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to love others and to be loved

Citizens of Capua! I, the undefeated Gaul, have recently attended a [community profile] festivids-viewing party (between watching Spartacus eps, but that's neither here nor there). For your pleasure, I present my selections of choice.

Therefore, let us cease wallowing in slow-motion carnage and set eyes to purpose. Gratitude.

Stayin' Low (Aliens Series)

Despite having seen only seen bits and pieces of these films, this vid cracked me up. It was the first one [personal profile] bironic showed at her Festivids shindig and it definitely set the bar high. It's pretty gory, as per the source material, and it manages to be consistently humorous and apt while also sustaining itself for nearly five minutes with nary a dull moment among them.

Man Not A Monster (Attack the Block)

A vid for that movie about bb chavs battling aliens in the streets of South London! If you didn't already find Moses the most adorable badass ever, you will.

Home (Big Eden)

This one is all about found families, queerness, and cooking. I knew nothing about this movie until yesterday, but it's firmly secured a spot on my to-watch list since then.

Mowgli's Road (Brideshead Revisited, 2008)

Rich people, Catholicism, and angst set to Marina and the Diamonds! The cuts and the narrative in this are so deftly done it's both breathtaking and heartbreaking.

Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas (Charlie's Angles, 2000 & 2003)

An ode to all the campy ass-kicking these ladies do while remaining fashionable at all times.

Measuring Cups (Dead Poets Society)

Excellent look at the constraints the students face throughout the course of the film.

Smokin' in the Boys Room (Dead Poets Society)

An example of just how drastically a song choice can change your perspective of the source material. This is a much lighter look at the boys, really well done.

Who Will Comfort Me? (Grapes of Wrath, 1940)

I realize the source is a little unconventional, but the vid is amazing and more than worth a look even if you're not familiar with the film. Ma Joad is a strong, silent rock star.

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking (The Hollow Crown)

Fucking awesome, made me wonder why I haven't watched this yet. Goddamn.

Back to Avalon (A League of Their Own)
Revolution (A League of Their Own)
Va Va Voom (A League of Their Own)

These are all amazeballs. After seeing Va Va Voom, I went home and promptly watched the movie for the first time, then lamented not watching it sooner.

Smoke and Mirrors (Mad Men)

I haven't seen the show since the first season, but this makes me want to pick it back up with a vengeance. Stunning, stunning work.

Less Plot, More Stripping (Magic Mike)

If you want to see the stripping but not the whole movie, this is for you!

Living in a Box (Maru the Cat)


Just Dance (Newsies)

Gaga and the Newsies choreography is a match made in heaven, just saying.

When You're Evil (Profit)

I know a fat heap of nothing about Profit, but I love me some Voltaire and I love how perfectly the music matches the content.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Still Alive(Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead)

Weirdly charming? I wasn't sure about the song at first, but it grew on me a lot.

Sons and Daughters (Whale Rider)


Always Knew (Winter's Bone)

STILL BAWLING. Great look at Ree's determination despite the bleakness of her life.

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