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Note to self:


I seem to be self-medicating with 90s movies again. As opposed to, say, writing anything, academic or fic-wise. I turned down a free ticket to The Vagina Monologues so I could stay in and Get Work Done, which has not been the case at all. This is one of those days where I feel like I never quite woke up, you know?
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I've been home for less than four months, been falling-down sick twice, and seem to have caught something else new and exciting as of yesterday. This is more ailments than I've experienced in the last three years.

Speaking of health, way to go, House of Reps! Dangling that carrot in front of the undeserving uninsured must be so entertaining for you. Can we maybe not spend so much time fretting about how hard it is to provide quality coverage to people who need it?

Completely unrelated, MIX:

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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 10:30pm on 30/12/2010 under ,
Sometimes I really miss Korea, okay?

Can someone please slap me and tell me to stop sniveling and WRITE SHIT ALREADY?
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Guys: [community profile] fandom_stocking is rad and you should do it. Just sayin'. I've already bookmarked a bunch of people's prompt pages. Ohai and my stocking is here should anyone deign to fill it.

On that note, yesterday I received a Lady Gaga Christmas card from [ profile] irnbruise (&hearts!!!). 'Tis officially the season. I need to make a card post of my own soon.

Today, I subbed fourth grade, had a job interview in Maryland, and continued to be congested despite religious consumption of Mucinex, Dayquil, and tea. It was also the coldest its been in the last couple weeks. So, with that in mind:

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Hope you like!
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I want to take up the violin again and be a flenser for Halloween. Not being sick would be wonderful, too.

Doctor's appointment on Monday. Hellyes.
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I didn't actually want a nose job, but I think I've eroded a few millimeters in these past twenty-four hours by sheer frequency of Kleenex contact.

And because I'm still awake and still feeling lousy and still not responding to NyQuil, I think my plan for tomorrow will be to get stuff done in the office as quickly as possible and bank on my assuredly horrible voice/face/sniffling being able to buy me an early out.

I'm seeing Blonde Redhead tomorrow night also and it'll be wonderful if I can catnap before heading out. I should look wan and undernourished enough to blend right in with all the cool indie kids.

Still no porn, as I can't focus on anything more complex than making tea.
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Yesterday was my half-birthday, this week is my father's birthday, and I really need to avoid reading Aftershocks when I'm trying to write.

I need to avoid reading anything when I'm trying to write, because then I start hemming and hawing over every little thing and eventually just end up throwing in the towel for the day.

Trimmed the minionfic I thought was done, trimmed the Bigbang fic, started on an Across the Universe fic just for the hell of it. Every now and then, it's fun to dip my toes into a completely random fandom and chuck out a piece or two.

In sum, I need to staple a Post-It to my head reminding myself that I do not, in fact, fail at life for not having the exact same writing style as Author X. I am not a genius wordsmith, but when I STFU and just write, I do okay.

I think tomorrow I'm going to stencil a shirt. Also, I've been ridiculously tired for the past few weeks. Is this what seasonal depression feels like? Or...scurvy, or something? I've been taking my vitamins and trying to get a decent amount of sleep every night, but it feels like my body just wants to hibernate. I hope it isn't some variation on depression, since I adore fall and adore not having to shell out for heating this year. I'm overdue for a physical; maybe I'll look into scheduling one and bringing this up.
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I am pretty sure I officially have the flu. My episode post is going to be so cracked out.

A very happy birthday to [ profile] karaokegal! There should be a fic to go with this, but it got held up on this stack of WIPs I can't stop coughing long enough to work on.

Um. In the meantime, I give you Scala's rendition of "I Touch Myself." Scala being a choir of teenage Belgian girls. Take that however you like.
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welcome to winter
her body screams, and she coughs
up blood in the sink

*hunts for more Tylenol Sinus and swears off writing poetry*

My stint in the Moulin Rouge fandom always comes back to haunt me.
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I have swapped out a handful of my icons, including, at long last, my default.

Now it's an even cooler awkwardness-at-the-elevator icon.

I hurt and can't sleep. I feel like I've been punched in the face, my eyes ache, my back is tense, and it's getting harder to breathe through my nose. I have a conference and a lunch meeting tomorrow, which are going to be tons of fun at this rate.

Today I found out that I'm getting a raise in January. A really awesome raise.

But damn it, I still feel like crap.


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