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It's officially New Year's Eve here, so I'm going to do something I haven't done for a little while and get my meme on.

This year, I've posted twenty-seven fics (all Inception except for one Glee and one Yuletide fandom, four of which don't currently have my name attached to them) and posted slightly over 150,000 words. This doesn't include WIPs (of which there are many) or cracked-out chats-turned-quasi-fic. Not too bad for working and going to school! Fandom is the best outlet ever.

first lines of each, which actually reads like a very disjointed fic itself )

Conclusion, goals, and other boring introspective thoughts: need to write more stuff involving Yusuf because I really do like him, more stuff involving Cobb because his dynamic with Arthur deserves all the exploration, and more stuff where smut isn't necessarily the focus. I think my ~downfall~ this year was that I turned to the kink meme whenever I needed to play with something new, and while that was fun and I generally try to at least give my porn context, I'd like to focus a little more on writing things where the sex is either peripheral or incidental as opposed to front and center. Um. Not that I'm swearing off smut, for the record; I have way too many half-edited fics for that. Just trying to branch out some more instead of relying on more of the same.

I also want to give Grimmfic a whirl because I love that sort of fairy-tale-with-a-twist thing, and try to play in some more obscure fandoms by writing a few NYR fics. Non-fandom wise, I want to try and get some erotica (but contextualized erotica!) published and actually get paid in something other than a copy of the publication itself. Not looking to make a living, just want to see if I can hop that hurdle.

Oh, and harsher punishments for parole violators.

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Some of these were written in December, but weren't included in that month's wordcount since the authors hadn't yet been revealed for those particular fic exchanges.

January wordcount: 14,728
2010 wordcount: 14,728

(Firefly RPS: Adam Baldwin/Nathan Fillion; NC-17; 3,170 words)

Illative Illocution
(Criminal Minds; Hotch/Reid; PG-13; 1,607 words)

All This Will Pass
(Criminal Minds; Hotch/Reid; NC-17; 2,056 words)

Mal/Simon snippet
(Firefly; Mal/Simon; PG-13; 572 words)

River/Jayne snippet
(Firefly; G; 754 words)

Rachel/Puck/Quinn snippet
(Glee; Rachel/Puck/Quinn; PG-13; 786 words)

Mal/Simon snippet
(Firefly; Mal/Simon; NC-17; 870 words)

Simon/Jayne smut
(Firefly; Simon/Jayne; NC-17; 1,812 words)

Wicked/Glee crossover
(Wicked/Glee; G; 714 words)

Morgan/Reid snippet
(Criminal Minds; Morgan/Reid; R; 741 words)

Sam/Dean snippet
(Supernatural; PG; 440 words)

Untitled First-Venture-Into-CM-RPS-Thing
(Criminal Minds RPS; Matthew/Shemar; PG; 508 words)

(Criminal Minds RPS Matthew/Shemar; PG; 698 words)
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Happy 2010! I rang in the new year with absinthe and gay bars and my decadently comfortable boots. Not a bad tone to set, right?

Speaking of putting things behind me, and since I haven't been doing monthly updates, I've decided to just jump straight to the end and lump together all the fic I've posted this year.

2009 posted fics: 37
2009 wordcount: 58,998

Compared to 101,653 words and 56 fics in 2008. Erk. Guess this means I've had less creativity and/or more of a life?

writing rundown )

Not included: wordcounts for as-of-now undisclosed [ profile] fandom_stocking, [ profile] cm_exchange, and [ profile] prettylightsfic contributions.
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January wordcount: 5,421
2009 wordcount: 5,421

Necessity (Firefly: Mal/Jayne; NC-17; 3,083 words (half the total wordcount))
Utter smut in which [ profile] nakeno and I exploit cross-dressing!Mal. As does Jayne. Part of a rather epic cross-dressing 'verse that may of may not make it into the public eye.

Unsettling (Firefly: Simon/Jayne; NC-17; 768 words)
Porn Battle contribution written because I enjoy it when Simon throws Jayne for a loop. And taking Simon to a bar and getting him a glass of milk just seemed like it was right up Jayne's alley.

Chameleonic (Firefly: Simon/River; NC-17; 784 words)
More Porn Battling, more CSI. True love with a side of wrong.

Marking Time (Firefly: Zoe/River; R; 786 words)
Another Porn Battle result. I'd never considered the pairing before, but it intrigued me and now I'm thinking of exploring it some more.
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December wordcount: 1,768
2008 wordcount: 101,653

Fics posted in 2008: 56

Yammering (Firefly: Mal/Simon/Jayne implied; R; 683 words (half the total wordcount))
Dealing with roots, of both the edible and familial variety. More of a gen work than anything, really. This is actually a snippet from an as-yet-unposted piece that details exactly how Jayne and Simon ended up together and brought Mal into the mix, but none of that info is necessary to grasp this one anyway.

Dying Breed (Shakespeare--Titus Andronicus: Chiron/Demetrius/Saturninus; 1,085 words)
My Yuletide contribution this year. I'm not as proud of it as last year's, not by a long shot, but I think it got the job done.
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November wordcount: 2,118
2008 wordcount: 99,885

Transmutation (Firefly: Simon/River; R; 1,688 words (half the total wordcount))
Yet more post-series speculation. River stops pretending to be a ship and starts pretending to be a boy.

