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okay, so we're doing this

Hello, Yuletide author!

Let me just say first and foremost that the reason I got into fandom to begin with was due to a tendency to latch onto minor characters and milk the backstory out of them even if I had to fill in 90% of the gaps myself. I love getting to see other people's takes on their inner workings and I'm not picky about the direction your interpretation takes as long as you write it credibly. It can be the most outrageous space coffeeshop high school AU known to humanity and I'll eat it up with a spoon the size of Saturn if you sell me on it. One thing I love about Yuletide is how it stretches the creativity of everyone involved and I always enjoy seeing just how wildly different another person's approach to canon can be from my own. Any rating is fine by me, and you're free to write anything from happiness or horror.

That said, I'm not a fan of crossovers (especially if I don't know the source material), soulmate AU's (they just make me want to pick apart the plot holes and the idea of characters being literally made for each other does nothing for me), or fic being used as either a battering ram or a soapbox. Also here's the obligatory mention that I'd prefer no kinks that involve bodily fluids better suited for the bathroom, but no shame in that if it's your thing irl, etc.

If you need clarification on any point, I'm re-crudescence on tumblr and you're welcome to send me an anonymous ask. I'm less active on LJ and DW, but anon comments either of these places are fine as well.

Now that you know a little something about me, and I obviously know that you're here because you have impeccable taste in small fandoms...

1. Strange Empire

My beautiful Canadian girl power show! You were kind of a mess and full of way too much sexual assault, but still gone too soon.

Seriously, I adored everything this show was about on paper. Women being self-starters and holding their own on the Canadian frontier is a pretty good hook to begin with, but fridging the men in the first episode so the women's stories could take center stage was a stroke of genius. And can we just take a moment and admire Kat Loving? Multi-dimensional First Nations woman played by an actual First Nations woman? Who kicks ass, takes names, would die a thousand times for her little found family, is fiercely proud of her heritage in a world that treats it as an affliction, and at one point literally gets married to another woman? Yes and please a million times.

And Rebecca, a character who is autistic and a successful doctor and one of the most open-minded characters on the show even if it leads to her giving second chances to people who don't deserve them. This is where you potentially come in, by the way, because the way Rebecca and Morgan's relationship played out absolutely killed me. They could have been such an amazing power couple! I would also love backstory for any of the characters I requested (Morgan, Isabelle, Ling, and Rebecca). We know almost nothing about their pasts, but the hints we've gotten are so tantalizing. Tell me about Morgan's childhood, how he realized what he needed to do in order to feel as if he fit in, how long his uncle has known and supported him. Tell me about Ling and how he and his mother came to Canada, how he fell in with Isabelle, if there were any other scenes between the two of them that the show didn't see fit to show us. Tell me about Rebecca in Bedlam before the show or Isabelle running the household after the show or any missing scenes between whichever characters speak to you the most clearly.

2. Marco Polo

All I want is Mei Lin and Khutulun to meet, okay. That's literally it. They don't have to make out or exchange self-defense tips or talk about which hairstyles they prefer on their men, but I would happily accept fic about any of these things. I adore them both so much and think they could take over the world if they joined forces.

3. Sense8

Riley gets a bad rap because apparently she's boring and pathetic, but her story line is one of the most poignant for me and I love that she's so often the guiding force that joins the other sensates together. I especially enjoyed her scenes with Sun (because of course the first thing you do upon meeting a woman you're psychically linked with is talk about the sunrise and offer them has) and the way Sun opened up to her about losing her mother. Anything else you can craft between the two of them, or about either of them separately, would be wonderful.

I also crack myself up pretty frequently imagining other sensates trying to explain just what the hell a sensate is to their loved ones, because not everyone is just going to roll with it like Amanita did. Lito would very earnestly try to explain it to Hernando, who would probably think it was just a bizarre acting exercise until Daniela blinked a few times and said, "wait, I think he's being serious." Felix would be confused but used to his best bro being kind of an oddball, so he'd probably try to understand. But please don't feel constrained! I would be all over any fic from Felix's point of view. Or Lito's, Hernando's, or Daniela's. And while I love these characters together, I'm equally excited about fic that focuses on an individual character and have no preference as to whether anything is set before, during, or after season one.

4. Cracks

I am the world's biggest sucker for fucked up boarding school settings, Eva Green, and obsessive schoolgirl crushes. This movie has all three and it's one of my favorites. Even though I was very much tempted to request Fiamma and an AU where she wakes up and sues the fuck out of the school, I decided to just stick to Miss G. She's such a fascinating character, so glamorous and in control of her own little world, yet very much playing a character and falling apart at the seams, and we never learn exactly what lies at the root of it all. The scene where she goes into town to buy sweets was one of the most heartbreaking to me, as was the scene at the end where she's no longer employed by the school but still counting out the number of personal items she's permitted to keep on her night table. Yes, she's a terrible person and does terrible things to the girls who virtually worship her, but that doesn't make her any less intriguing to me.

I want to know about the elephant in the room that is Miss G's past--just why she's been chained to the school for so long, why she's so enthralled by the outside world but can hardly cross the street to buy a bag of sherbets without having an anxiety attack. I want to know how she ended up in her current position--was she a scholarship case who couldn't find employment after graduating, so she just never left? Was there a scandal of some kind while she was a student, and did she stay due to blackmail, revenge, or a need for atonement? How many girls has she manipulated over the years? Does she have any ties to the outside world that clearly unnerves her but also enraptures her? Is there anyone who knows her as someone other than the persona she presents at school, and do their paths ever cross again? Canon being what it is, I'm fine with it if you go down the dub-con or non-con roads, but this is by no means a requirement.

5. The Goldfinch

Pippa. I want to know anything and everything about her that canon didn't tell us. Instead of seeing her through Theo's eyes, I want to know her own perspective. Her time in Switzerland at that fucked up boarding school (hello, this is my id speaking), her coping mechanisms after the accident, her relationship with music? Seriously, any of this and more. Encyclopedic knowledge of antique furniture restoration isn't necessary, I promise.
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Hope you don't mind me wandering into your lj to comment, because SENSE8. I don't get involved in fandoms generally, I had NO idea that people think Riley is boring and pathetic, OMFG. One of the things I loved about the show is that while I loved all the sensates from the start, I *was* least invested with Riley and Wolfgang cos they didn't seem to have much backstory or interesting things to do and then WHAM all the feels because they (and Nomi) need the MOST love.