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Oh my word, I just caught an episode of House for the first time in ages. That particular ship sailed long ago for me, but Panthalassa's a fan and as of today she's no longer in the country, so I sat it out and reminisced.

I didn't expect to be treated to the fabulousity that was House, Chase, and Foreman kicking karaoke ass together. "Midnight Train to Georgia," to be exact. I lol'd. And I liked it. And if I were still in the fandom, I'd write drunken threesome fic or something, but I'm not so instead I'm going to post snippets from responses to various Inception prompts I should work on actually finishing.

Arthur/Cobb/Eames: Arthur dominates both of them. At the same time.  )


Spanking! Scenario: student/teacher (either in a dream, roleplaying, AU - I don't care, MAKE IT SO). )


That gradually-getting-more-massive crossover thing with Mysterious Skin )

I have more, but they're mostly in jumbled gobs of stream-of-consciousness, since I don't really write in a linear manner. MAYBE I SHOULD GO DO THAT.

Oops, it's almost dawn and I haven't slept yet. Weekends are so wonderful.
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Drunk!Wilson, how I love thee.

Drunk!Foreman is pretty rad, too.

...I have not actually watched the entire episode, I just forwarded to the drunkenness.
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*stabs sinuses*

*eats more ice cream*

I watched Gosa the other night. It's a Korean horror film that came out over the summer. The plot revolves around high school kids who are trapped on campus and have to answer test questions or else they're killed off according to their class rank. It's essentially the last kind of influence needed in this country's wonderful melting pot of cutthroat academia. Somewhere in there is a dissertation on the fetishism of uniform-clad adolescents and why it's so enthralling to watch them performing improbable tasks.

Point is, it was a meh kind of movie and didn't really bug me. However, the video for "That Beep" by Architecture in Helsinki will probably be giving me nightmares.

And I am so teaching my kinders "We are the Champions" (albeit a revised version that reflects on what they've learned this semester) and they're really getting into it. Win!

Also, I'm finally catching up on my House! Might as well find out what all y'all are hollering about these days. I'm just in it for Wilson and his duck-stealing ways.
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In honor of House's return, I had two doctor's appointments today and worked on learning Egyptian Arabic.

I've realized that I want to know everything, and that's just a textbook case of setting yourself up for disappointment, whoever you are. Right? Of course right!
Music:: "...but he's a nice man, a good catch: true? True!"
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I'm shopping around, trying to find the best deal on round-trip flights to Egypt. Keeping the price in the triple digits would be nice. If anyone who knows more about travel has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

Also, [ profile] get_house_laid submissions are rolling in steadily, remix reveal is imminent, and I get to see [ profile] nakeno in a few hours. And I emailed the HFM crew, saying I was down with an interview. It could be interesting, right?
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So [ profile] triedunture made a podfic of Discovery. [ profile] nakeno adores it, we're both crazy-flattered by it, and I'm trying to get over my podfic hangups so I can actually listen to the thing all the way through without turning puce.

Which has nothing to do with Tried, because she is awesome and has tonal quality my old theatre adviser would make love to all night long, and anyone who can impress [ profile] nakeno is even more awesome. Podfic just makes me think of sex scenes being read in a really, really over the top manner, moans and all. [ profile] nakeno says I have nothing to fear.

And now, [ profile] nakeno's mother weighs in. Yes, seriously.

[ profile] nakeno: Oh, hey, mom listened to Discovery.
[ profile] recrudescence: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
[ profile] recrudescence: I mean, good for her?
[ profile] recrudescence: (GAAAAAAAAAAAAH.)
[ profile] nakeno: She laughed a lot at the dialogue.
[ profile] recrudescence: I can't imagine my mom listening to an audiobook of my porn.
[ profile] recrudescence: I can hardly imagine myself doing it.
[ profile] nakeno: She said they reminded her of a poodle and a bulldog, and the bulldog was like circling the poodle-- and the poodle has dancing eyes and a waggling tail, watching him-- and the bulldog could really hurt the little thing (emotionally, she explained) and he keeps nosing and kinda bullying (as in House irritating Wilson about his porn) but he really likes the little poodle. And, in the end, the little poodle has him by the ass whether he likes it or not.
[ profile] nakeno: It was a very weird analogy, but it made me smile.
[ profile] recrudescence: Awww!
[ profile] nakeno: Now she's making up porn scenes. XD
[ profile] recrudescence: Okay, that's cute.
[ profile] recrudescence: But disturbing.
[ profile] recrudescence: ...does she have any good ideas?
[ profile] nakeno: "Now, you should do one with them stoned." "We have. Wait, vicodin or marijuana?" "Weed, vicodin's a given." "Oh, we've done that too." "Then maybe Chase walking in on them in a compromising position-- threesome!" "It's hard to do that because the third person always gets left out." "Then make it a woman-- she'll get ignored in the end, as she should."
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Nghhhh. Okay, so, I'm in the line of authors to possibly be interviewed by [ profile] housefic_meta. Which, hey, means people are reading me and remembering me and maybe WTFing over my insistence on inventing compound words or having torrid affairs with my semicolon key, but whatevs.

It's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, I just don't know if it's my scene.
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So I'm watching Mythbusters because I am a geek and Kari is cute and during a commercial break, "Teardrop" (i.e., the House theme) starts playing. And my head pops up like I'm a Pavlovian meerkat because HAY IT'S HOWSE, only to be completely befuddled by a bunch of medieval warriors storming around., why the hell did the Assassin's Creed guys decide that was the best music to use?

Additionally, the other day I went to meet my boss and some swank CEO lady in this super-posh area of DC and I had no matching socks. I got there early, rocking the Pippi Longstocking look, and went into a shoe shop to buy a pair before the meeting. Simple, yes? Nuh-uh. There're no price tags on the socks, but I'm prepared to slap down maybe three dollars.

And then the dude behind the counter informs me that my total is $20.09.

My phone rings, I gape, and rather than taking my babbled apology as the HELL NO it clearly is, the guy keeps going on about how they're IMPORTED MOTHAFUCKIN' WOOL OMG. This, and following me despite the fact that I'm talking to my boss and obviously leaving the store.

Who actually drops twenty dollars on socks? My pants were long enough and I am not Albus Dumbledore. Oy vey.
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My boss asks me what I'm doing tomorrow evening, I innocently reply "watching House," and he basically goes, "okay, great, want to go to an event?"

Apparently House is not more worthy than a networking dinner. And the bitch of it is, I can't even leave early once I get all the cool kids' business cards BECAUSE THE DAMN THING IS ON A BOAT. WHAT A CUNNING PLAN THAT IS. I'd damn well better get a sponsor out of this.

Gaaaaah! This is my frustrated face! Now I have to catch the ep secondhand.

Hey, speaking of annoying TV-related things, does anyone else get really grossed out by those Axe commercials? Because every time I see those French maids eating chicken, I change the channel and gag a little.
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Okay, so I heard about this movie Grind, in which Jennifer Morrison plays a skater chick, and just had to know more.

According to Wikipedia:

Grind is a 2003 film about four young aspiring amateur skaters: Eric Rivers (Mike Vogel), Matt Jensen (Vince Vieluf), Dustin Knight (Adam Brody), and Sweet Lou Singer (Joey Kern) are all trying to make it in the world of pro skateboarding by pulling insane stunts in front of pro skater Jimmy Wilson (Jason London).

I cannot stop giggling. Or thinking of this by [ profile] elicia8. Licia, did you know about the film before you drew that or is it just a lulz-bearing coincidence?

You know, I've never written crackfic before and I believe the esteemed K-legal is hosting that "Come as You're Not" party...


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