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Yule to the T to the I D E

Great Scott, I've created life itself!

Hi, wow, it's...the first time I've posted here since last Yuletide. Consistency is important. This is, what, the fifth year I've done Yuletide? And there are so many awesome fandoms to get excited about, I never had a prayer at keeping myself away.

That said, the reason I got into fandom to begin with was out of an tendency to latch onto background characters and milk the backstory out of them. So quite a lot of my requests involve characters who I'd very much like to learn more about in canon. I love getting to see other people's takes on their inner workings and I'm not picky about the direction your interpretation takes as long as you write it credibly. It can be the most outrageous space coffeeshop high school AU known to humanity and I'll eat it up with a spoon the size of Saturn if you sell me on it. One thing I love about Yuletide is how it stretches the creativity of everyone involved and I always enjoy seeing just how wildly different another person's approach to canon can be from my own. Any rating is fine by me, and you're free to write anything from happiness or horror, but I'm not a fan of fic being used as either a battering ram or a soapbox.

If you need clarification on any point, I'm re-crudescence on tumblr and you're welcome to send me an anonymous ask. I'm less active on LJ and DW, but anon comments either of these places are fine as well.

1. Faking It

I love to hate Lauren, and sometimes she manages to tug my heartstrings like nothing else despite being nails on a chalkboard in human form. I also kind of love to hate Shane, Mr. let-me-out-you-for-your-own-good. But the two of them together I just plain love unironically. Their scenes together are some of my favorites. I'd really enjoy any fic that shows more of them having each other's backs even if they're constantly on the verge of stabbing knives into them. Anything that brings in more elements of their home lives would be awesome. Does Lauren end up watching Project Runway with Shane and his dad? Does Shane get her to open up about losing her mom? Do they end up coincidentally enrolling in the same organic candle-making class?

2. Orphan Black

Helena and Cosima are my favorite clones and we haven't seen them interact very much, so that would be awesome. I'll also take anything about Felix and his constantly cockblocked relationship with Colin the morgue guy. What if they need to hide a body and Colin gets roped into things? Backstory for any of these characters would also be great.

3. Penny Dreadful

Remember Proteus? Is anyone capable of not remembering Proteus? I can give or take Victor's tragic life, but I was seriously rooting for Proteus bringing him out of his shell and the two of them actually becoming friends (or undead friends wiht benefits, whatever). I was also totally expecting Proteus to turn out to be Ishmael from Moby-Dick, and I still totally have this as my headcanon. What would things have been like if Victor's first creature never showed up and Proteus lived?

I'm also a big fan of Sembene and would be over the moon for anything from his point of view. What does he think of the events we've seen? Why does he put up with Sir Malcolm? Is Dorian Gray ever going to have sex with him, too?

4. Ghostwriter

I'm going to preface this request by saying I was lucky enough to receive a Ghostwriters treat for Yuletide Madness a few years back, Eventually We Find Our Way, which I love to pieces. Since the world can always use more Ghostwriter love, I'm requesting it again.

This was my favorite show as a kid, hands down. In hindsight, I think I had a crush on Tina, but I also liked Rob a lot since he was kind of broody and wrote poetry. So, let's get some love for the boy who believes in Superpens!

What happens to Rob? Does he go back to being sullen and withdrawn once he has to go on without the team? Does he start a Tumblr dedicated to fashionable bandannas and become an Etsy sensation? Is there a kid at his new school who wants to be friends but secretly thinks Rob's kind of weird for always writing in little notebooks and never showing anyone what's in them? Is Ghostwriter like Peter Pan, where you stop being able to see him once you grow up (Rob always struck me as being a little more pensive than the others, so maybe he would be affected differently)? A look at Lenni and the Hernandez siblings a few years down the line would also be excellent.

Future!fic is wonderful, but so is fic occurring around the same time as canon. Feel free to incorporate any team members and canon characters you like (um, except the Slime Monster, because that episode completely terrified me).

5. The Goldfinch

Pippa. I want to know anything and everything about her that canon didn't tell us. Instead of seeing her through Theo's eyes, I want to know her own perspective. Her time in Switzerland, her coping mechanisms after the accident, her relationship with music? Seriously, any of this and more. Encyclopedic knowledge of antique furniture restoration isn't necessary, I promise.