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I've gotten to the point where, rather than lie down at a logical hour and hope to get tired eventually, I'll just sit up and and try to be productive until I actually am tired.

As a result, tonight I have watched a documentary on supernovae, done some sketching (I really want to make a habit of drawing, since I'm never going to improve otherwise--be warned, sucktastic scans of these efforts are a possibility), tapped out a couple paragraphs that may or may not become fic, tried on my swimsuit (and pulled a Clueless by taking a few pictures to see how pasty and awkward I am in it), and read.

I did have a great nap this evening after work, but only for a few hours. My goal for the near future is to train myself to sleep when the big shiny thing is not in the sky.

However, in happier news, I'm leaving for Puerto Rico (omg) Thursday morning and will be back next Monday. Then Friday of that week, I'm driving to Ohio, meeting up with my old AmeriCorps team, and going to New Orleans for a week to do Katrina relief. I am Ridiculously Excited. I got a new memory card today, since I don't know how often I'll be able to upload pictures.

So on the off chance anyone wonders, I'm not going to be around too much for the rest of the month because I will be busy basking in awesomeness. There will, however, be picspam.
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Arrrgh. I have to miss a seminar on sensation play and the new House ep on Tuesday because I have an event.

However earlier this week, I went to an event where one of the speakers talked about experimental pharmaceuticals for chronic pain and took notes like a mofo. Maybe one of these days I'll write something vaguely medical. I also got cards from a couple bigwigs who're interested in speaking at some of the panels we have scheduled for this quarter. So that, at least, was full of win.

Also? I actually slept really well last night, finally. Salsa dancing for a few hours is clearly the key to thwarting insomnia. I'm getting better about letting myself be led, and spins are fun. Xanthe, who danced with a company for a short time, was out there doing insane things with a guy who tried to flip her, so clearly I have a long way to go.
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Hi, new friends! I'm sorry the first entry of mine you see is probably going to shatter any respect you might have for me. Welcome!

No sleep again last night, so I headed to today's breakfast event riding high on a touch of the plague and a Diet Coke. Whoo. Choked down two cups of coffee, each with about five packets of Equal, and OH GOD THE PAIN. I felt it staining my teeth and stunting my growth and souring my stomach and, and, and... Ew. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was desperate enough to try coffee.

So, yeah, today was pretty much a "Holy crap, I look like crap" kind of Monday. Got a run in my stockings like like a flesh-colored comet shooting down my Achilles tendon into my fetching kitten heel. Woe! However, I was wearing this stretchy Escher-ish houndstooth trumpet skirt that looks like something Gwen Stefani vomited up backstage. Seriously, it's amazing. Seriously, I'm not usually this superficial, either.

I was supposed to go salsa with Xanthe tonight, but she also has the plague, and I ended up declining an invitation to eat with my family before the little Gorgon (freshly returned from a Commedia dell'Arte study in Italy) goes back to school. Cuddy would never stand for this sort of tomfoolery. Cuddy would probably never wear Gwen Stefani vomit, either.

And since I still can't sleep, I think I might write porn. Because everyone knows that's always a cure-all.
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Storytime! [ profile] housefic_meta is open for Hall of Fame nominations.

After perusing the actual HoF and tallying the repeats on the list, I figure I might as well stuff the ballot box with fic I like.

I realize a given author writes well, but that same person popping up three-four-five times on the HoF list? Really? No one else comes even remotely close? No one else has ever nominated anyone near as worthy? Maybe I'm a wide-eyed greenhorn, but this fandom seems way too large for that to fly. Also, while some HoF fics have utterly blown me away and left me prostrate and weeping and droning "I'm not woooorthy," there are also some that I think are utter crap. To put it politely.

Now, to an extent this is due to the same three people nominating the same three people and the same three people voting on the same sorts of nominations. Sweet Christ in a sugar bowl, it makes my insomnia-addled head spin. And it's always struck me as a little odd that hf_m doesn't seem to publicize itself anywhere (unless I've missed every single effort), which essentially limits noms to those already familiar with the comm and ends up perpetuating the circular nominations.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of fics I'd rec in a heartbeat, that I'd comfortably slap with my own personal Hall of Fame label. Rather than soapboxing about the fact here it seems more practical to actually, like, nominate them. I've been meaning to get on that for a while. I guess I just find it hard to believe that absolutely no one nominates outside the hf_m box, but there's no harm in putting a few things out there, right?

I think what really gets people's knickers twisted is the fact that the Hall of Fame is called, um, the Hall of Fame. Therefore implying it's essentially the beaming, cookie-bearing mother of all recs lists and anyone worth anything is included within its esteemed depths. If it were called, say, the Housefic Meta Recs List, I wonder if the grumbling would have rippled as far as it has.

So...go forth and stuff the box, chickens! This is an enormous fandom and there's a lot of reppin' to be done.
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I remember shooting blanks in the scene shop during the run of Miss Saigon that one summer I worked in West Virginia.

Those were good times. Though if I never hear another horrible Bangkok pun, I will be ecstatic.

Why can't I sleep?

O hai thar, Yuletide deadline. Heh.

Whoa, 1279 participants and only 478 fics posted so far? I feel less guilty now.
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Couldn't sleep, so I invited a bunch of people to join the ENOUGH group on Facebook, missed my foster kids in Ohio, put off working on my resume, the usual insomnia-type stuff. I am a bastard of the nonprofit sector and I don't know where I want to go next.

Additionally, researching sleep paralysis is fascinating, but it also tends to freak me out. I don't like reading about people feeling the incubus sitting on their bed because then I know that's the first thing I'll be thinking of the next time I have an episode and I'm trying as hard as I can to open my eyes, let alone yell. I'm always more likely to get SP if I'm not sleeping well--then my body shuts down faster than my mind and the crazy shit begins.

This one time, freshman year, I had a pretty nifty hallucination of a girl opening a hidden door in my dorm wall and calling for me to go swimming with her. That's probably the tamest SP episode I've ever had. It was more whimsical than terrifying, it happened in broad daylight, and my roommate was in the room. Granted, she didn't notice a thing, which to me is the scariest component of all, but still.

And that one therapist I was yapping about contacting the other day? Isn't taking on new clients. So around 2:30, I emailed a few more. I guess it gets a little easier after the first time. And if you're half-awake while you're emailing.

I am going to be dead tomorrow yet again at this rate. Now's the part where I find something to eat, write some moderately incoherent fiction, and try to sleep once again. Fab.


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