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Con.txt, Day 1

I really, really want to say I rolled up to a house about seven or eight, but I actually tottered into the hotel a little before eleven, checked in with [personal profile] zvi at the registration table, noobishly babbled something along the lines of "OMG HAI I KNOW YOUR NAME FROM THE INTERNETS," and made a beeline for [personal profile] bironic as soon as possible since she was the only person I recognized. The two of us started making the rounds, checking out the publishers' tables, and I ran into [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, who'd left me some lovely feedback just a few days before and who was just as awesome as this conversation implies.

[personal profile] hannah was at the same table and I started IRL trolling her about werewolf porn before she recognized me--so that was me racking up yet another faux pas, but it was good to see another familiar face for sure. Even though she said Tom Hardy's lips don't go with his face.


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This is the short story. There's a longer version, but it's maudlin and boring and full of peculiar bits of dried fruit, so consider yourselves spared.

So, hello!

I didn't mean to make anyone worry. Sometimes I'll have moments of "dear sweet mother of Moses, my fandom life is a compendium of mediocrities!" but then I get over myself and remember how much fandom has helped me grow and become more comfortable with who I am and how I interact. In general, fandom has been really awesome to me. It just makes me flounder when I don't think I can be awesome back.

However, I'm doing better and I want to specify that if I ever plan on deleting everything full stop--LJ and AO3, the whole kit and caboodle, which I don't have any intention of doing--I will always give some kind of notice first.

Here, have something that made me smile.

Now someone write fic to go with it, mkay?

(How weird is it seeing bb!JGL's sharp little shoulders and knowing he's running around looking all beefed up nowadays? Pulling a Hardy, are we?)

(Oh, I also saw Avengers. And basically what I need now is tons of fanworks where Thor and/or Loki crossdress. I CANNOT CALL IT FACT, BUT IT'S MYTHOLOGICAL CANON, OKAY.)
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Remix is here!

I swear, every year I do this I'm blown away by how creative and talented the participants are. My remixer this time around chose to take on the only Arthur/Eames/Ariadne fic I've ever written, a PG-rated one-off about Ariadne coping with the aftereffects of dreaming, and turned it into a sweet, poignant story about Arthur and Eames looking out for each other and Arthur needing a sound machine to sleep and both of them wanting to keep Ariadne from heading down the same path as Cobb. It hits so many buttons of mine, particularly the concept of coming to trust someone in an untrustworthy environment, and it has bed-sharing and banter and little snippets of both the guys' backstories.

Please, if you have the time, go check it out and give the author a little love:

Infinity Spirals Out Creation (the Leave No Man Behind remix)

There are times when Arthur will turn the room upside-down, tear curtains off their rails and almost disembowel soft furnishings looking for a totem he's convinced he's lost and which Eames can't help him look for because the terror of having someone else touch your totem would probably lead asleep-Arthur to claw his eyes out.

There are times when Arthur will keep his light on and read bits and pieces of inane trivia out loud until Eames dozes off, or when he'll put a pot of tea on at four am even though he doesn't drink it, and the faint smell will send a restless Eames back to sleep.

They've never talked about it. They just get on with it. And more often than anything else, there are times they sit up together all night working, drinking coffee and tea and whiskey and whatever else they can get their hands on, and talking, and those times are worth a lot more than any sleep Eames has ever had on his own.
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Hello, strangers!

I've been MIA around these parts lately thanks to an overabundance of school, work, writing assignments, and holiday runarounds, but now that I actually have some downtime it's harder than ever to get reacquainted with the intricacies of actually posting here. What I have been doing is keeping up with my flist (for the most part), even though I haven't been commenting as much, and my Twitter feed when possible.

So, that said, I'm going to pimp some things now.

For those of you who enjoy podfic, [personal profile] sophinisba has taken on the unholy trilogy of the Sickness and Shame verse and, to the best of my knowledge, still has a voice. You can find all three here, and please leave her feedback if you have the time!

Yuletide is in full swing and the reveal is just around the corner, but I can't wait to gush about the fics I've gotten. Growing Together is a Last Unicorn fic about Molly Grue and Schmendrick making their way in the world after the events in canon. I asked specifically for anything to do with Molly and the author gave her a well-deserved happy ending wrapped up in a narrative that could have come straight out of a coda to the novel. Also, Schmendrick fails at growing a proper wizard's beard.

I also got a treat from another Ghostwriter fan (seriously, that was my show growing up, in all its uber-'90s glory): Eventually We Find Our Way gives us a very plausible look at Rob several years down the road--I always felt like he got the short end of the stick, since not only was he shy to begin with, he had to go and move to Australia--and some of the decisions he faces when he comes back to New York.

Inception fandom's festivus this time around was [ profile] dream_holiday and just today I got an excellent fic from [profile] iri_descent. In The Great Game, Arthur and Eames gradually learn each other very well despite being apart for months at a time. I adore the Arthur characterization in this, and the way both of them are drawn to each other but not at all defined by each other. They're both very much professionals here and the author fleshes out their world so deftly that everything seems perfectly natural. I really enjoy it when there are little references to the world of dreaming, or to things that will later come up canonically, and the really beautiful thing is that I didn't mention this at all in my request and just so happened to land a writer with wonderful attention to detail anyway. There also just so happens to be a kitten and a bit of awesome Yusuf/Eames friendship.

