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Citizens of Capua! I, the undefeated Gaul, have recently attended a [community profile] festivids-viewing party (between watching Spartacus eps, but that's neither here nor there). For your pleasure, I present my selections of choice.

Therefore, let us cease wallowing in slow-motion carnage and set eyes to purpose. Gratitude.

behold, vids that will impress themselves upon your mind as surely as the mark of a domina upon your back )
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Well, I think Victor Hugo can rest easy now.

I'm currently rereading both the brick itself and the entire Animorphs series, so obviously there should be a crossover.
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In 2013, I resolve to find productive ways to fill my time now that I'm done with grad school. This does not entail gluing myself to the internet.

And hey, Yuletide happened! I wrote You Are My Fifth Avenue for [ profile] seondoks, who wanted Whip It fic about Bliss and Pash. It basically gave me an excuse to fangirl over an awesome movie all over again and to read Derby Girl, the book that inspired it.

I also slipped in a second fic, Prakriti, for [personal profile] holli, who wanted Sara Crewe from A Little Princess and Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden to meet during World War I. This came out a little more somber than I anticipated. WHO'D HAVE THUNK.
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Whew, I finally managed to do my Yuletide flailing/reccing post! You can find it on Tumblr or right here:

Gentles all, here you will find a quick and dirty roster of Yuletide fics that made me flail particularly hard. It's by no means exhaustive (uh, there are like three thousand fucking fics, hello) and I'm sure I'll find even more to flail about as I continue reading. I hope everyone's had a merry Yuletide experience!

Here we go. In no particular order:

  • Hold up, I lied, this one is first for a reason. Priceless is the tender tale of two young ladies discovering life and each other, complete with plenty of hot lesbian sex. This was the first Yuletide fic I read and the pairing alone had me grinning like mad. Did I mention it's a crossover between 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring It the fuck On? Because it fucking is. Kat and Missy are roommates, Kat is a baby social justice activist, Missy does martial arts, and it's all so early 2000's it makes me yearn for my Discman.

  • Once upon a time I saw this movie called Cracks where Eva Green plays the uber-chic and slightly unhinged swimming coach at a British all-girls boarding school. There were, like, schoolgirl crushes and intrigue and backstabbing all over the fucking place and everything was so gorgeous I didn't really care how fucked up it all was. The Ruins is a stunningly plausible look at what happens when Di returns to school years after the events in the movie. I'm pleased as punch this exists because Cracks was the fandom at the very top of my things-I-want-for-Yuletide list.

  • Teahouse was another one of the fandoms on my want list. Yeah, the yaoi webcomic about fancy whores. And there are not one, but two fics for it this year! Storm in a Teahouse is a Rhys/Axis fic that finally, finally addresses the weird lack of awareness everyone seems to have about the royal family. It's just the sort of dramatic reveal I can see playing out in canon, and there's also some hot sex. Just putting that out there.
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Ugh, I'm not sure how to begin explaining this since it's really just navel-gazing at the core, but the short of it is this: I like order, I like making mixes, I've titled some of my Inception fics based on songs, and I wanted to see how those songs might fit together.

As of today, I've got forty-six Inception fics up on the AO3 (the fuuuuuuck), fifteen of which are titled based on songs.

And verily, a mix--with a teaspoon of meta and a walk down memory lane--was born!

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Finished my last grad school class, waiting for the grades to roll in or for the university to laugh in my face and make me do it all over again!

In the meantime, I'm doing a thing where all y'all can pick a number and I'll post an excerpt from the corresponding work in my WIP/stuff-that-I-will-never-actually-finish folder.

Give me a number 1-74 (either in a comment or on Tumblr is fine) and let's get cracking! Feel free to repost and let other people see what you've got in your own WIP folder.
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Well, this was unexpected. Full disclosure: everything I know about James Bond comes from this movie, Wikipedia, and an ex who was a fan. Also, I'm kind of desperately craving some Séverine/Eve. POSSIBLE PROJECT SIGHTED.

Title: Wheelhouse
Fandom: Skyfall
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bond/Q
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, making no profit off 'em, etc. 
Word Count: 6,003
Summary: The one where Bond really, really isn't used to sleeping with people who don't tragically die soon afterward.

Link: Wheelhouse
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Oh snap, is it Yuletide o'clock? I DO BELIEVE IT IS!

Brienne of Tarth has nothing to do with any of my requested fandoms, but she rocks my socks and did a stellar job of making this post less empty before I dumped some actual content in it.

And hey, speaking of content! )
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Title: Bring All the Spaces Together
Fandom: Inception
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, making no profit off 'em, etc. 
Word Count: 7,348
Summary: “Maybe we should’ve just gotten a parakeet instead,” Eames muses.

Takes place between Atom to Atom, Pattern to Pattern and And Keep This Empire Alive, but can be read on its own. Contains mpreg, cross-dressing, and pregnancy sex.

Notes:: This is a shockingly belated contribution to Rena's Procreation Celebration and a belated addition to the Atom to Atom verse. I never intended to write more than one fic about Eames getting Arthur knocked up, but one turned into two, then it was brought to my attention that I'd managed to skip over the entire pregnancy stage in a verse centered on mpreg, and two turned into three. Oops.

Link: Bring All the Spaces Together
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I'm almost done with grad school. Less than three months to go!

Trying to go a little easy on fandom in the meantime, since I've also moved and am working full time. The only thing I'm signing up for is Yuletide, unless I magically end up with enough free time and enough delusions of capability to decide I can crank out something else on any kind of schedule. That Teen Wolf cosmetology AU ain't gonna appear out of nowhere.

In lieu of actually posting fic, I guess I'll just tap dance or try and fool everyone into thinking I'm actually doing cool things. OH HEY, LOOK! It's this thing from Bina's kink fest that I never actually finished!

(It's the one where Eames forges a centaur. I couldn't go through with actually making Arthur fuck a horse. And some of the places my research took me were pretty weird. The things I do for fandom. If I were a Lannister, I would shove it out a window.)

Um, I also miss everyone and I'm sorry for not being more interesting. I've been more active on Twitter and Tumblr, since they take less energy and the future of this world is one of instant gratification and I am totally, unabashedly part of the problem. Call me maybe.



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