August 16th, 2017
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The random mer-people tail generator on may be my favorite sketch prompt generator all day.
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[ profile] elfgrove: [tumblr thread re: @FanSince09 tweet: "How Millennials are killing participation trophies." re: @BNONews: "BREAKING: Protesters tear down Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, where it stood for nearly 100 years"]
Yeah. I said cheap and mass produced. These statues have neither artistic nor historical value. “Why did the statue go down so easy? Many “Lost Cause” era C monuments were mass-produced in the cheapest way possible for mass distribution. There wasn’t even a layer of the most basic mortar holding the pedestal to the base. Gravity was enough for granite. Cheap, tacky crap.

Antonia Noori Farzan @ Phoenix New Times: Activist Turns Confederate Memorial At Arizona Capitol Into Participation Trophy
She immediately got to work crafting two banners that say "2nd Place Participant" and "You lost, get over it."

David Krugler @ the Daily Beast: America's Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 People Were Murdered In Arkansas
What made 1919 unique was the armed resistance that black Americans mounted against white mobs trying to keep them “in their place.”

Ken Schwencke @ ProPublica: Service Provider Boots Hate Site Off the Internet
“This is fucking serious. 8/12 changed everything,” tweeted Pax Dickinson, a lead technical voice for the far right, referencing the Charlottesville rally.

Nicholas Fandos, Russell Goldman, & Jess Bidgood @ NYT: Baltimore Mayor Had Statues Removed in ‘Best Interest of My City’
History could not and should not be erased, [Kaylyn Meyers, 29] said, but men like Taney did not belong on a pedestal in a nice public park, either.

[personal profile] siderea: [US] Fwd: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Address of May 19
Starts good, gets great: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's magnificent address of May 19 on the removal of the Confederate monuments from New Orleans. It's 22 minutes long, and, Americans, it's absolutely worth making the time. Beautiful, firey, and uplifting, it's worth hearing it delivered rather than reading a transcript.
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I've been in a minor funk of executive dysfunction the last few days. Today was better; here are some joys that made it so:

1. I swung by the cobbler's on my lunch break in hopes he might do leather repair other than shoes (the stitching attaching the shoulder strap on my beloved black handbag unexpectedly gave way yesterday). He initially said no, then changed his mind to yes when I showed it to him, and he did a gorgeous restitching job in time for me to pick it up on my way home.

2. The leftover carrot-zucchini cake I made for the friend who runs my D&D group (in honor of his birthday, and last night being the last D&D session of our current arc) was enthuastically devoured by my coworkers.

3. I had chicken dumpling ZOMG-so-much-spinach soup for lunch, and it was good. (I finally made the damn soup Monday night, after two weeks of stressful waffling on when exactly I'd get to it, so to have that done, and to move on to the simple pleasure of enjoying it, is very good indeed).

I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to get everything I have to get done at work this week before I leave early Friday for a few days of vacation, but I've already managed more than I'd thought I might when pulling a 12hr work day Friday wasn't enough to whittle it down to a reasonable amount.

One day at a time is enough, betimes.
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SO. I've been away for a bit, and here's why ...

Female medical stuff follows, so skip if that's a squick for you ...  )

In addition to all this, I am reading David Sedaris' Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977 - 2002 and loving it. :-)
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August 15th, 2017
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It only hits me now I might have run out of time to make eclipse plans. Glasses seem to be sold out everywhere online. There's the Museum of Natural History's big viewing event, which I may well leave work early to attend. Though if it's as cloudy then as it was today, I might just walk to the nearest park and stand outside at the appropriate time rather than try anything else.

On some level, clouds in August - or all of summer, really - is just wrong to me. It makes me think it's late September, and turns every day of the week into Thursday.

So I did my best to stay active, and cleaned out and got rid of a bunch of stuff hanging around my apartment. Mostly papers, with a little garbage and no small amount of dust. Spreading it out onto my bed and forcing myself to look at everything was a big help in terms of making practical assessments. Most of it was done to Hawaii 5-0, which somehow makes for ideal apartment-cleaning TV.
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August 14th, 2017
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At work today, someone said he'd done medical coding himself, a long time ago.