And tomorrow, I am going to bake banana bread and party it up! Happy New Year in advance, guys, and thank you for making 2011 a lot more fun.
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This is a little late, as per most of my updates these days, but thank you a thousand times to everyone who left me love on the love meme. That right there is one of the best pre-birthday presents I could possibly get.

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Carbon Leaf concert was amazing. Great crowd, great company, great setlist, and we were all right up front. I ended up crashing with [ profile] the_samosaurus and was apparently so exhausted that I didn't wake up when she DECIDED IT WAS A GRAND IDEA TO DROP A CAT ON ME.

Also, snow! Not much, but it's still on the ground looking pretty and not screwing up the roads, so I approve. Have some Christmas music.

Lady Gaga Christmas Tree
Hurts All I Want For Christmas (Is New Years Day)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve Sarajevo
Sufjan Stevens Jupiter Winter
Bjork Jólakötturrinn (The Christmas Cat)
Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Yoon Do Hyun Silver Bells
Aimee Mann I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up For Christmas
Woodpigeon xoxmas
Stars Fairytale of New York
This Ascension Carol of the Bells
Owl City The Christmas Song


Also, question for anyone who can weigh in: I need to register for classes, but haven't heard back from my adviser about meeting with her prior to doing so. I'm assuming the best course of action is to just register on my and then add/drop as needed when she does get back to me (whenever that might be, since it's winter break). Does that sound about right?
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Since I'm feeling nostalgic and I'm in no hurry to work on more applications, another mix! This one's for [ profile] macg22: cowgirl, globetrotter, and Peace Corps survivor. If I had the means to traverse the continent to Pigfarts, I so totally would. Why do my friends keep settling west of the Mississippi?

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Unrelated, but I FUCKING LOVE WHEN GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ON A ROLLING BASIS, BUT AREN'T ADVERTISED AS SUCH. Srsly, I submitted the online component, then emailed admissions to be sure the entire application wouldn't be void if one of my references arrived past the deadline, and they were all, "Yeeeeah, no prob, we accept spring submissions until mid-December."

Whatever, my personal statement is awesome and I'd rather have applications out of my hair sooner rather than later, but I'm still a little annoyed.
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This right here is a shout out to my girl [ profile] the_samosaurus, who was supposed to trek out for a visit all the way from Alamogordo but instead chose to feed me some cock-and-bull story about having to help survey an Apache reservation. The scoundrel.

Enjoy, Sam! Someday we'll reunite and have a Mesoamerican shindig, watch Carnivale, dance the armadillo, and discuss whether Tulio and Miguel would win in a fight against Claude Lévi-Strauss. &hearts

Music, as always, is up for grabs if anyone feels like grabbing. )
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This right here is a shout out to my girl [ profile] the_samosaurus, who was supposed to trek out for a visit all the way from Alamogordo but instead chose to feed me some cock-and-bull story about having to help survey an Apache reservation. The scoundrel.

Enjoy, Sam! Someday we'll reunite and have a Mesoamerican shindig, watch Carnivale, dance the armadillo, and discuss whether Tulio and Miguel would win in a fight against Claude Lévi-Strauss. &hearts

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Firefly folk! This is me, leaving this here.

It's six parts total, very nice quality, all on YouTube.

The panel consisted of Morena, Jewel, Sean, and Summer, with occasional prank calls from Alan and Nathan.


-- Adam once put a potato in Nathan's tailpipe.

-- Nathan once covered Jewel's trailer door with Vaseline. I don't even.

-- In response to a question about River finding a love interest, Sean answers, "Besides me?" and causes every Tamcest aficionado to spontaneously give birth.

-- On that note, Sean seems to have a wedding ring and mentions a daughter. What the.

-- Summer Glau has the most adorable drawl. For real. At one point, Morena and Jewel are tittering about pushing each other over on set and how unfair it was since Morena had heels and Jewel had boots, and Summer sweetly interrupts with, "At least y'all had shoes!"

-- Jewel, Morena, and Sean apparently do pilates together.

-- Morena is a bookworm, fangirls Oscar Wilde. Wait, no! She's fangirling The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which has been on my to-read list for a while now. Dude.

-- Summer's favorite movie is Camelot, though she hems and haws quite a bit before admitting it.

-- Jewel instigates a mass showing of middle fingers, takes photo to send Nathan in retaliation for wasting panel time with his prank calls, then instigates a mass serenade in honor of her husband's birthday.

-- Sean: "I never felt like it was a sci-fi show."
Morena: "Are you on crack? It takes place in space, five hundred years in the future, on a spaceship." (See also: A Very Potter Musical's Draco explaining that you can't go to Pigfarts because it's on Mars.)
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