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Better late than never, so here's the rest of my Con.txt weekend.

Con.txt, Day 2

So I got there too late for the Avengers panel, which was just as well because it sounds like it consisted of a ton of squeeing and flailing and I just don't think I could have handled that for an hour. I'll be honest, I saw the film and enjoyed it, but I wouldn't have considered delving into the fandom if the enthusiasm wasn't as contagious and overwhelming as it is.

This probably qualifies as a classic case of Migratory Slash Fandom, but I don't see any issue with going where the enthusiasm is. I've learned a lot about the Avengers I never would have cared to learn about otherwise and it's been pretty enlightening, though I don't see it becoming my one and only fandom love by any means. Comics fandoms unnerve me a little since I've never had any interest in comics, but messing around with movieverse alone seems off somehow, like I'm not a real fan or something (uh, this applies to me only, because I'm awesome at holding double standards like that; I judge no one who writes exclusively movieverse fic, and actually prefer it for reading material since I don't feel like I'm missing tons of convoluted canon backstory)

And now I want modern-day hijinks and Steve taking Thor to Brooks Brothers because he knows that store, damn it and together they make the entire menswear floor swoon.

My dreams are very small. ♥

The first panel I went to was Subtext: Not the Only Text )

One more to go!
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Con.txt, Day 1

I really, really want to say I rolled up to a house about seven or eight, but I actually tottered into the hotel a little before eleven, checked in with [personal profile] zvi at the registration table, noobishly babbled something along the lines of "OMG HAI I KNOW YOUR NAME FROM THE INTERNETS," and made a beeline for [personal profile] bironic as soon as possible since she was the only person I recognized. The two of us started making the rounds, checking out the publishers' tables, and I ran into [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, who'd left me some lovely feedback just a few days before and who was just as awesome as this conversation implies.

[personal profile] hannah was at the same table and I started IRL trolling her about werewolf porn before she recognized me--so that was me racking up yet another faux pas, but it was good to see another familiar face for sure. Even though she said Tom Hardy's lips don't go with his face.


The rest of Day 1 )
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 09:38pm on 04/02/2008 under
I! Have an excellent idea! (Imagine me saying this like the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.) Let's change the subject!

Srsly. All the meta and post-ep pondering that gets slapped up on [ profile] house_wilson? Make a new comm for it the way we did for the Sims posts, or just see about getting all the meta posted at [ profile] housefic_meta God knows HFM needs to get its name out there some more. This could also get fandom more involved in HoF nomming.
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Storytime! [ profile] housefic_meta is open for Hall of Fame nominations.

After perusing the actual HoF and tallying the repeats on the list, I figure I might as well stuff the ballot box with fic I like.

I realize a given author writes well, but that same person popping up three-four-five times on the HoF list? Really? No one else comes even remotely close? No one else has ever nominated anyone near as worthy? Maybe I'm a wide-eyed greenhorn, but this fandom seems way too large for that to fly. Also, while some HoF fics have utterly blown me away and left me prostrate and weeping and droning "I'm not woooorthy," there are also some that I think are utter crap. To put it politely.

Now, to an extent this is due to the same three people nominating the same three people and the same three people voting on the same sorts of nominations. Sweet Christ in a sugar bowl, it makes my insomnia-addled head spin. And it's always struck me as a little odd that hf_m doesn't seem to publicize itself anywhere (unless I've missed every single effort), which essentially limits noms to those already familiar with the comm and ends up perpetuating the circular nominations.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of fics I'd rec in a heartbeat, that I'd comfortably slap with my own personal Hall of Fame label. Rather than soapboxing about the fact here it seems more practical to actually, like, nominate them. I've been meaning to get on that for a while. I guess I just find it hard to believe that absolutely no one nominates outside the hf_m box, but there's no harm in putting a few things out there, right?

I think what really gets people's knickers twisted is the fact that the Hall of Fame is called, um, the Hall of Fame. Therefore implying it's essentially the beaming, cookie-bearing mother of all recs lists and anyone worth anything is included within its esteemed depths. If it were called, say, the Housefic Meta Recs List, I wonder if the grumbling would have rippled as far as it has.

So...go forth and stuff the box, chickens! This is an enormous fandom and there's a lot of reppin' to be done.


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