"Like COBOL?" I asked. No, he said, nothing like that, mostly data entry.

"So not a very BASIC job," I said. And boy, once he got it, did he mean it when he laughed.
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August 13th, 2017
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August 12th, 2017
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Well, I finally watched the first season of American Gods. I generally enjoyed it! I wasn't looking for a lot, honestly--I didn't love the book, it was fine. The whole thing is so blisteringly ignorant of Native American existence much less traditions that it's infuriating if I think about it too much. (But I guess that's par for the course for Gaiman, not to mention other UK authors writing about American subjects, hem, Rowling.) So aside from that major glaring issue, it was fun. The characters are great. Orlando Jones as Anansi was fan-fucking-tastic, I loved Shadow, and Salim, and I love the dynamic between Laura and Mad Sweeney even though I don't much care for either of them individually. And of course watching Ian McShane have fun is always great.

I didn't realize until I got closer to the ending that the show only covers the first part of the book, but I suppose that's par for the course.

I've also watched the first couple episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I am also enjoying. It's still got more awkward/embarrassment based humor than I like what with that dude who's interested in Rosa, but everything else is terrific. I knew I was going to love Captain Holt and I do, I love him so much, I will put up with just about anything in a show if it means getting to watch him for seasons and seasons on end.

Also, the new DuckTales is awesome. That is all.
August 11th, 2017
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Seriously, what?

It's the version of Bloodsport where everyone's a lady, sure. But it's actually more than that, it's got a slightly more developed plot and some great characters.

I mean, the fight scenes aren't terrific, there are a few nice touches but they're not brilliant, and some of the line readings were just awful. But you know what? This was FUN, and the plot was fun enough that it was definitely worth my time. I think it might be worth yours.

I mean... it's Bloodsport, only there's also some backstory about two women who were in the kumite five years ago and tied and there's some kind of grudge, which we figure out about over the course of the movie. They're told they have to train their own apprentices to fight in the next kumite, and they each find out some more of that tragic backstory. It's cool, and there's neat stuff happening!

Look, it's like an hour and forty five minutes of ladies punching each other with some definite femslash feels going on there. I want everyone in the movie to make out with each other, even the scary Russian lady. It's on Netflix, check it out.

I kind of headcanon Jane as the daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme's character from Bloodsport and that reporter.
August 10th, 2017
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I took a boat ride out to eat pie today, which is as it should be. To be precise, I rode a ferry out to Brooklyn, because New York City is an archipelago and a ferry was faster than the subway, and then walked to where I could eat key lime pie. Real key lime pie, made with just five ingredients, out in Red Hook right by the water. My brother was with me, and we ate on the grass by a miniature beach, having walked through a part of New York City I'd never been to that more than anything reminded me of San Francisco. Not exactly for the food, and not exactly for the water. More in that it was a bright, sunny day with few clouds and little wind, that where I was walking happened to have the lazy, low-horizon line architecture of the California Bay Area, small houses clustered together with the incidental empty lot left to grass and flowers and birds, funky little shops scattered up and down a main drag, a town hidden away out at the edge of a city.

Sometime after I got back to Manhattan, I realized there was a bit of sadness to the day too: I had to retire one of my rings. One of my favorites, to be honest. The little lizard pinkie ring I bought almost thirteen years ago to the day, back in August of 2004 in the Yerba Buena Gardens during a Philippine arts and culture festival just after I moved to San Francisco for college, worn until August of 2017 when the ring finally began to wear thin enough I'm worried it'll snap in two. So I took it off, kissed it, and put it away. I'm adjusting to a different one now. It's got leaves, but no little lizard face.

I can replace it easily enough - it's a common enough design that just looking up "lizard toe ring" on Google gets me the same thing right away, like right here. But it won't be the one I used to wear, and I'm hesitant to look into repair shops because it'd be so easy to replace it might not get taken seriously.

