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Ugh, I'm not sure how to begin explaining this since it's really just navel-gazing at the core, but the short of it is this: I like order, I like making mixes, I've titled some of my Inception fics based on songs, and I wanted to see how those songs might fit together.

As of today, I've got forty-six Inception fics up on the AO3 (the fuuuuuuck), fifteen of which are titled based on songs.

And verily, a mix--with a teaspoon of meta and a walk down memory lane--was born!

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Finished my last grad school class, waiting for the grades to roll in or for the university to laugh in my face and make me do it all over again!

In the meantime, I'm doing a thing where all y'all can pick a number and I'll post an excerpt from the corresponding work in my WIP/stuff-that-I-will-never-actually-finish folder.

Give me a number 1-74 (either in a comment or on Tumblr is fine) and let's get cracking! Feel free to repost and let other people see what you've got in your own WIP folder.
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Welcome, anyone who's added me or who I've added since Con.txt kicked off. If you aren't quite sure you remember who I am, my next post will be a con write-up and that will include a decent-sized dose of picspam.

For the new and unsuspecting, my name is Yvi and I like capslock and ruffly skirts and sometimes I write kinky porn just to see if I can do it. My current fandom is Inception first and foremost, but I've gotten pretty into Teen Wolf, Avengers, and Spartacus, and enjoy but am behind on Grimm. I will also flail over several other fandoms peripherally.

I'm recrudescence on both LJ and DW, yviwashere on Twitter, and thisrecrudescence on Tumblr. Most of my stuff is on the AO3, but I also tag and bookmark it all on LJ/DW.

My next fic will probably be about Thor and Steve trying to figure out what a frappuccino is.

(Note: I'm adding people on both LJ and DW simply because I crosspost from DW but check my flist on LJ more regularly, as I'm keeping up with more people there.)
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This is the short story. There's a longer version, but it's maudlin and boring and full of peculiar bits of dried fruit, so consider yourselves spared.

So, hello!

I didn't mean to make anyone worry. Sometimes I'll have moments of "dear sweet mother of Moses, my fandom life is a compendium of mediocrities!" but then I get over myself and remember how much fandom has helped me grow and become more comfortable with who I am and how I interact. In general, fandom has been really awesome to me. It just makes me flounder when I don't think I can be awesome back.

However, I'm doing better and I want to specify that if I ever plan on deleting everything full stop--LJ and AO3, the whole kit and caboodle, which I don't have any intention of doing--I will always give some kind of notice first.

Here, have something that made me smile.

Now someone write fic to go with it, mkay?

(How weird is it seeing bb!JGL's sharp little shoulders and knowing he's running around looking all beefed up nowadays? Pulling a Hardy, are we?)

(Oh, I also saw Avengers. And basically what I need now is tons of fanworks where Thor and/or Loki crossdress. I CANNOT CALL IT FACT, BUT IT'S MYTHOLOGICAL CANON, OKAY.)
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Oh, sweet Jesus, I'm twenty-four.

Or will be in about two in a half hours, to be precise. I'm going to go to sleep and wake up with wrinkles and a broken hip. Gaaaaaah. *applies sunscreen and does yoga like whoa*

And La Actriz graduated this morning, so there were a few hours of standing in the rain with old college friends for moral support, yowling and cowbelling (yeah, there was a cowbell) at all the ickle graduates.

I have about four different fics I want to write for [ profile] cryptictac's challenge.

[ profile] shutterbug_12 wrote an awesome House/Wilson/Amber that I don't have the time to link because I need to drive off and get dinner with the family, like, now, and then I'm coming back down to chill with college folk (possibly bar-hopping, possibly watching The Lion King; depends on our collective mood). I'll get back to recs and writing and resume-sending and other productive things later, but for now...people are buying me food! Must prioritize.
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In honor of House's return, I had two doctor's appointments today and worked on learning Egyptian Arabic.

I've realized that I want to know everything, and that's just a textbook case of setting yourself up for disappointment, whoever you are. Right? Of course right!
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So my remix seems to be going over well. This pleases me. There are a few remixes that, if I didn't know I hadn't written them, I might guess I had. If that makes sense. I still haven't left any feedback, but I'll get there. For my part, I'm horrible at guessing these things; I only know two authors for certain and the rest of my hypotheses are probably wrong. But, hey! If anyone thinks they know which one is me, feel free to say so. Screening is in place.

Also, after yapping about this commercial with a few different people, I have made this:

Not feeling disgusting rules. So much.
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Hm. I withdrew from [ profile] house_bigbang because I realized my story didn't necessarily need to be 20,000 words long. Still haven't returned to that particular plot bunny, and I'm fine with it.

This is why I could probably never write for pay. I can crank out something that meets the guidelines of a given task, sure, but something that both meets the guidelines and my satisfaction? Not a chance. Sometimes I write fic in one sitting. Sometimes I add a paragraph or two, let it sit for a month or two, and slowly finish it as the mood strikes me. And I can't always tell what sort of process a given piece will require.

Amusingly, I've posted nearly 19,000 words of fic in January alone. I'd love to finish a WIP in time to make it 20,000, but I have to get to sleep and tomorrow's going to be a late day at work, so that's highly unlikely. Chances are, I've shot past the mark anyway, considering I only counted the collabs by dividing the wordcount in half, not including anything that was edited out in earlier drafts.

I've never been one to add up my wordcounts, but I did it on a whim and was sort of surprised. Keeping track of this could help me be more productive and less wishy-washy about getting writing done, in any form.

In conclusion, OMG I NEED TO SEE LAST NIGHT'S EP. Maybe over the weekend. Sigh.
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Look, a publication with my penname.

Yvi Magazine is a new English-language art magazine published in the Netherlands. Each issue of Yvi Magazine focuses on a central (social) theme seen from the perspective of art. A wide range of artistic visions on a pertinent social theme are brought together in the form of photography, design, architecture and visual art.

I've been thinking of working abroad, I adored the Netherlands when I visited, and there's an awesome-sounding magazine that clearly named itself after me. IT IS A SIGN.

...though I'm willing to bet they don't pronounce Yvi the way I do. Minor detail.
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I was cruising [ profile] hw_reqs and came across this query:

House and Wilson go to a restaurant where everyone eats in the dark. House gropes Wilson. Smut ensues.

Honestly, that's a better summary than the one I came up with. And it makes me feel a little bit awesome that someone was hunting for my fic.

New collab to come shortly, by the way--[ profile] nakeno and I just need to do some last-minute editing.


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