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Hi there, Yuletide author!

I now have actual content for you, but I'll leave the picture of Handsome Bob looking soulful anyway.

General Notes:

The bottom line is this: if you write something well enough for me to believe it, that's the important thing. I'm not an OTPer, so I won't pitch a fit over not getting a certain pairing, and I'm not necessarily asking for happily-ever-after either. If you think you can pull off a pizza parlor AU in which everyone owns a sparkly pegasus, you have my blessing--as long as you know your way around a turn of phrase and I can still recognize the characters. :)

For all four fandoms, I'm completely fine with any ratings and pairings you're comfortable with. I'm open-minded when it comes to kink, so as long as you leave toilet-related activities out of it, I'm good. If you want to fluff it up or break my heart, I'm cool with either one--or even a little bit of both. Just keep the characters IC and have fun with whichever choice you make. So, let's get down to business!


This was my favorite show as a kid, hands down. In hindsight, I think I had a crush on Tina, but I also liked Rob a lot since he was kind of broody and wrote poetry. So, let's get some love for the boy who believes in Superpens!

What happens to Rob? Does he go back to being sullen and withdrawn once he has to go on without the team? Does he start a Tumblr dedicated to fashionable bandannas and become an Etsy sensation? Is there a kid at his new school who wants to be friends but secretly thinks Rob's kind of weird for always writing in little notebooks and never showing anyone what's in them? Is Ghostwriter like Peter Pan, where you stop being able to see him once you grow up (Rob always struck me as being a little more pensive than the others, so maybe he would be affected differently)?

All of the above are just me thinking out loud, but if you see anything you'd like to run with, great! If not, no worries.

Future!fic is wonderful, but so is fic occurring around the same time as canon. Feel free to incorporate any team members you like (um, except the Slime Monster, because that episode completely terrified me).

The Last Unicorn:

I know the fandom specifies the movie, but if you're familiar with the book and would like to utilize it, go right ahead.

The main thing I'm after here is fic dealing with Molly. She seems to have such a rich past and we only ever catch glimpses of it. It could also be interesting to see how she reacts post-canon: where does she go now that she's had her fairy tale experience? Do she and Schmendrick stick together? Do they run into Lír or the unicorn again, either by choice or by happenstance? Do they have new adventures or decide to settle down and open a shoe shop?

Make it happy, make it bittersweet, just make me something with Molly Grue and I'll adore it like mad.

Mysterious Skin:

Ever since I fell into the Inception fandom, I've been slowly working my way through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's oeurve. This is the film that's stood out the most for me. For reasons beyond all the ass-shots, even.

While I think it ended exactly when it should have, there are still so many possibilities for the characters that I'm interested in seeing someone's take on them. Steer clear of any healing cock for this one, please. If there is cock, I'm fine with it, but none of the sexual relationships these guys have had so far have been particularly pretty, so it stands to reason there won't be an abrupt 180 in that area. Happy or possibly-happy endings are fine, but gritty is good too, and this film has a lot of grittiness to it.

I love the friendship between Brian and Eric, and I love the way Neil was the hub drawing everyone together even though he wasn't there in person, but it makes me wonder what changes now that he is there. Is he home for good, or does coming face to face with his past just make him want to run away all over again? Is Eric completely in the dark, or does he have some idea of what the deal is (via Brian or Wendy or Neil himself)? This can be a story about working through trauma or fleeing from it, or you can take it in a different direction entirely.


Another direct result of my Inception obsession: Tom Hardy, who is amazing for bringing this movie and many others into my life. Predictable prompt is predictable, I know, but I just want Handsome Bob to get what he's after. I don't care if you put him with Bertie, Mumbles, One Two, or all of them either one after the other or all together.

Smut is awesome, as is the Wild Bunch doing its thing and getting into trouble. Up to you if you'd prefer to include both or focus more on one than the other. Would prefer this one end on a hopeful note, though I guess you could make it a super depressing fic about Bob in prison thinking of all the things he's not doing. But as always, I trust your judgment!

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