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Hello from Cairo!

I'm here in a shishah cafe where I just had fabulous vegetable couscous and mango juice, and now I'm using the free wireless with my TEFL friend and a bunch of other teachers from her school--two Americans and two Scots, one of them a Muslim.

It's nice, getting to have a leisurely time here--I mean, I did pretty much all the touristy Egyptian stuff when I was here in the springtime, so now it's more about soaking up the ambiance. Visited Khan el-Khalili yesterday, which is Cairo's huge bazaar, and got some shopping and eating done. Koshari! I've missed koshari. And I bought twelve cans of hummus.

Today, I sat in on my friend's classes for a bit and took a ton of pictures so I can show my students what school is like in Egypt, and tomorrow there's going to be camel-riding and a catching-up dinner with another TEFL friend.

Hope things are going well for everyone!
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Season's greetings from Seoul Incheon International Airport!

I'm sitting here translitering Arabic. I get to spend the night here until my flight leaves tomorrow, then I have a layover in Moscow, then I finally get to Cairo.

So. Excited. One of my fifth graders told me my vacation homework was to take lots of pictures to show the class.

I've decided that I'm going to start moonlighting as a hummus dealer--stock up on cans of it in Egypt and hock 'em to the highest bidders back in Pohang. This is my 2009 resolution. That and giving up chocolate, because the more I read about it the more it terrifies me. It's difficult to say which is going to be more successful.

Have a good one, y'all. =)
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I am so annoyed my hands are shaking.

What do you do when you move across the globe, hear barely a peep from your best friend (also your ex), and then finally have a conversation where she basically reams you out for daring to say you miss her and want to know she's all right?

Ugh. Girls. I do not have time for this. I do not for one instant buy that campaigning for Obama is a worthier occupation than anything else on the planet. I do not feel bad for trying to check in on someone I consider a good friend. I do not think it is remotely considerate when someone fails to answer your emails and Facebook posts (all of them vast, lengthy tomes consisting approximately of the words "hey, get back to me when you can") and then blows up at you for bothering her when she doesn't have the time to jot off two words in response. And then requests that you not talk to her until after the election's over. It's a damn good thing I'm adapting all right over here, seeing as my support system's got a huge gaping hole in it now.

I hope that after the election, La Actriz looks back and realizes a few things, but I'm not losing any sleep over it and I'm certainly grateful to be single.

Just bought my ticket to Egypt for Christmas. December 26-31. Seoul to Cairo, layover in Moscow. $900. I'm going to spend time with people who want to spend time with me, and I'm not going to regret anything.

ETA: Still frustrated. I should go for a walk or something even though it's almost dawn and I still haven't slept because I went out with a couple friends and then got sucked into the Internet. Shit, it's November. Should I NaNo it?
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Okay, I'm finally getting ready for a massive post of Egyptian picspam. For now, have a small fluffy animal at the Pyramids. )

Also, I officially signed my contract for teaching in Korea and just need to get my visa. Eep!
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Cairo again yesterday. The Pyramids, the mummy room, haggling for lapis lazuli in the market. Still uploading pictures, planning a "best-of" entry that provides more detail than I'm capable of just now.

I'd like to state for the record, though, that I've kept up-to-date on my flist, even though you guys write like mad. I just haven't had as much time for commenting as usual.

So. If there's anything you've posted that you're dying for my feedback on, now's your chance to drop me a "Yo, Yvi, how can you call yourself my friend and not leave a comment on such-and-such post?"
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Egyptian Museum.

Eight-year-olds running into traffic to wipe your windshield.



More later, just checking in.
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And because it's late here and I'm both busy and lazy, this entry will consist of cut-and-pasted info from an email I just sent to La Actriz.

There are seven girls and two boys in the program, one of whom hasn't arrived yet. We just got back from getting a brief tour of the area, and we stopped at an outdoor hookah (or, rather, shishah; no one calls it hookah here) bar to chill for a bit.

My roommate is nice--she's twenty-one, goes to Cornell, and studied in Morocco for two months. She's also taken Arabic classes, so she's teaching me, little by little. Not everything I learned off my audiobooks is correct (apparently the way they taught me to say "I don't understand" means "I'm retarded"), so my plan is to ask a lot of questions and write everything down to make sure I get it right.

One of the girls who had my apartment during the last session was moving out when I moved in--her name's Jennie, from England, and she left some stuff behind, like food and water and books on teaching. However, she took the leftover toilet paper, which I realized when I was on the toilet. Fun times. The poor girl said she'd never been able
to make the fans work, and when I told one of the program coordinators, he just pulled the short chain on one of them and voila! So apparently she was here and month and didn't know how to ventilate
herself. Heh.

But my roommate and I each have our own room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It's quite decent. Oh, and one of the places I had a phone interview with wants me to come in for a second interview. Doh.

More later! We have an orientation tomorrow evening, and my roommate and I plan to get some more shopping done during the day. I miss you all (even though there's a learning lab here that's open 24/7 and has wireless).
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Good Lord, the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport is intense.

Not so much in the terms of babbling-people-rushing-everywhere intense--to the contrary, the atmosphere is pretty chill, for an airport--but in terms of winding-staircases-leading-up-to-internet-cafes-festooned-with-what-look-like-inflatable-space-cacti.

The bathroom stalls have Rembrandt replicas on the doors. The Rijksmuseum shop is selling patent leather handbags that open and close like tulips blooming. The lady who sat near me on the plane is part of a Baptist mission trip to Romania--her third time. I have six hours to kill before my flight to Cairo even starts boarding and it's tempting to just get some Haagen-Dasz for myself and some foreign snacks with the wackiest names possible for my brothers.

I've been to Amsterdam before, on an orchestra trip in high school. The conductor let us wander around freely as long as we made it back to the hotel in time for meals and concerts. My friends and I found the red-light district by accident. Good times.

I'm doing okay, I think, considering I've never traveled internationally on my own before. Still, I'm worried there won't be as many English-speakers at the Cairo airport as there are here, even though I'm pretty sure I know enough Egyptian Arabic to get my point across. I get into Cairo at 2am, get my visa, get my luggage, and meet my ride. Should be simple, but I'm worried about getting held up and my ride not being there and not being able to contact anyone and ending up stranded. But. So far, so good. I just hope it continues.
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Also, for anyone who missed it, I'm taking addresses for Egypt postcards. You know you want one.

Poll is here.

Obviously, all responses are private.
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So. I've moved out and I just used a large chunk of my Target gift card to pick up sunblock, bug repellent, a cool hat, a long white skirt, a long black scarf (word on the street is you can get pure water in mosques, though I'd wanted to visit one even before I heard that intriguing little tidbit and will most likely just be paranoid and buy everything in bottles anyway), and hand sanitizer.

I really don't want to get malaria or something.

I've unpacked partway, and made a big dent in the organizing-my-room terror. Yes, I get to unpack from moving out only to repack for Egypt! It's amazingly annoying, which is why I'm puttering around online instead.

Then I need to make sure everything's cool with work, so I have a bunch of nitty-gritty details I need to get down in memo form so it doesn't seem like I'm leaving the new staff members up a creek without a paddle. And I have two phone interviews on Tuesday, my last day (yes, and my flight is Wednesday; I like to be busy), not counting this one place that wants to meet me in person...only, they're in New Jersey. And all these people called me on the same day while I was spectacularly busy. Those bitches, showing an interest in my resume...

After-Egypt still seems a little nebulous, and the when-I-get-back options deserve a post of their own. I'm more worried, right now, about just making it there safely.


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