Adapt (Firefly: gen; G; 430 words)
Three glimpses into Simon's life as he gets used to living on Serenity. And I totally believe Jayne is a decent hairdresser. He was all about it in HoG.
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October wordcount: 1,762
2008 wordcount: 97,767

Ready or Not (Firefly: Simon/River; NC-17; 1,762 words)
Ugh, ugh, ugh. Another look at how things might have affected the crew after OiS. One of those pieces that made sense in my own head but flew right over everyone else's. Embarrassing, since I thought I was making progress on that front. A mistake to learn from, etc.
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September wordcount: 22,007
2008 wordcount: 96,005

Permutations (Firefly: Mal/Simon/Jayne and all combinations thereof; NC-17; 15,506 words (half the total wordcount))
Oh, God, where to begin? Epic smut, courtesy [ profile] nakeno and me letting ourselves run wild in the realm of possibilities. I do, however, think this helped us explore the characters' voices some more. So...that's one point for the educational merits of porn.

Without Dawning (House: Thirteen/OFC; NC-17; 1,467 words)
Speculation as to how Thirteen reacts to some particularly bad news. I'd like to point out that this predates the point in canon where she started seeking solace in meaningless lesbian encounters. PRESCIENT IN THE WAYS OF GAY SEX, THAT IS ME.

Tampion (Firefly: Mal/Simon; R; 2,201 words)
Because I firmly believe that after Objects in Space the crew needed a little time to bounce back from things. Joss would probably not agree that gunplay might feature in this, but, y'know, IT MIGHT.

Disparity (Firefly: Simon/River; NC-17; 2,681 words)
CSI, AU, fantastically fucked. I'm pretty sure I wrote this when I was exhausted or drunk or maybe both.

Sundries (Firefly: gen; G; 152 words)
Total fluff. I always figured Mal got up to something with the "sundries" Inara left behind.
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The second half of 2008 got a little busy on me and I never did get around to recapping the writing I'd done from August onward. Belated organization FTW.

August wordcount: 9,222
2008 wordcount: 73,998

Liquid Wisdom (Firefly: Mal/Simon; NC-17; 4,084 words (half the total wordcount))
Tea, man-crushes, and missing underwear. The second Firefly fic [ profile] nakeno and I wrote together that actually wrapped itself up. We haven't looked back since.

Threads (Firefly: gen; G; 275 words)
The degeneration of River's wardrobe. Can also be summed up as Simon Tam is really, really gay.

Collecting Darwin's Dues (Firefly: Simon/OMC; NC-17; 1,477 words)
Written because I wanted to see how Simon would respond if a little piece of his Core life found him again. My first time trying first-person with an unidentified narrator.

Affabulation (House: Cameron/Thirteen; R for violence; 1,304 words)
Zombies, lesbians, and the apocalypse! Definitely something a little different for me. I love that people actually read this instead of scrolling right by and wondering what the hell I was sniffing when I wrote it.

Yanked Awry (Firefly: Simon/River; NC-17; 2,082 words)
Straight-up CSI, because semi-public sex is fun to write and it's always interesting to see just how much Simon would do for his sister.
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July wordcount: 9,559
2008 wordcount: 64,776

In Anger (House/Wilson; R; 1,600 words)
For an [ profile] rsl_bday_drive donor who wanted fic dealing with the aftermath of Postern. Pretty much an excuse to look into the darker side of the House/Wilson friendship, poke around with House's childhood, and throw Egypt trivia around, but I'm okay with that.

Clean Slate (Dead Poets Society: Neil/Todd; R; 1,860 words)
New Years Resolution prompt: "the exploration of a form of art other than theatre or poetry." I love writing these boys, especially Neil's POV, since every single Neil/Todd fic I've ever seen is from Todd's.

Waking Hours (Firefly: River/Simon; R; 721 words)
Somehow, I managed to forget how much I adore this show and the weirdly incestuous Simon/River dynamic. Since he's given up everything to save her, she tries to show appreciation in her own off-kilter way. Gratuitous but mild Nabokov-quoting.

Well-Heeled (The Devil Wears Prada: Andy/Emily; NC-17; 602 words)
I just don't get why everyone's all about the Andy/Miranda. Emily's snooty, bitter, and rife with potential for hatesex.

(Stardust movie: Captain Shakespeare/Humphrey; NC-17; 708 words)
I had to. Because Captain Shakespeare winks at Humphrey during the wedding at the end of the movie. And Humphrey totally doesn't seem to mind it. Unless anyone can prove otherwise, this is what happened next.

Navigation (Firefly: Simon/Inara; R; 431 words)
Simon gets a massage and Inara gets introspective. These two really didn't interact enough on the show, but it was beautiful when they did. I think I want to delve into that some more.

Morphometrics (Firefly: River/Simon; R; 519 words)
Because I wanted to write about River's downward spiral, which happens completely offscreen. Heavily influenced by the R. Tam Sessions.

(Firefly: Mal/Simon; NC-17; 2,386 words (half the total wordcount))
[ profile] nakeno and me. Writing smut. Again. Semi-public sex never gets old.

Round Two
(Firefly: Simon/River; R; 732 words)
Twisted, honestly.


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