June 23rd, 2017
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Otherwise known as jury duty, which I was summoned to this week.

Cut for a lot of blather about what it was like ...  )

OTHERWISE. It is hot and humid. In recent weeks, I have read:

The Sunlight Pilgrims, by Jenni Fagan. Apocafic, ahoy! Really liked it, two thumbs up.
Oleander, Jacaranda: A Childhood Perceived, by Penelope Lively. Memoir of the English novelist's Egyptian childhood. Very interesting, would recommend.
The Astaires: Fred & Adele, by Kathleen Riley. Short dual biography of Fred Astaire and his sister, Adele. Maybe a bit too heavy on the details of the behind-the-scenes construction of a Broadway musical, but still good.

Not sure what is up next -- maybe Min Jin Lee's Pachinko, maybe Paul La Farge's The Night Ocean, maybe something else. :-)
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June 21st, 2017
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I met a friend for coffee after work today. That's it, that's the big Solstice news. It's something new to me, and it turns out that even though it cut into my evening writing time, I really liked it, and I'll have to try it again sometime. Just not soon, given the aforementioned writing time. But definitely before August.
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I cannot for the life of me seem able to catch up on my sleep. I know I should go to bed earlier, but L's bedtime is 7:30 now and if I go to bed at 9 like I need to (lights off at 9:30 in a bid for something approaching 8 hours' sleep), that leaves me with 1.5 total hours of Adulting, i.e. doing the dishes and reading meme. And I haven't been doing the dishes.

Today I am dragging hard because last night I took half a night Tylenol, so that I could sleep despite anxiety over today's meeting. Coffee doesn't seem to touch that. Better living through modern chemistry.

So I should be writing but see: anxiety re: meetings, so I will do picky work instead. Trying to get a good clean draft of the creative work so that after the meeting I can work on a master draft as I make edits.

I forget what my point was. Okay, onwards to non-brain picky work. Hope to have it done today.
June 20th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] hannah at 09:15pm on 20/06/2017
Last Thursday, I brought some key lime cookies from Trader Joe's to work, because I didn't have much in the way of impulse control. The cookies were eaten up fast, with a lot of powdered sugar left over. So I took the key lime-infused sugar, poured it into a mug, mixed it with instant coffee, and made myself a key lime flavored latte.

Last Sunday, it was the last day of my long-standing part-time telecommuting job. It's not quite completed - I've still got one last paycheck coming - but all the work and responsibilities are now gone. Over and done with. At thirty-six months, it was the longest I've ever had a job in my life, and it'll be the new measurement for employment length. The work was sometimes annoying and petty, and I really only had to put a lot of effort into it during the first couple of months to make everything easy enough to sustain my responsibilities on an average of ten minutes a week for the rest of things. Still, I liked it well enough. On Sunday, as I've done about a dozen times in the past three years, I went to my boss' house in Jersey City, except this time it was to wrap everything up. I sent out a few emails, completely cleaned out the organization's email inbox and got it to zero, put every related file I had on a USB drive and handed it over, and that was pretty much it. She gave me tea, a mug with a giraffe on it, and the two of us and her husband went out to lunch together.

Today I would have liked to have gotten more stuff done, and I don't even have reasons for it, just excuses.
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I have set the timer and when it beeps, there will be actual words.

NO MORE RESEARCH. It's a trap!

Vow is written here, cannot be rescinded.
June 19th, 2017
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June 18th, 2017
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Today I got two pairs of shorts and a pair of capris for about $15, and for maybe $20 more got L six pairs of shorts and two new jammies. The wonders of a second-hand store. I can't imagine shopping anywhere else as long as we have a child who outgrows things within months. Plus, I am much pleased that since he is two and shows no preference yet, I can shop for him indiscriminately in the boys' and girls' sections, so tonight he went to bed in yellow jammies that say "Cutie!" across the front, which he chose himself out of the three I offered him. Also, I bought him pink Santa jammies in June, because we roll like that.

I really wish I could wear men's shorts, because they're bigger in the legs and also have those mystical things called pockets, but I'm pretty happy with the pairs I did get. Nice to go for a walk in the evening while not feeling stifled and without my waistband digging in. Plus it's gorgeous out and we recently shifted L's bedtime another fifteen minutes later, so once he finishes his watching time after dinner, we head out around the block, him on his pushbike and me or me&[personal profile] bell strolling along behind. A+ excellent weather, June, plz to continue.
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This movie is amazing.

Vincent Price plays an actor whose season of Shakespeare plays gets snubbed by the London critics' scene, so he kills all of them in thematic ways.

VERY RECOMMENDED. It's a little cheesy and there are some dumb jokes, but it is unironically amazing and Vincent Price gets to do all the best monologues in Shakespeare, and Diana Rigg plays his daughter and she is also unironically amazing. There is drama, there is ACTING, there is fire, and there are lots and lots of murders. A delight.
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I go to check the internet and learn that Stephen Furst has died. Farewell, Emperor Cotto. You did good.

In less unhappy news, I just watched the entirety of the new Dirk Gently series, which was lovely. Funny, touching, lovingly shot, and made a damn sight more sense than I remember the book making. And I thought that all the characters were lovely.

Honestly, if anything this makes me more interested in checking out the American Gods show, which up until now I haven't been that interested in because I didn't really like the book that much. But since I didn't really like the Dirk Gently books all that much, either, it's possible the adaptation will fix many of my issues with it.
June 17th, 2017
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how I know [personal profile] bell loves me

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She will watch season one of ST:TNG with me. I'm trying to hit the high points while grabbing anything crucial for continuity so that we can watch DS9 together. Today we sampled a snifter of Hide & Q. Seriously, Riker, everyone knows you want to bang Q. Don't let the audience here at home stop you.
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Title: Highwayman
Authors: [personal profile] nightdog_barks and [personal profile] blackmare.
Characters: House, Wilson, an OC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yes, for supernatural elements and an especially vivid dream.
Spoilers: None
Summary: A mysterious encounter on a dark road leaves House in a quandary.
Author Notes: Cut-text is from The Stage Lives of Animals: Zooesis and Performance, by Una Chaudhuri.
Intrepid Readers: [personal profile] pwcorgigirl

It is estimated that the number of unknown insect species ... far exceeds that of known ones ...  )
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June 15th, 2017
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1. I went to parkour class tonight for the first time in several months, and had an awesome time. \o/

1a. So did my friend M- from work - her very first parkour class ever. ("Thanks so much for the invite! A little bloody but so fun!")

2. Last week I paid off the last of my student loans.

3. We have sugar snap pea plants growing up our back porch railings, and one has almost reached the top.
June 14th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] hannah at 09:49pm on 14/06/2017
After I don't know how many years, my basil plant's crumbled up and died. It was a slow process over a couple of weeks, a gradual withering, but today I knew it was over. So I salvaged what was left of it - most of the leaves, some of the stems - and I'll be using it in my morning eggs for a while.

I say "I don't know how many years" because I can't remember when I got it. At least three years ago, possibly four or five. Another bunch of herbs from the farmers' market I put in water to make last a little longer that put out roots into the jar and had me buying a pot and dirt to put it in. I guess it'd reached the limits of what I could do. Nothing left but to aerate the soil, give it some time to rest, and see about trying again soon. It's always nice to have some green around.
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June 13th, 2017
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Oh, hey, I never deleted the download links for those fanedits I never got around to watching. *downloads*

I am almost done with the quarter, and thus the year! Just my rotation talk to go!


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