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La Actriz and I rented The 300 because we're ten steps behind the rest of the world like that. Got some drinks, got some pie, got comfortable on the couch and then OMG IT'S A HUGE MAN WITH LOBSTER CLAWS AND NIPPLE CLAMPS. So very sexy, that. Also, Xerxes was apparently a bitchy queen with a sideshow harem and a metal codpiece. Those classics courses I took were so useless.

My three housemates, all Iranian, were telling me how some parts of the Persian community were boycotting this film because of the Persians = orcs/cave trolls/escapees from Geek Love thing. I can kind of understand that, since without the random icky-faced people thrown in for shock value, there's not much that sets this movie apart from any other epic testosterone-fest for me. Personally, I could just as easily chalk the dehumanization up to having an unreliable narrator, but that's just me.

Tomorrow, I have to go to a networking event and smile my way through a reception. Bleh. I'm hoping this means I get a little time off sometime during the work week. More time to write and study. Also, I had a House/Cameron plot bunny present itself in a dream a few nights ago and it was actually really interesting. Don't hate me; I'm just experimenting.
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Oh, lordy. Excerpt from a recent conversation with a fellow geek and fangirl from Real Life, hereafter Sveta. Concerns The 300, House, and the power of pizza.

Sveta: and the four horsepeople ride!
Yvi: Thermopylae!
Yvi: I remember learning about that battle in Classics 101.
Sveta: for bagels!
Sveta: ha! me too! good ol classics 101

Yvi: I was really tired and kept writing notes to stay awake and when I read them later they were so nonsensical.
Yvi: I think I must have wanted pizza because I wrote something about how the Spartans distracted Xerxes by ordering some.
Sveta: aw man, I wish they had put that into the movie...
Yvi: deathdeathdeathdeath...oooh, pepperoni!
Sveta: i seem to remember a battle in which someone accidently let a cooking pit fire get out of hand and thus smoked out the entire persian army...i think athens did it. they did all the dumb stuff.
Yvi: "Quick, men, while they're busy with the breadsticks!"
Sveta: chaaaaaaaaaar---oh wait, who ordered sausage?? I dont like sausage...
Yvi: Hee. I don't care if Hitler liked them, too, the Spartans were way cooler.
Yvi: "That's not what you said last night!"
Yvi: They treated their women mcuh better, too.
Sveta: oooooooh and suddenly its slash!
Yvi: much*
Sveta: its true, I vote for sparta
Yvi: With pizza. Dude, I just wrote slash surrounding some pointedly ordered pizza, too.
Sveta: orly>?
Yvi: Yeah, at the end of the last House his best friend/gay lover says he should get out more by doing something like getting pizza with a friend and then proceeds to gesture pointedly to himself.
Yvi: If that ain't a booty call, I don't know what is. There was a lot of post-ep fic for that one.
Sveta: hahahahaha
Sveta: wow
Sveta: you House fans rock

I haven't actually seen this movie, but apparently it's worth a look. And Sveta tossed me a challenge on Facebook to write Leonidas/Xerxes, which sounds worthy. Once I actually get my brain back and all.

Yvi: Seriously, read The Persian Boy. Told from the POV of a eunuch who services Alexander the Great.
Yvi: ...I totally almost clarified that the eunuch is Persian. DUH.


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