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2008-01-27 10:18 pm
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[ profile] earlwyn has it coming. *cracks knuckles*
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2007-11-12 03:22 am

people in glass houses sink ships

Something that squicks me:

The term "tender hole." Oh. My. God. I cannot begin to describe the face I pulled when I came across that one. Maybe, maybe it works if you're poking a spade through the topsoil in order to plant tulip bulbs or something. Not so much with the gay lovin', however.

...hi, it's past three and I can't sleep, so I've opted not to.

Need to go to four or five events this week, none of which are tomorrow, call a few hotels to confirm menus and headcounts for a few other events, finish an article that's due Wednesday, get something for my father's birthday (also Wednesday) and possibly cram in some mealtime to hang out with him, throw together some banners and interview questions, kindly bug some more CEOs for money, send emails to a few people whose business cards I got two weeks ago, update the website, and who knows what else.

Fuck! Ass! If all else fails, I shall be the bartender with Tourette's from Boondock Saints when I grow up.

*makes like a tree and gets the fuck out of here*
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2007-09-28 10:03 pm
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my grammer's still rockin'

Hey, chickens, I haven't been around much because this has been the week from doomland. I had networking events for three days straight, a board meeting today, and tomorrow is the doomiest day of all.

GRE Day.

I'm not worried about writing or verbal. But with math, I freak out whenever I'm on a time limit. In practice tests, I'm fine if I work at my own pace, but if I rush I make the stupidest mistakes. Then I'll check the answers, see what I did wrong, and "oh, of course!" to myself. Which, naturally, I won't be able to do tomorrow morning. So I'm a little bit freaked already.

I just want to make it through Saturday without committing seppuku.

And dude, it's almost Yuletide time, and I've solemnly vowed to actually participate this year. So no seppuku. Doesn't keep me from being nervous as all get-out, though.