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Firefly folk! This is me, leaving this here.

It's six parts total, very nice quality, all on YouTube.

The panel consisted of Morena, Jewel, Sean, and Summer, with occasional prank calls from Alan and Nathan.


-- Adam once put a potato in Nathan's tailpipe.

-- Nathan once covered Jewel's trailer door with Vaseline. I don't even.

-- In response to a question about River finding a love interest, Sean answers, "Besides me?" and causes every Tamcest aficionado to spontaneously give birth.

-- On that note, Sean seems to have a wedding ring and mentions a daughter. What the.

-- Summer Glau has the most adorable drawl. For real. At one point, Morena and Jewel are tittering about pushing each other over on set and how unfair it was since Morena had heels and Jewel had boots, and Summer sweetly interrupts with, "At least y'all had shoes!"

-- Jewel, Morena, and Sean apparently do pilates together.

-- Morena is a bookworm, fangirls Oscar Wilde. Wait, no! She's fangirling The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which has been on my to-read list for a while now. Dude.

-- Summer's favorite movie is Camelot, though she hems and haws quite a bit before admitting it.

-- Jewel instigates a mass showing of middle fingers, takes photo to send Nathan in retaliation for wasting panel time with his prank calls, then instigates a mass serenade in honor of her husband's birthday.

-- Sean: "I never felt like it was a sci-fi show."
Morena: "Are you on crack? It takes place in space, five hundred years in the future, on a spaceship." (See also: A Very Potter Musical's Draco explaining that you can't go to Pigfarts because it's on Mars.)
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Whoa. There's an Asian person in an episode of Supernatural. Only took two and a half seasons, amirite?

And she speaks. For all of...three lines.

Granted, she's also a hotel maid.

If this was Firefly, there would be fisticuffs. OMFG CROSSOVER. Simon and Sam can have a whine-off while their siblings shoot cans.

I'm waiting to see the boys tackle something out of Chinese mythology. Or Japanese. Something from that part of the globe. It isn't like there's any dearth of material. OMFG CROSSOVER!

Hi, I've been busy getting things in order for the next phase of my life! Whassup?
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Or at least in a mailer.

OMG. Guys. Yesterday, I got some win in the mail from [ profile] wihluta. As part of her Korean lulz, I sent her a notebook, and she sent me back the first thing she drew in it, WHICH HAPPENED TO BE A MAJORLY AMAZING PORTRAIT OF RIVER TAM.

I left her at my desk so I wouldn't bend her while juggling Valentine's Day goodies on the way home, but pictures will come!

Thanks, [ profile] wihluta. That was totally sweet and totally unexpected. My co-teachers were teasing me about getting a mystery present right before V-Day, and they both agree that you're an excellent artist. =)

P.S. Those of you who haven't received Korean lulz yet, this is due to my failure and has nothing to do with you. I'm getting together this big box of stuff to send to my family and I won't let myself go to the post office until I'm absolutely sure it's ready. I'm wrapping it up soon, I swear.
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Because I don't want to think about having to start teaching again tomorrow, I'm burying myself in things like icon-making.

37 of 'em, all Firefly.

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Bzuh? In what universe is Mal/Inara considered a canon pairing?
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Just signed up for Yuletide. Offered my services in way too many fandoms--I lost count after fifty ticky-boxes. There are some awesome choices this year, including two of my favorite books ever.

I need to either stop writing Tamcest or recruit some other people into doing it, since the last few entries at [ profile] light_it are all mine and I HATE BEING THAT ONE ANNOYING PERSON WHO'S THE ONLY ONE POSTING AT A COMM. At least the last one was a collab, so [ profile] nakeno got to look lame with me. I seriously wish my obsession with this fandom had started when it was still thriving.

ETA: By the way, thanks to anyone who left me feedback over at the anonymous feedback meme. I heard some really helpful stuff and am toying with the idea of temporarily swearing off stream-of-consciousness writing just to see what else I can do.
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If any Firefly folk are interested, I just did a recap of Trash over at [ profile] how_it_was, complete with screencaps and ruminations on Mal's enjoyment at walking around naked. All of it riiiiight over here.

Leaning heavily towards hitting Egypt for winter break--I have an Australian friend teaching in Cairo who says I can definitely crash with her, and everything in Egypt is gorgeously cheap, so I'd pretty much only be paying for the flight.
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And now, featuring more adventures with [ profile] nakeno's mother (i.e., the same person who listened to [ profile] triedunture's podfic of Discovery and started comparing House and Wilson to a bulldog and a poodle):

[ profile] recrudescence: (Hazardous is such a good word for Jayne.)
[ profile] nakeno: (I asked my mom for that one.)
[ profile] recrudescence: (Really?)
[ profile] nakeno: ("If you had to use a word that wasn't 'dangerous' to describe Jayne what would you u--" "Hazardous." "Right, then.")
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Title: Permutations [part 3/4]
Authors: [ profile] nakeno and [ profile] recrudescence
Fandom: Firefly
Pairings: Mal/Simon/Jayne and all combinations thereof
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don’t own ’em, making no profit off ’em, etc.
Word Count: 5,964

Summary: Jayne steals pajamas, Simon gets drunk, and Mal sits on a tack. There is also sex in abundance.

Permutations: Part 3 )

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
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So, as some of you may recall from all my whining, I did the GRE thing last Saturday, following a week just this side of incredibly insane.

In sum: I had all the math in my head, then sat down and promptly started second-guessing every answer I got. Felt kind of bummed about that, so I breezed through the verbal section in record time and didn't do quite as well there as I'd hoped either. However, at least I've got it out of the way--I can always try again or just decide, hell with it, anyone studying Nonprofit Management is going to get noticed more for her resume than her knowledge of factoring.

I don't even know if I'm going to do grad school. I like my current job and, even though I don't plan on dedicating my life to it, I'm learning a lot and will definitely be getting a raise in January.

Anyway, last week, I had networking events Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, then a a board meeting on Friday, thus sapping my strength and upping my stress. If it hadn't all happened at such a terrible time, it might have been pretty fun--Tuesday's event was on a boat (during House, have I mentioned?) and Thursday's was a penthouse gala.

And there was a guy there who looked really, really familiar but whom I just couldn't place. I kept racking my brain--"nope, not one of the members, not a sponsor, don't think I've been introduced to him..."--and then I realized I had seen him before, swaggering around with a gun and a brown overcoat and ogling Simon Tam.

The dude looked just like Nathan Fillion. He was tall and awkward and messy-haired and it was killing me not to LOL or call him Mal. That right there almost made the week of doom worth bearing.
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