered into the hotel a little before eleven, checked in with [personal profile] zvi at the registration table, noobishly babbled something along the lines of "OMG HAI I KNOW YOUR NAME FROM THE INTERNETS," and made a beeline for [personal profile] bironic as soon as possible since she was the only person I recognized. The two of us started making the rounds, checking out the publishers' tables, and I ran into [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, who'd left me some lovely feedback just a few days before and who was just as awesome as this conversation implies.

[personal profile] hannah was at the same table and I started IRL trolling her about werewolf porn before she recognized me--so that was me racking up yet another faux pas, but it was good to see another familiar face for sure. Even though she said Tom Hardy's lips don't go with his face.


The rest of Day 1 )
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Welcome, anyone who's added me or who I've added since Con.txt kicked off. If you aren't quite sure you remember who I am, my next post will be a con write-up and that will include a decent-sized dose of picspam.

For the new and unsuspecting, my name is Yvi and I like capslock and ruffly skirts and sometimes I write kinky porn just to see if I can do it. My current fandom is Inception first and foremost, but I've gotten pretty into Teen Wolf, Avengers, and Spartacus, and enjoy but am behind on Grimm. I will also flail over several other fandoms peripherally.

I'm recrudescence on both LJ and DW, yviwashere on Twitter, and thisrecrudescence on Tumblr. Most of my stuff is on the AO3, but I also tag and bookmark it all on LJ/DW.

My next fic will probably be about Thor and Steve trying to figure out what a frappuccino is.

(Note: I'm adding people on both LJ and DW simply because I crosspost from DW but check my flist on LJ more regularly, as I'm keeping up with more people there.)
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And now for something completely different: a story about healing cock, originally written to Lurrel in gchat in the dead of the night.

do not read this if you take healing cock very seriously )

Oh hey, I'm supposed to be presenting my portfolio in a few hours. PERHAPS I SHOULD FOCUS ON THAT.
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This is the short story. There's a longer version, but it's maudlin and boring and full of peculiar bits of dried fruit, so consider yourselves spared.

So, hello!

I didn't mean to make anyone worry. Sometimes I'll have moments of "dear sweet mother of Moses, my fandom life is a compendium of mediocrities!" but then I get over myself and remember how much fandom has helped me grow and become more comfortable with who I am and how I interact. In general, fandom has been really awesome to me. It just makes me flounder when I don't think I can be awesome back.

However, I'm doing better and I want to specify that if I ever plan on deleting everything full stop--LJ and AO3, the whole kit and caboodle, which I don't have any intention of doing--I will always give some kind of notice first.

Here, have something that made me smile.

Now someone write fic to go with it, mkay?

(How weird is it seeing bb!JGL's sharp little shoulders and knowing he's running around looking all beefed up nowadays? Pulling a Hardy, are we?)

(Oh, I also saw Avengers. And basically what I need now is tons of fanworks where Thor and/or Loki crossdress. I CANNOT CALL IT FACT, BUT IT'S MYTHOLOGICAL CANON, OKAY.)
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(originally posted on LJ the other day--I'm really not used to posting straight to LJ instead of crossposting)

Phew. Hi! I've been kind of lax about updating, haven't I? Me and the rest of the LJ world, it seems like.

For the record, I'm yviwashere on Twitter and I update that far more regularly. If I don't add you right away, it's because I don't know who you are, so please feel free to PM me with an intro and that should do it.

I've started writing proper posts a couple times over the past several weeks, but they've always petered out. Here's the beginning of one I started over a month ago:

Hello, I exist and I am writing, but sometimes I assume I give everyone around me secondhand embarrassment and then I fall off the face of the earth until gravity catches up. It's so much easier to just not feel guilty about things that aren't your fault, so I hear! What is this sorcery?

And that is...more or less an accurate summation of my life. I've been working a lot, trying to plot out my future a lot, and dabbling a bit in both Spartacus and Grimm. But mostly just trying to rein myself in and not have a very preemptive midlife crisis while contemplating fleeing the country again. Only not really because ADVANCED DEGREE.

I've also been writing, because if I don't make myself write then I worry I'll fall out of the habit or at the very least become too saturated with self-doubt to even try anymore, which has happened in the past. I've had less time for fandom lately since I've been swamped with academic-related things, but I still like to try and stay active when I can. Fandom is my go-to hobby when real life gets too ridiculous and I can't waste my time on it properly if I'm not even writing anything for it.

That said, if you read my last fic, I appreciate it. If you didn't care for it, I understand completely. I don't mind concrit at all and I've read several very valid points about why this one fell short. I admit I wrote it quickly, on a whim, while trying to do a handful of other things at once, with the ever-so-lofty goal of seeing if I could write knotting with a straight face. So I have no illusions about it being more than what it is (and I'd like to think the title alone tipped most people off to the fact that it's not exactly high art). I have, however, written about forty other fics for this fandom and I hope at least one of them has been something other than a pinwheel-wielding disappointment.

Thanks a heap to the kind anonymous souls who dropped links in the comments on both my LJ and AO3. Please PM me with the cock and asshole of your choice and I'll be sure to whip up something special for you.
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Hello, strangers!

I've been MIA around these parts lately thanks to an overabundance of school, work, writing assignments, and holiday runarounds, but now that I actually have some downtime it's harder than ever to get reacquainted with the intricacies of actually posting here. What I have been doing is keeping up with my flist (for the most part), even though I haven't been commenting as much, and my Twitter feed when possible.

So, that said, I'm going to pimp some things now.

For those of you who enjoy podfic, [personal profile] sophinisba has taken on the unholy trilogy of the Sickness and Shame verse and, to the best of my knowledge, still has a voice. You can find all three here, and please leave her feedback if you have the time!

Yuletide is in full swing and the reveal is just around the corner, but I can't wait to gush about the fics I've gotten. Growing Together is a Last Unicorn fic about Molly Grue and Schmendrick making their way in the world after the events in canon. I asked specifically for anything to do with Molly and the author gave her a well-deserved happy ending wrapped up in a narrative that could have come straight out of a coda to the novel. Also, Schmendrick fails at growing a proper wizard's beard.

I also got a treat from another Ghostwriter fan (seriously, that was my show growing up, in all its uber-'90s glory): Eventually We Find Our Way gives us a very plausible look at Rob several years down the road--I always felt like he got the short end of the stick, since not only was he shy to begin with, he had to go and move to Australia--and some of the decisions he faces when he comes back to New York.

Inception fandom's festivus this time around was [ profile] dream_holiday and just today I got an excellent fic from [profile] iri_descent. In The Great Game, Arthur and Eames gradually learn each other very well despite being apart for months at a time. I adore the Arthur characterization in this, and the way both of them are drawn to each other but not at all defined by each other. They're both very much professionals here and the author fleshes out their world so deftly that everything seems perfectly natural. I really enjoy it when there are little references to the world of dreaming, or to things that will later come up canonically, and the really beautiful thing is that I didn't mention this at all in my request and just so happened to land a writer with wonderful attention to detail anyway. There also just so happens to be a kitten and a bit of awesome Yusuf/Eames friendship.

And tomorrow, I am going to bake banana bread and party it up! Happy New Year in advance, guys, and thank you for making 2011 a lot more fun.
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