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My God. I'm only five minutes into the second episode, but Torchwood kind

I'm giving it a chance, I really am. I'm not generally a sci-fi person, with a few exceptions, so maybe it's just taking me a little longer to come around. Or maybe it's the stiff acting and whack-ass script and feeling absolutely no connection with any of the characters. Eve Myles is adorable, so that's something--she reminds me a bit of a meat-on-her-bones Mia Kirshner with a much less annoying voice.

Also, [ profile] get_house_laid is open for posting and we've already got some fic up!
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[ profile] get_house_laid Round 3 is now open!

So, over at [ profile] get_house_laid we have a huge number of prompts left over from Rounds 1 & 2. Our goal with Round 3 is to try to get some of these leftovers taken care of before season five begins on September 16.

Prompts are open for claiming from now till September 15; all contributions may be posted anytime between August 12 and September 15.

Round 3 prompts list is here.
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I swear, I wrote this fic about six times. I would pound out a few thousand words, get sick of it, scrap it, and redo it. Over. And. Over. Porn = srs biz.


Title: Give and Take
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don’t own ’em, making no profit off ’em, etc.
Word Count: 5,105

Summary:[profile] get_house_laid prompt 85: House wants to be forced. Costarring kung fu, Google fu, and BDSM.

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Oh, hey, also:

Title: Discovery [1/2]
Authors: [ profile] nakeno and [ profile] recrudescence
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Alone
Disclaimer: Don’t own ’em, making no profit off ’em, etc.
Word Count: 11,343

Summary: House investigates Wilson's porn stash and gets more than he bargained for.

Notes: Written for Prompt 385 at [ profile] get_house_laid: Porpoise porn, cracky smut, smutty crack, or plain old masturbation fantasy; character(s) of your choice.

Link: The telenovelas are what he really doesn’t get.
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Hey, chickens, if any of you OCD types are interested, [ profile] get_house_laid is currently compiling a list of betas. Feel free to list your info and preferences over yonder.

Plenty of prompts are still free for the taking, too!
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[ profile] get_house_laid is open for prompt-claiming, and as there are nearly 400 smutty prompts to choose from, all listed here, I highly recommend checking out the selection.

And pimp. Duh. It's all in the name of porn, y'all.
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Sweet Jesus, [ profile] get_house_laid has had its prompt submissions post open for all of twenty-four hours and there are already a ton of prompts.

My plan is to stealthily claim a few that match up with plot bunnies I've been meaning to work on anyway, and also to submit some femslash prompts. Gotta keep the ladies represented.

Also, I need to learn that whenever I tell my boss there's an event coming up and one of us should probably attend, he will almost always reply "Okay. You!"

Which is fine and dandy, but since traffic is tempestuous in this area and I have no sense of direction and therefore always leave a bit earlier than necessary if I'm going somewhere unfamiliar, attending events means not getting things done in the office.

Still. This all adds up to one free meal tomorrow, two on Thursday, and one on Friday. I just have to make time to call a bunch of our members and get my board meeting documents updated.
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Are you a shamelessly smut-mongering fiend? Drowning in porny plot bunnies? Do you prowl through the comms hunting down the filthiest fics you can find and still come out wanting more?

Then get over to [ profile] get_house_laid and post your prompts here for Round 2 of the all-pairing smutfest!

Prompts for both fic and art will be collected until January 31. A comprehensive list of all new submissions, as well as any leftover prompts from Round 1, will be posted February 2. All participants may post between March 1 and May 1. More details are available on the GHL profile page.

Again, all pairings are welcome. Whether you want House and Wilson screwing in a sauna, Chase discovering Foreman’s foot fetish, or a Scooter/Cameron/Nurse Brenda threesome with mpreg, throw it all out there and donate your sick, perverted fantasies to a worthy cause!

(Pimp away, chickens! Getting House--and anyone he works with--laid is a noble mission.)


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