And though I wish I still had a smiling little lizard on my hand, it's not yet broken. I can take comfort in knowing it's not broken, or lost. In threat of those, but I didn't let that happen. I took it off and now it's put someplace for safekeeping. It saw me through a lot of adventures, like the one I had today, running to catch the ferry back, riding up front and feeling a bit of spray on my face and stepping away from my life to enjoy the world for a while.

So I guess, with this new ring, I start over again tomorrow.
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August 9th, 2017
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August 8th, 2017
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Last time we were in Brazil, L knew about five words and most of them were "BEETS!" (aka "beach"). This year the tradition continues. We're staying with my SIL and her family, and today they wanted to go to a rocky beach, which sounded fine in theory but turned out to be way above L's paygrade. So we left them there and headed back to the sandy beach near the house, which my SIL's boys had deemed passé, because they'd been there the day before. But for me and L and a bag of sand toys, it proved perfect. We dug holes and filled them again. We buried toys and ourselves. We talked about the dogs, surfers, and ATV riders we saw passing. It got warm enough--though it's mid-winter here--to bask in the sun. L was even willing to walk most of the way there and most of the way back, a small miracle as he wavers between immovable stubborn independence and desperate gibbon-like clinging. Between [personal profile] bell and I, we even got most of the sand off him. Most, not all; we've told him if anyone ever asks him, he's to say that Anakin was right about sand. It was a beautiful morning.

now with picture! I hope? )
August 6th, 2017
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... The grading that I have to do is annoying in many respects, but the worst is probably that there are mistakes my students make which they would be able to learn from if the "term" was more than four weeks long.

If this weren't summer, sure I'd have twice as many students to worry about and thus twice as many things to grade, but I'd also have more time to beat basic "how to write a thing" info into them.

Right now I just wince and try to figure out what to say upfront at the start of next term. Because I keep trying to emphasize what they need to know, and they keep missing it...
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*eyes ficpositivity thread* Well, that's just depressing, then. Some days I don't know why I bother.

Part of my procrastinating this week has involved actually finishing some books. I've put some brief reviews up on goodreads. I very much enjoyed Lovecraft Country, but I feel like it was fairly obviously a book by a white person for a white audience--really just that it explained several things that for a black audience would not need to be explained, about the world that black people had to live in, in mid-century America and in many ways still today. But other than that, it was a good yarn.

Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was also great. I loved the way the mythology and the religion of the world worked, and was woven through the story. I have a bit of reservation/irritation about the way that sexual "deviance" gets used as a shorthand for evil (or as a way to round out evil) but this definitely isn't the most annoying I've seen recently...

Because then I fell down the hole of rereading the entire archive of Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire, the webcomic, after realizing that it ended a few years ago and I never read the end. It's very interesting to read now because there's been evolution of both the webcomic form and what's normal in terms of a cast of characters, and I feel like that's happened very recently in some ways. I mean, just looking at the difference between the Walkyverse and the DoAverse with the same author (Willis is rerunning It's Walky! with commentary, which makes the contrasts pretty tempting to draw.) So speaking of "Sexual deviation indicates evil," that sort of thing is all over DD, including some good old slut-shaming and a weird fascination with negging women with large breasts (okay, it only comes up three or four times, but as a woman with large breasts it annoyed me EVERY SINGLE TIME.)

Anyway, I don't really recommend doing that, but there were some cool visual things that he did with magic especially near the end, and the pacing was pretty good, and I got closure, yay.

Hunh, I wonder if Sluggy Freelance is still *checks* OMG SLUGGY FREELANCE IS STILL RUNNING.

*hem* I also started The Goblin Emperor, which is okay, but is kind of hard to follow right now.
August 4th, 2017
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August 3rd, 2017
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I am enjoying this top albums made by women list for it's diversity of genres, cultures and decades - I'm discovering new music from different countries and different decades, with fascinating summaries of the history. I'm sure you could argue the order and what should and shouldn't have been included, but if I mentally retitle it "150 great albums made by women" instead of "150 greatest albums made by women", it's really enjoyable.


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