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Whew, I finally managed to do my Yuletide flailing/reccing post! You can find it on Tumblr or right here:

Gentles all, here you will find a quick and dirty roster of Yuletide fics that made me flail particularly hard. It's by no means exhaustive (uh, there are like three thousand fucking fics, hello) and I'm sure I'll find even more to flail about as I continue reading. I hope everyone's had a merry Yuletide experience!

Here we go. In no particular order:

  • Hold up, I lied, this one is first for a reason. Priceless is the tender tale of two young ladies discovering life and each other, complete with plenty of hot lesbian sex. This was the first Yuletide fic I read and the pairing alone had me grinning like mad. Did I mention it's a crossover between 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring It the fuck On? Because it fucking is. Kat and Missy are roommates, Kat is a baby social justice activist, Missy does martial arts, and it's all so early 2000's it makes me yearn for my Discman.

  • Once upon a time I saw this movie called Cracks where Eva Green plays the uber-chic and slightly unhinged swimming coach at a British all-girls boarding school. There were, like, schoolgirl crushes and intrigue and backstabbing all over the fucking place and everything was so gorgeous I didn't really care how fucked up it all was. The Ruins is a stunningly plausible look at what happens when Di returns to school years after the events in the movie. I'm pleased as punch this exists because Cracks was the fandom at the very top of my things-I-want-for-Yuletide list.

  • Teahouse was another one of the fandoms on my want list. Yeah, the yaoi webcomic about fancy whores. And there are not one, but two fics for it this year! Storm in a Teahouse is a Rhys/Axis fic that finally, finally addresses the weird lack of awareness everyone seems to have about the royal family. It's just the sort of dramatic reveal I can see playing out in canon, and there's also some hot sex. Just putting that out there.

  • And hey, if hot sex is your thing, you might want to check out The Perfect Whore (Is Right Under Your Nose), aka the one where Reed is an alpha and Rory is an omega and THEY FIGHT CRIME there is epic defloration in addition some really interesting insights as to what it might be like growing up an alpha in a society that doesn't view them with any particular favor. (Haters gonna hate, but I love Reed. He's an arms dealer with OCD and fabulous hair and you will deal.)
  • Songcatcher is a movie that made my burgeoning anthropological inclinations bounce off the walls when I first found out it existed. Fancy lady doctor from the city goes to hang out in Appalachia and collect the songs of its people! Starring baby Emmy Rossum! And there are lesbians, neither of whom are baby Emmy Rossum, thank fuck, because she looks all of twelve! Abide With Me is a gorgeously written take on how Elna and Harriet found each other and perfectly accessible even if you're not familiar with the film.
  • So y'all know that guy Faulkner, right? The one who, like, pioneered stream-of-consciousness writing in popular Western literature or whatever? Someone girded their loins and wrote motherfucking fic for motherfucking As I Laying motherfucking Dying. CASH-CENTRIC FIC, EVEN. A Justice is a whip-smart, insightful look at how Jewel and Cash carry on after the events in canon. The writing style and dialogue are both dead-on.
  • Some Glue or Something is a Saved! fic with a summary that describes it better than I ever could: Five times Roland and Cassandra helped Hilary Faye get her groove back, and one time they couldn't. This is adorable and heartrending at the same time. Cassandra and Hilary Faye are such an awesome platonic power couple.
  • Animorphs is one of many things I will probably never outgrow. Sentinel is a short, sweet Madness ficlet where Ax watches over Tobias. I always loved how they ended up becoming friends. 
  • Oh, speaking of Andalites and other weird creatures, there was some amazing stuff written for Cabin in the Woods. Monster and Man was written for me and is therefore a whole new level of fabulous, but it also contains some chilling looks into the lives of both Ronald the intern and the Sugarplum Fairy.
  • Monsters, Inc. is also fabulous, and nowhere near as fluffy as it sounds like it should be. It's also hilarious. Who else wondered just how the hell the company keeps all those monsters in line? If this author is to be believed, it might very well involve art therapy and play dates.
  • The Borgias is a show I never expected to fall into, but now I can't leave and it's mostly because of Micheletto, the original chef assassin. In Service is a creepy little look into his occupation as Cesare's bodyguard, and Dissection serves up some chillingly believable backstory. 
  • What the hell, have some more creepitude. The author bills Run Red as Slavic Mythology & Folklore, it's a fusion of Little Red Riding Hood and Baba Yaga, and it will rock your world. Very cool idea, appropriately grim execution.
  • Anyone who remembers a weird little show called Candle Cove needs to read Subject: Tiffany? an hour ago. Sometimes memories don't just come back, they break in by whatever means possible. 
  • Last year, one of the fics I got was a Last Unicorn story about Molly Grue, who I adore like nobody's business. She's scrappy and practical and takes no shit, but she'll sure as hell teach you how to work a mop until you learn to clean up for yourself. Start the Count Anywhere gives us a look at Molly and Schmendrick's time during their stay at Haggard's castle. Featuring a cameo by the cat.
  • And finally, I have to rec some Magic School Bus fic. Those books owned me when I was a kid, I ate the show up with a spoon, and I was Ms. Frizzle last Halloween. Come at me, bro. The Magic School Bus Stops a Spell combines two amazing things, the Magic School Bus and Teen Wolf. Because Ms. Frizzle is Lydia's aunt and there's always weird shit going down in Beacon Hills, see. 
  • Encounters in the Night is another cool crossover. Ms. Frizzle and Mary Poppins traveling though time, space, and the fourth wall. Yeah. You know you want to fucking read that shit. I love the droll way this is written and I love how Mary turns up her nose at the bus at first, but then gets into the swing of things.
  • And, last but not least, The Magic School Bus Gets Stage Fright is futurefic in which Arnold and Phoebe are getting married (come on, we all saw that coming) at Phoebe's old school (duh), only Phoebe freezes up. It's up to Carlos and Dorothy Ann to save the day!


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