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Things I have concluded during my sojourn on the homefront:

- Having a car for a little while is nice, but the luxury of getting to yowl along to the radio or talk to yourself in a thick Boston accent might be even better.

- Sherlock Holmes is not supposed to be a buff studmuffin. The boxing scene is forgiven because "The Rocky Road to Dublin" was playing and that song never fails to make me feel like Riverdancing.

- Rachel McAdams is perfection and should have been topless at least as often as Robert Downey Jr. was in that movie.

- Gallivanting all over DC and beyond with [ profile] the_samosaurus, La Actriz, and other rad folks is something that needs to occur in my life far more often.

- Cheddar Pringles exist and are amazing.

- Installing a new hard drive is not something I should attempt alone.

- My writer for [ profile] prettylightsfic is an incredible creature who wrote me some sublimely adorable Firefly RPS.

- My writer for Yuletide gave me Name of the Rose fic! For a book about sodomites, there's precious little in the way of fanwork out there, and I truly didn't expect this, of all my requests, to get picked up.

- ...and, um, my Christmas packages didn't all get mailed on time. So if you haven't received anything from me yet, it's on the way!

I haven't been on much lately, but I hope everyone's had an excellent week. Anything new going on?
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 02:09pm on 15/11/2009 under
OMFG, there's another Yvi! I've known this (she's written some Buffy and X-Files fic), but now she's gone and signed up for both Yuletide and the Archive of Our Own before me, which means I don't get to be Yvi.

At least there's no other Recrudescence. Other than the person who took that name on Twitter. Gnerf.

Anyway! Now that I'm done pissing and moaning...welcome, Yuletide writer!

Some possibly helpful things regarding Yuletide 2009 )
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Holy crap! A girl I went to college with is coming to Korea to teach--in Daegu, the same city where [ profile] bluerosefairy works.

She's a total sweetheart and I directed her in The Vagina Monologues a few times. [ profile] evilsugardemon, remember Decapilepsy? She's totally coming out here. Sweeeeet!

Also, I wrote this for Yuletide:

Title: Dying Breed
Fandom: Shakespeare--Titus Andronicus
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chiron/Demetrius/Saturninus
Word Count: 1,085
Summary: Rape, murder, cannibalism, and yo' mama jokes! What's not to love about this play? Now with more incest! Written for [ profile] l_syllabub.

Link: Dying Breed
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 09:02pm on 31/12/2008 under
Regarding Yuletide. I cranked out my fic at the last second, so I'm just happy it exists.

The fandom's a little obscure, the fic's not particularly brilliant, but it's something a bit new for me and I'm okay with the result. All my feedback has been positive and the only other Yuletide fics I've read were absolutely amazing, so I feel a little dull by comparison, really. And a little guilty for not setting aside the time and effort to create something better instead of something I was pretty sure would fly.

Good haul this year, from what I can see. Recs to come.
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 10:15pm on 25/12/2008 under ,

I forgot about Yuletide. Which is UP.

And contains a fabulous story for me that just made sleeping in an airport seem much less stultifying.

Ivy League Hospitality

Across the Universe, Max/Jude, NC-17, and FUCKING ACE. Library!sex, pitch-perfect character voices, and exactly what I think happened in the adult version of all that "With a Little Help From My Friends" carousing.
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 10:58am on 21/12/2008 under
Annnnd Yuletide is closed in one more minute. Final countdown!
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Guess what, bitches? I managed to sleep and finish my Yuletide fic because my time zone is awesome! I just need to edit and post it now.

And guess what else? As if things couldn't possibly get any more awesome, I met [ profile] bluerosefairy last night and it was so freaking amazing.

We hung out with my two fellow teachers and a friend of ours who lives in Daegu, proceeding to buy bread and accessories and eat Indian food and ransack Costco and make horrible puns and compare fandoms and ZOMG WIN. Geeks in Korea unite.

And I bought a pair of cute earrings from a Senegalese polyglot. Life is good.

More later, must finish Yuletiding.
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Am reading Twilight. Just to make sure it's really worth the wank.

Thing is, I was reading Lovecraft immediately beforehand, and the juxtaposition is like going from plasma-screen HDTV to a black-and-white affair with rabbit ears you have to spastically wave around in order to get anything resembling a satisfactory picture.

New!Teacher swore I would love it and send me the file earlier today. Eighty pages left and I am so thoroughly beyond unconvinced. She owes me an Atlas bar (which, [ profile] bluerosefairy, are a highly recommended specimen of Korean junk food). This is seriously the least engaging thing I've read in a very long time. And that includes the photo essay on mangroves I just taught in fifth grade.

The "one big incestuous vampire family" thing could have been kind of cool, too. But I am Not Thinking About This because I have yet to start my Yuletide fic. Ahahaha, God help me.
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posted by [personal profile] recrudescence at 09:28pm on 12/11/2008 under ,
Signed up for [ profile] serenity_santa and my Yuletide recipient sounds awesome, judging by his or her Dear Santa entry. Contemplating [ profile] 3_ships at the moment, wondering if I should just merrily bounce around and take on all the challenges that appeal to me.

Also, I tried to explain applesauce to my kids today and they were disgusted. Heathens.
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Yo, Santa, you probably hate me a little bit right now because I know my selections are all over the map. Then again, you were matched with me because you're comfortable writing in at least one of those areas, and that just makes me really happy. Have an eggnog!

First things first: Julie Taymor, Tanith Lee, Umberto Eco, and Alexandre Dumas have all rocked my world at various points in my life and I just about hit the ceiling when I was picking my fandoms because there was no way in hell I expected to see The Gods are Thirsty or The Name of the Rose listed, let alone both.

That said, I'm not dead-set on any one thing in particular. With any of these fandoms. I'm just pleased that someone like you exists to scribble about one of them. As long as writing is well-executed and believable, I'm down with it. I love when authors can convey an emotion or environment without spelling everything out or beating me over the head with it. Subtlety is sexy. Personally, I write in a rather abstract style most of the time (all my fic is memmed and tagged, if you want to have a look), but that doesn't mean that's the only style I enjoy reading. Not at all.

Now, onto specifics: )

I hope you found this helpful instead of frustrating--seriously, just enjoy yourself and I will, too. Best of luck!


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