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I am so annoyed my hands are shaking.

What do you do when you move across the globe, hear barely a peep from your best friend (also your ex), and then finally have a conversation where she basically reams you out for daring to say you miss her and want to know she's all right?

Ugh. Girls. I do not have time for this. I do not for one instant buy that campaigning for Obama is a worthier occupation than anything else on the planet. I do not feel bad for trying to check in on someone I consider a good friend. I do not think it is remotely considerate when someone fails to answer your emails and Facebook posts (all of them vast, lengthy tomes consisting approximately of the words "hey, get back to me when you can") and then blows up at you for bothering her when she doesn't have the time to jot off two words in response. And then requests that you not talk to her until after the election's over. It's a damn good thing I'm adapting all right over here, seeing as my support system's got a huge gaping hole in it now.

I hope that after the election, La Actriz looks back and realizes a few things, but I'm not losing any sleep over it and I'm certainly grateful to be single.

Just bought my ticket to Egypt for Christmas. December 26-31. Seoul to Cairo, layover in Moscow. $900. I'm going to spend time with people who want to spend time with me, and I'm not going to regret anything.

ETA: Still frustrated. I should go for a walk or something even though it's almost dawn and I still haven't slept because I went out with a couple friends and then got sucked into the Internet. Shit, it's November. Should I NaNo it?
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I am walking on eggshells and nibbling my nails waiting to find out what happens next. My documents should make it to Korea by Friday at the latest. Then they take up to another week to get processed, then I get my visa information, then I go to the consulate to have everything certified, and finally I find out my flight information.

Honestly, I'm excited, but I'm also a little terrified. I've been reading up on the part of Korea where my school is located and the consensus seems to be that it is what you make of it. Which is all well and good, but I want as many specifics as I can if I'm going to be living in a foreign country for a year. I'm infinitely grateful for my month in Egypt, since I can only imagine how badly I'd be freaking out if I had no experience whatsoever teaching abroad.

However, I'm actually enjoying getting to spend some time at home, as opposed to flagellating myself for not having a job for all of three weeks--I've been back in my room at my mother's house, and things have been all right so far. It's great being able to weed through my room at my leisure, have access to everything in the refrigerator, and not pay rent. Both my brothers are home for the summer, though the little Gorgon is busy working the (lol) graveyard shift for a funeral home and the littlest Gorgon is on the computer most of the time. Finding a temp job to tide me over had been way more of a pain than I'd anticipated--I've had some great interviews for other teaching positions abroad, permanent placement jobs in the US, and extended temp positions in the US, but no luck on snagging something simple and short-term. Please, dear God, just let someone need an extra set of hands for inventory. I do, at least, have a possible tutoring gig I need get the details on tomorrow. Verbal SAT prep, which I can totally do, even though it took me a while to remember they don't make the SATs like they used to.

Also, I went to a 90's dance party over the weekeend and met up with the lawyer chick who'd copped my number a couple nights before. All was well, till she had to leave early and help take a sick friend home. Unless that was all just an excuse to get away from me for whatever reason. Still, my friends and I rocked out to the end and went to bed around four in the morning, after a much-needed falafel run on the way back from the club. Vegetarian lesbians party hard, y'know.
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I had two job interviews scheduled yesterday, one of which I canceled because it was a second-rounder and I knew I wouldn't take the job, the other of which the interviewer postponed because of an emergency. Today, I had one in-person interview that went okay, one phone interview that I think is going to lead to an in-person one, and one phone interview that was supposed to happen at 4:30.

I think I've been stood up.

And this actually really bothers me since I had a place I'm really interested in contact me about scheduling an interview around 4:15 today and I asked if we could do it tomorrow instead. Really, the least the guys with first dibs could've done was, I dunno, not waste my time.

The place I'm hopefully going to get to interview with tomorrow is regarding teaching in Korea. I'm excited.

And finally, the club I'm going to tonight says you must be "18 to cum, 21 to swallow." Could this be (a) any gayer? (b) any cruder? (c) any more obviously the work of someone who thinks they're incredibly clever for coming up with it? Men.
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On a lighter note!

There's a Facebook group called "If Gay Marriage is Good Enough for Dumbledore, it's Good Enough for America"

The description?

Yes. Dumbledore was gay. J.K. Rowling said so.

Young Albus spent years chasing his boyhood friend Grindelwald, harboring a secret love for a man he could not have. He never told Grindelwald how he felt, living as he was in the pre-Stonewall era. Eventually he turned his wand on his heart's desire, defeating him and banishing him to a life sentence in Nurmengard, some wacked out wizard prison. Dumbledore carried his secret to his grave.

Though he has passed on to cruise King's Crossing in the afterlife, Dumbledore would want to know that his death was not in vain. Having spent most of his life battling Voldemort, Albus never had time for pride parades or writing letters to his parliamentarians.

In the spirit of political opportunism, I encourage all people -- including Gypsies -- to make a stand to legalize gay marriage. Those of you in countries that have already approved it, good work! Those of you in countries without running water, you work on that first.

lol what?
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Ironically, I was about to clean my closet when I realized, whoops, I missed National Coming-Out Day.

Today's the two-year anniversary for me and La Actriz. Longest I've ever dated anyone since I started up dating at all.

First boyfriend, both thirteen, goth phase, five days.

...okay, only boyfriend, unless you count a few on-the-rebound incidents those two times I did summer stock. But as everyone knows, what happens on tour stays on tour. And seriously, the guy playing Tammy Wynette's third husband looked like Billy Crudup, who looks amazing in drag. There are worse ways to rebound.

I have since progressed.

La Actriz and I were going to hit up the Turkish Festival in DC since the wench happens to be a Turk, but since we both felt kind of crummy we stayed in town, saw Across the Universe, and hung around her apartment. Which was completely cool.

Julie Taymor is still a genius, by the way, and I really wish I'd seen AtU before signing up for Yuletide so I could make that one of my picks.

And now I really do need to fix my closet. I actually went shopping this weekend, then ducked by my mother's house to pick up a bunch of winter clothes, so there's a ton of stuff that has to be put away.
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My old anthro adviser and I have been signing each other's walls on Facebook and, gotta say, the kooky dame with her intermittent British accent and frequent Harry Potter references in class and published works on the anthropology of Star Trek is still generally awesome.

The other day, she sent me a link to find my daemon at the Golden Compass movie site. (A tiger named Aradion, for anyone who was wondering.) I posted something back asking if I was the only one who'd ever wondered what it means if you're allergic to someone else's daemon, etc.

In reply:

And keep in mind there's one male character in the first book who has a male daemon. Delicate, don't you think? But I don't think the website takes that into account.

So I posted a response along the lines of OMG GHEY that may or may not have turned into something about Balthamos and Baruch.

I can almost forgive her for not letting me write my thesis on drag kings. Almost.


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