recrudescence: (Default)
Yvi ([personal profile] recrudescence) wrote2013-01-01 01:41 pm

Yuletide reveal

In 2013, I resolve to find productive ways to fill my time now that I'm done with grad school. This does not entail gluing myself to the internet.

And hey, Yuletide happened! I wrote You Are My Fifth Avenue for [ profile] seondoks, who wanted Whip It fic about Bliss and Pash. It basically gave me an excuse to fangirl over an awesome movie all over again and to read Derby Girl, the book that inspired it.

I also slipped in a second fic, Prakriti, for [personal profile] holli, who wanted Sara Crewe from A Little Princess and Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden to meet during World War I. This came out a little more somber than I anticipated. WHO'D HAVE THUNK.

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